Thanks CP Market and Goosebumps (the movie)

Jul 22 2014

A hearty thanks to one of our neighborhood businesses, Candler Park Market, for making CPNO and Lake Claire Neighbors dual beneficiaries of the market's annual bike raffle.

The raffle's big winner was CPNO member Jeff Lambert, who pedaled away with quite a nice hand-crafted bicycle put together by the folks who brew Fat Tire Ale -- all for a $2 raffle ticket.

But CPNO and LCN also came away with a pretty good take — $278 each. The Market's Greg Hutchins said it was the most successful bike raffle yet after several years of doing it.

While we're on the thank yous, ditto to the producers of Goosebumps. You may recall that the upcoming Jack Black comedy pretty much took over Mell Avenue during filming for a few weeks this winter. As their own thank you gesture for the hospitality shown by CP, the production team sent over a $1,500 check to CPNO.

We're working to ensure that a variety fundraising efforts help CPNO make up for the budget shortfall created by 420Fest's move last year from Candler Park. If you have other ideas for fundraisers -- or if you want to throw money CPNO's way — be sure to contact Vice President Lexa King.

Meanwhile, here's a big fundraising opportunity that all of us can help with right now: Michele Allen, who leads the effort to sell Fall Fest sponsorships, would greatly appreciate any leads you can give her for potential Fall Fest sponsors. These could be businesses, large or small, that might benefit by reaching an audience of tens of thousands of upscale, intown residents. Any ideas? Or maybe your company would benefit? OK, then, email Michele today.

Pool furniture ready to facilitate your tan!

Jul 22 2014

Their x-ray hearing (well, actually a Monkey Survey) revealed that you wanted new furniture at the Candler Park pool. In response, the pool-improvement superwomen swooped down to deliver lounges and an umbrella at the pool (well actually, it came in a truck).

The pool-improvement superwomen are Amy Erwin and Lauren Welsh. Since spring, they and their inumerable sidekicks have been on a pool-improvement tear.

Graffiti cleanup? Check.

Potted plants? Check.

Repaired water fountain? Check

And this week the first order of pool furniture has been placed at the pool. With help from CPNO fundraising and a CPNO challenge grant, Amy and Lauren put together a fundraising effort that so far has drawn some $3,000 in contributions from we neighbors to help buy the badly needed furniture. Amy stresses that you can still help with the second round of furniture contribute to the furniture fund by following these easy instructions.

Before Monday night's vote, Master Plan committee hears feedback, amends priorities

Jul 20 2014

From Randy Pimsler

The Candler Park Master Plan Coordinating Committee reviewed the Master Plan priority matrix at its regularly scheduled committee meeting on July 7. At that time, several concerns were raised about the proposed martix that we presented at the June Members Meeting.

The committee discussed proposed updates, based on input received from members. The committee made the following changes based on the rationale that follows each line item, and the CPNO Board later voted to recommend the version of the matrix that includes these changes:

  • Add Item 2.4 - Provide new amphitheatre seating (Candler Park Conservancy) - there are volunteers prepared to work on this project at this time; the project is under discussion at the conservancy level
  • Add Item 4.13 - Install crosswalks at Euclid Avenue and Candler Street (School Related Crosswalks) - there are volunteers prepared to work on this project at this time
  • Add Item 4.41 - Improve connectivity at Freedom Park Path at Moreland Avenue -  there are volunteers prepared to work on this project at this time
  • Delete Item 6.1 - Create committee to analyze dog park location - no one has stepped forward to work on this item; this item appears to continue to be controversial; there has been opposition expressed to moving this item forward, at this time
  • Add Item 8.3a - Prioritize Oakdale and McLendon Avenue sidewalk improvements - there are volunteers prepared to work on this project at this time;  funding may become available in the near term.

As you will note, the primary reason for inclusion is the presence of an owner for a project.  In like manner, the lack of an owner may suggest that a project is removed from the list.  We are attempting to move projects forward based on input and/or enthusiasm from all of our neighbors, as well as the possibility of funding availability and options.

Link here to copy of the matrix as amended, with the changes placed in italics.

These items will be discussed as potential amendments to the prioritization list to be voted on at the July 21, 2014 CPNO General Membership Meeting.  If you have questions, comments and / or concerns, please forward those to:

July Messenger now online — finally!

Jul 15 2014

After a two-month hiatus, the July 2014 Messenger should arrive at your home any day now. If you can't wait, however, check out the online version here.

We're working hard to get the Messenger back on a consistent publication schedule. Last night, the board endorsed the negotiation and eventual signing of a contract with KDA Communications to lay out, print and distribute the monthly newsletter, while retaining CPNO control over editorial content. Read more about those proposed changes here.

This should put our next editor in a better position to concentrate on great coverage of the community without getting spread thin on other editorial duties. In you're a good writer with a passion for telling your neighbors what's going on, you may be just the person for that job. Interested? Please contact me to let me know.

Atlanta Magazine gives CP Movie Night a boost

Jul 15 2014

Congrats to Mark Clement and other volunteers with Friends of Candler Park for getting justified recognition this month on Atlanta Magazine's "Daily Agenda." CP Movie Night — which Friends produces with the help of a grant from CPNO — was listed as one of "5 places to catch films under the stars":

After a break in July, this program returns with The Lego Movie on August 2 and continues each Saturday night until August 23. Festivities begin an hour before dusk; nightfall signals that it’s time to snuggle up on the lawn with a blanket—and your pup, cleaned up after and leashed—to watch the movie.

While we're on the topic, here's a link to the Movie Night lineup.

CPNO needs YOU!

Jul 15 2014

Your neighborhood offers you an opportunity to participate in its future. We have a vacant position on the Board of Directors-Communications Officer. Computer skills a must. Knowledge of website construction, etc a must. Please contact Bonnie Palter ( or Ken Edelstein (

Lots of new apartments and some commercial space coming to CP / Edgewood MARTA lot in 2019

Jul 11 2014

As reported in the AJC yesterday...

Excerpt: "MARTA is moving forward on its latest lease of property adjacent to a transit station for a residential and commercial development. The deal is designed to spur ridership and simultaneously boost the authority’s bottom line.

Invest Atlanta, which helped broker the deal, chose Columbia Ventures to build primarily apartments on five acres that is currently an underused parking lot at MARTA’s Edgewood/Candler Park station.

The first phase of the project, expected to break ground in 2015, will be the building of 200 units of market-rate housing. The second phase will include an additional 235 housing units. At least 20 percent of the apartments will be priced compatibly with affordable workforce housing. There will also be some commercial space for lease. The full project is expected to be completed by 2019."

Read the full story here

Time to stabilize, and improve, the Messenger

Jul 8 2014
Regular Messenger readers surely noticed that we skipped the last two months of publication.
Nobody wanted that to happen, and I don’t want it ever to happen again. That’s why I’m proposing at the July 14 board meeting (7 pm, Epworth Church) that we agree to a new arrangement for publishing our neighborhood newsletter.
Our neighbors in Inman Park report great success since they contracted with KDA Communications to take over business operations of the Inman Park Advocator. The KDA deal is pretty straightforward:
  1. The neighborhood continues to produce the articles and images — all the editorial content — for its own newsletter.
  2. KDA handles layout, production, printing, distribution, ad sales and ad management.
  3. KDA makes a lot of improvements by, for example, shifting to color and distributing by mail.
  4. KDA gets all the revenues but also takes on all the costs. In other words, the neighborhood neither makes money nor loses money on its newsletter.
A little over a year ago, then-Communications Officer Kate Sandhaus brought the same proposal to the CPNO board and discussed it at a Members Meeting.

Thanks for the cool pool plants, Tony

Jul 7 2014
Posted for Amy Erwin
Many thanks to Tony Powers, owner of Intown Ace Hardware on Scott Boulevard, for making the latest step in our pool beautification journey possible. Intown Ace — chosen as the “Coolest Ace on the Planet” from among 4,800 Ace stores worldwide — contributed $200 of plants, soil, and mulch.
Volunteers made use of Tony's generosity on by putting spade to earth on Independence Day, In the bed by the entrance, we now have drought-tolerant Knock Out roses and lantana. Inside the pool area, you’ll see big pots of rudbeckias and zinnieas. Volunteer Michelle Hughes also contributed her own patriotic pot of red, white and blue flowers.

Candler Parkers respond to pool furniture push

Jul 7 2014
Posted on behalf of Amy Erwin
The CPNO pool-improvement crew set a goal last month to raise $1,000 from the community by July 15 — to be matched by a challenge grant from CPNO. As of June 26, contributions totaled $2,400!

We’re grateful for everyone’s generosity and have listed the initial set of contributors below. The final list will be posted after July 15, so please keep those contributions coming.
We’re now able to place our first order for furniture, which should arrive by the end of the month. This is a durable, commercial-grade product with a warranty that should take us well into the next 10 years.
We’are also applying for a Park Pride Grant to obtain funds to complete our furniture purchases. No more sitting on concrete!