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CPNO Bylaws Update

Feb 22 2015
It’s that time of the decade again — we’re updating our bylaws! While we’ve made several small changes over the last few years, it’s been about eight years since the last major review. The Board has appointed a committee to collect feedback from the community, review the bylaws and propose potential updates to the organization. We need to complete that work by July of this year.
By way of background, bylaws are the broad rules that guide and govern decision-making within an organization. From time to time, organizations should review their bylaws to ensure that they remain consistent with current operational needs. That is why the Board formed this committee. Members include myself (Jay Sandhaus), CPNO Recording Secretary Bonnie Palter, Kate Cantrell, and Scott Lenhart. 
Our first goal is to collect as much input from our neighbors — you — as we can. Please let us know what you think we could do to improve the bylaws. We’ve put together a short survey about potential changes. Please use this as a starting point for suggesting improvements. You can also e-mail me directly at, or e-mail any of the other committee members.
Help us by taking the survey today. It’s here:, along with our current bylaws. We will keep the survey open for two months to gather as much input as possible.
In next month’s Messenger, I’ll write about the process of incorporating changes, leading up to a vote. Bylaw changes require a majority board vote followed by a 2/3rds membership vote, so we want to make sure proposed updates have broad support before bringing them to the floor. 

Vote on PD-MU Rezoning for Edgewood-Candler Park MARTA Station

Feb 11 2015

At the monthly members meeting on February 16, 2015 at the Old Stone Church, the membership will be presented with the proposed multi-use transit oriented development and rezoning plan. The proposed development is located in Edgewood, and the Edgewood neighborhood organization has negotiated conditions for the rezoning. These conditions will be presented to our membership for a vote of support. Attached to this entry are copies of the corner rendering for the proposed corner site at Whitefoord and LaFrance; the proposed PD-MU rezoning conditions; and the most updated site plan. If you have any questions before the meeting, please feel free to contact Seth Eisenberg, CPNO Zoning Chair, at

February Zoning Committee Meeting

Jan 28 2015

The February Zoning Committee meeting agenda is as follows:

Variance Application No.V-14-298 - 284 Josephine Street NE Atlanta GA 30307

Applicant seeks a variance from the zoning regulation to reduce the north side yard setback from 7 feet to 1.9 feet and the south side yard setback from 7 feet to 6.1 feet to allow the proposed addition to align with the footprint of the existing house. The applicant also seeks a variance to increase the maximum lot coverage from 55% to 63%. The applicant also seeks a special exception to increase the height of the rear privacy fence/wall from 6 feet to 10 feet.

MARTA Transit Oriented Development Project of Candler Park/Edgewood Station

Representatives from MARTA will be meeting with the Committee to discuss the proposed development project and PD-MU Zoning conditions for the TOD project. The project site plans and zoning conditions have been revised after the extensive neighborhood meetings during August - October and the Center Forward traffic study. The discussion will focus on the site plan specific zoning of PD-MU in anticipation of a presentation to the entire neighborhood for a rezoning vote at the monthly members meeting on February 16.

Should anyone have questions about any of the items on the agenda, please feel free to contact Seth Eisenberg, CPNO Zoning Chair, at

Update on the AT&T Cell Tower at Epworth UMC

Jan 11 2015

Epworth UMC sent a message to its congregation regarding the AT&T cell tower that was planned at the church. Since the news is relevant to our CP community, we are sharing the message from Rev. Alvin Lingenfelter below.



Dear Congregation,
I write to inform you of some important recent events. In a meeting with AT&T, the church was informed that AT&T has decided not to pursue siting a wireless facility at the church. Following the official lease guidelines, they have exercised their option to withdraw from the agreement. AT&T Representative, David Walker, met with Trustee Chair Jim Pelot, and Rev Alvin Lingenfelter this past week. David's comments were straightforward in that this was simply a business decision on the part of AT&T.
If you have additional questions they can be directed to our SPR Chair, Virginia Connolly, our Lay Leader, Jamie Weaver, or our Trustee Chair, Jim Pelot.
Rev Alvin Lingenfelter

City of Atlanta Proposes Overhaul of Tree Protection Ordinance

Nov 18 2014

As I indicated in my most recent NPU-N report, legislation has been proposed to rewrite the City of Atlanta's Tree Protection Ordinance (TPO).  

Please find attached a fact sheet regarding this proposal, a table highlighting the proposed changes in the ordinance, and a draft of the proposed legislation (14-O-1474).  

This matter is scheduled to be on the agenda of the November NPU-N meeting (that will be held Monday, Nov 24th, at 7 pm at the L5P Center for Art and Community at 1083 Austin Avenue.)  

The public can also provide feedback by attending a special hearing on the TPO that will be held Tuesday, Dec 9th at 12:30 pm (coinciding with the regular meeting of the Atlanta City Council's Community Development and Human Resources Committee in Committee Room 2 at City Hall, 55 Trinity Avenue.)

I welcome your input on these and related issues.  Please contact me at

Amy Stout

Atlanta Has a New Customer Service

Nov 6 2014

City of Atlanta 3-1-1 Center LaunchedATL 311
The City of Atlanta recently launched ATL311, the city's first non-emergency customer service center. Accessible via phone, online and through all mobile platforms, ATL311 provides the public with quick, easy access to government services and information. The City of Atlanta is one of the first major cities to implement a cloud-based 3-1-1 customer relationship management (CRM) system that can be scaled and shared with other cities. 

ATL311 is a free service available to the general public. Citizens can call or go online to submit and track service requests, keep up with information regarding city services, and provide feedback to improve the website portal. The customer service center operating hours are Monday - Friday, 7:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. 

Many of the more frequently requested city services (reporting a pothole, missed garbage or recycling collection, etc.) can be submitted online. Just look for the Create Request button in each online solution.

To access ATL311:

·                         dial 311 from your home phone

·                         dial 404-546-0311 from your cell phone (the City continues to work with the major cell phone carriers such that dialing 311 may also work, but until such time, please dial all 10 digits)

·                         visit the ATL311 website at

Development of the ATL311 was initiated by the Mayor's Innovation Delivery Team and funded by a $3.3M grant awarded to the City of Atlanta by Bloomberg Philanthropies. Atlanta was one of five cities to receive an Innovation Delivery Team grant.

More information about ATL311 can be found in the Press Release of by visiting the ATL311 website.

All emergencies should be reported by calling 911.

Atlanta Alarm Reduction Program

Nov 6 2014

Atlanta False Alarm Reduction Program1h ago

Officer K Moody from Atlanta Police Department

Let me address a few issues up front. First and foremost, Atlanta Police officers were spending a lot of time responding to alarm calls in the city, the vast majority of which turned out to be false. Our research has shown that these alarms are often triggered due to user error. In short, that means many of these false alarms can be reduced through increased awareness and education on the issue.

Ultimately, our goal is to reduce the amount of time officers spend responding to alarm calls, so they can focus on more critical matters such as proactive neighborhood patrols and timely responses to 9-1-1 calls. Hopefully, that’s a goal we can all agree on.

Last year, the Atlanta City Council approved legislation requiring any resident or business owner in the city to register their alarm system. Many municipalities, including some here in metro Atlanta, have been successful in reducing the number of false alarm calls by implementing a registration program similar to ours. The data shows that false alarms significantly drop when owners are more educated, and aware of, the potential for alarm errors.

We are encouraging all citizens to register for free to avoid any fees. Failure to register will result in a $150 civil penalty. The Crywolf website is affiliated with the City of Atlanta and we have shared your concerns about the website’s security with the company. They have assured us the site is secure, and that no personal/sensitive data is accessible to the public. The Department is also boosting awareness about the program and will be posting various updates about the program to keep you informed.

We have embarked on several campaigns to inform city residents and business owners on the program, and continue to do so. I’m sorry to hear we have not been successful in reaching everyone. We are doing our best!

Please let me know if I can assist you further.

Officer Kevin Moody" id="message_7684614">Good morning/afternoon, 

My name is Officer Kevin Moody, the point-of-contact for the Atlanta Police Department on the alarm registration ordinance.

Movie Filming in Candler Park

Oct 17 2014

So, if you haven't heard yet, there will be a movie filming in Candler Park next week. "The 5th Wave," starring Chloe Grace Moretz and Liev Schrieber, will be filming next week in Candler Park playground. Setup is scheduled for Oct. 20-21, filming on Oct. 22, and cleanup on the 23rd (dates are subject to change).

As thanks for our hospitality and for putting up with the playground being closed for that brief period, Sony Pictures/Garden Films Production has offered generous gift to support CPNO's efforts to improve the park.

Many of the residents surrounding the park received the letter below from Garden Films. Here it is again for your reading pleasure!

Link to the letter

Meeting Reminder for October 29, 2014 MARTA Edgewood/Candler Park Transit Oriented Development Project

Oct 14 2014

The last in the scheduled series of four community meetings with MARTA, Invest Atlanta, and Columbia Ventures will take place on October 29, 2014 at 6:00 p.m. The location for the meeting is the library at Whitefoord Elementary School at 35 Whitefoord Ave., Atlanta, GA 30317.  This is 100% open to everyone and is an opportunity to ask questions about the MARTA development project. There will be an important presentation by Heather Alhadeff, traffic consultant for the TOD project, who is analyzing data collected from the neighborhood survey and hopes to have her findings and conclusions ready for the October 29 meeting.

ATL Parks & Rec Play Mobile coming to Candler Park, Oct 26, Sun, 1-4 pm

Oct 7 2014

The City of Atlanta Department of Parks and Recreation joins forces with The Coca-Cola Company to launch its first ATL Parks & Rec Play Mobile.

The Play Mobile, also known as a recreation center on wheels, will travel throughout Atlanta to access neighborhoods without static recreation centers and activate free play for all Atlanta youth.
The Play Mobile creates a safe, interactive and fresh air atmosphere that encourages children to go outside and play. For three hours, ATL Parks and Recreation leaders guide free activities and games for children, including non-traditional sports, games, fitness demos, arts & crafts, oversized board games and much more.
Make sure that you come check out the first ATL Parks & Rec Play Mobile on tour at the closest park to you. Bring the kids and let them enjoy some cool, outdoor fun!