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Spring marks the arrival of a new farmers' market

Feb 13 2014

A new farmers' market is coming to the Carter Center. According to information sent to the Messenger, the Freedom Farmers’ Market at The Carter Center will be open Saturdays starting March 1. The market will be open every Saturday morning from 9 AM to 1 PM. Vendors will be selling locally-sourced food and other products.

The market will be located in the southwest part of the Carter Center parking lots. For information on vendors, sponsorship opportunities, and other details, visit the Freedom Farmers' Market website at

Proposed ByLaw Amendment

Dec 10 2013

Proposed Amendment to Artivle IV Section 5:

Add on to the end of the paragraph:

In the event that there is only one candidate for given office and there are no nominations from the floor, then and only then, the requirement for election by ballot for that officer may be suspended. This could be may be done by a motion to elect by acclamation, properly seconded, and voted by a show of hands.

Parks Dept wants to hear from you -- before Nov 30 though!

Nov 27 2013

Follow the link below to take park in an important survey.

Share your needs and priorities for Parks and Recreation facilities in the City of Atlanta.

Your opinions and ideas will have an impact on the Parks Master Planning process.

To show our appreciation for completing this important survey, you will receive a coupon for 20% off an upcoming City of Atlanta Parks and Recreation program or membership.

Kwanza Hall and 'Keep It INtown' promote CP shopping

Nov 21 2013

Check out this "Keep It INtown" promotion that our soon-to-be City Councilman Kwanza Hall's office and Atlanta INtown organized at several Candler Park businesses.

Due to redistricting, we become Hall's constituents when the new City Council's sworn in in January. But he's already the go-to guy for Candler Parkers on legislation, constituent service and — in this case — community support. Thanks, Kwanza!


The Great Atlanta Pot Festival - 4/20/2014

Oct 31 2013


This is a note to make you aware that we will be inviting the organizers of The Great American Pot Festival to our December membership meeting.  They are not required to come, but if they do, we will ask them to present information about the festival and take questions.

Whether they choose to come or not, we will vote on whether or not to support their permit application for the event at the December meeting.

Some details on the event are below and I have attached the permit application:

  • Event Date: 4/20/2014
  • Setup requested for 4/19/2014
  • Event Size: 1,999 Attendees
  • There will be a parade on the day of the event.


Steve Cardwell

President, Candler Park Neighborhood Organization

Candler Park Swimming Pool Closed

Aug 5 2013

For the second time this summer the pool was vandalized overnight. This time the damage was much worse. The city was notifified and responded almost immediately by sending the person in charge of pools,Eric Ericson, out to inspect the damage. The Pool is closed indefinitely.

Candler Park Pool Vandalism Pool Expected to Open Saturday

May 31 2013



Unfortunately, there were multiple acts of vandalism at the Candler Park Pool overnight.  The pool was broken into, valves were tampered resulting in emptying the pool, and all the deck furniture was thrown into the empty pool.  The parks department and APD are investigating and we have asked Major Meadows to comment on the current state of the investigation.

As the pool was completely drained, it took all day to refill it and they need the chemicals to clean it overnight.  They plan to open tomorrow assuming everything goes to plan.

I stopped by and spoke to the beat cop and asked him to keep an eye out tonight.

If you have any information as to what may have occured, please contact me at as soon as possible or you may contact the Atlanta Police Department directly.

Steve Cardwell

President, Candler Park Neighborhood Organization

Next up: May 22 draft Master Plan forum

May 14 2013

Candler Parkers took a big step at a "Charrette Overview" on May 4 toward completing our neighborhood master plan.

About 70 residents attended the forum, where they were guided by a professional planning team through exercises designed to tease out details on neighborhood priorities. And if you missed it, you can now make your own voice heard by offering specific feedback on the very same topics online. Simply click here.
Charrette Overview meeting at Frazer Center. Photo by Aaron FortnerThe next step in the Master Planning process will be a "Draft Plan Community Forum," (7-8:30 pm, May 22, at the Epworth Church Fellowship Hall). At that meeting, planners hope to present draft proposals and more exercises on a wide variety of issues  — ranging from land use to traffic calming to the future of our parks.
Then, the planners will cobble together an actual draft plan, which will be made available for online comment and for discussion at a CPNO monthly meeting (tentatively, the June meeting). The trick will be to come up with a draft plan that has broad enough support to gain CPNO approval.
“There really is no science behind it,” said Aaron Fortner, who leads the planning team. “We’ll be putting everything forward to the [CP Master Plan] Steering Committee, and collectively we’ll be deciding what should move forward, what should come out, or what should keep being tweaked to keep seeing if we can get somewhere.”
“The goal of the plan is to document the community conversations that occur throughout the process and to delineate strategies for implementing those recommendations that have broad-based support,” Fortner said.
A refined draft plan should be ready for consideration by CPNO in late summer. And, finally, if approved by CPNO, it would go to the Neighborhood Planning Unit and on to City Council for official adoption.
It’s important to remember that having a Master Plan by no means guarantees that its proposals will come to fruition. But it does provide a roadmap for future decisions within the community, and it's likely to influence city officials as they make policy and funding decisions for the neighborhood and the adjoining areas. It also puts Candler Park in a better position to get money for such improvements as traffic calming, streetscapes and park facilities.
A similar article appears in this month's Candler Park Messenger.

Volunteers needed for Tour de Fat in Candler Park this Saturday

May 7 2013


The Tour de Fat event will take place this Saturday, May 11 from 11 am to 5 pm in Candler Park and will include a bicycle parade, music and more. It's very family friendly, and all money raised will support bicycle focused nonprofits here in Atlanta - the Atlanta Bicycle Coalition, Sopo Bicycle Cooperative and SORBA.
The group needs help with volutneers, so please consider signging up. Below is the volutneer sign-up and more information:

It’s Charrette Week: Heart of the master planning process

Apr 28 2013

Excuse me??!!! You haven’t yet imparted your wisdom to the Candler Park Master Plan?

No sweat. This week, we get our best opportunity to collaborate on this fresh vision for our community's future.
For three consecutive evenings (5 p.m. to 8 p.m., April 30-May 2), the Master Plan Charrette will be held at the Hall House on the Mary Lin Elementary campus. Then, on Saturday morning (9 a.m.-10:30 p.m., May 4), at the Frazer Center in Lake Claire, we’ll all gather to hear about and discuss the concepts that emerged from those evening workshops.
What, you ask, is a “charrette”? According to the font of all knowledge (Wikipedia), it’s “an intense period of design or planning activity” and “may refer to any collaborative session in which a group of designers drafts a solution to a design problem.”
In our case, all community members are welcome to join in the collaboration. At the work sessions, expect a series of illustrations, exercises and questions meant to flesh out ideas that residents proposed during last month’s Kickoff Meeting, on online Snapshot Exercises and in less formal discussions.
Many big questions are searching for answers: What park improvements, for example, are we united in favor of? How can we make our sidewalks, roads and intersections safer for pedestrians and cyclists? Could the MARTA station be made more inviting? Could we bring to frution many people's dream of a Candler Park farmers' market? Should the neighborhood favor specific design guidelines? Can DeKalb Avenue be re-imagined as a pedestrian friendly commercial street, and if so, how could we make that transition?
Those three afternoon/evening sessions at Mary Lin also provide people who drop by with an opportunity to discuss problems and solutions in more detail with the professionals hired to help us with the plan. And the sessions will be dynamic: Lead planner Aaron Fortner and his team plan to capture the concepts from each three-hour session, and to reflect them back to participants the next evening. The result: Evolving elements of what eventually will be honed into a Draft Master Plan.
But if you can only make one Master Plan meeting, Saturday morning’s Charrette Overview Community Forum is the one you don’t want to miss.
To steal a couple of sentences on the Overview Forum from the Master Plan website, our planners “will provide a deeper contextual narrative for each of the emerging concepts and will then facilitate a process for obtaining feedback from the community on each of the ideas and recommendations.” (To reserve free childcare for the Overview Forum, click here. For directions, to the Frazer Center in Lake Claire, click here.)