APS Releases Potential School Redistricting Options

Nov 30 2011

APS has released the demographers' proposed solutions to school overcrowding / underenrollment issues.  Mary Lin will be directly affected. 

Go here to review the draft option summaries and maps (which show the proposed school boundaries of the four options).

Here is a summary that was circulated on the Candler Park Parents list.

Option 1 gives a 176-seat expansion to Mary Lin but cuts out the western part of Inman Park from Mary Lin.  It keeps Mary Lin otherwise together and keeps Morningside at Inman and Grady.  Grady keeps the west of the connector area plus a small additional bit there but loses the Old Fourth Ward and some of Inman Park.

Option 2 gives a 176-seat expansion to Mary Lin and pairs Mary Lin with Hope-Hill for PK-2 and 3-5, which keeps Inman Park with Mary Lin.  It sends Morningside kids off to the new middle school but returns them to Grady.  Inman ends up with a smaller district, geographically, because it loses the kids on the west side of the connector (as well as the M'side kids), while gaining the Old Fourth Ward.

Option 3 gives a 176-seat expansion to Mary Lin and keeps Mary Lin at its current configuration, neighborhood-wise.  It's essentially the same as option 2 for middle, except there's an additional little triangle of Va-Hi/M'side that also goes to the new middle school.  BUT then Grady doesn't get those kids back for high school AND takes in some additional kids from west of the connector.

Option 4 pairs Mary Lin with the north Kirkwood Toomer kids for PK-2 and 3-5.  For middle, it's option 2 (lose the M'side kids and west of the connector kids) plus gaining the north Kirkwood kids.  For high school, it's exactly the same kids as middle school.  BUT with this, we get no expansion at Mary Lin.

As a reminder, please plan to attend the meeting tomorrow night.

2011 Demographic-Capacity Study Community Meeting

Thursday, December 1, 2011
6:30 - 8:00 pm

Parkside Elementary
685 Mercer St, SE
Atlanta, GA 30312

School Redistricting

After having studied the different maps, enrollment figures, etc., it seems to me that Candler Park (and Lake Claire) ought to come out in strong opposition to Option 2, which combines Lin with Hope Elementary (K-2 at Lin, 3-5 at Hope). Hope is one of the lowest performing schools in the state.