Cell antenna forum to follow Members' Meeting tonight

May 19 2014
Immediately following tonight's Members' Meeting, CPNO will facilitate an opportunity for interested neighbors to discuss the proposed cell structure at Epworth Church.
This will be the first opportunity for most Candler Park residents to hear directly from AT&T officials on their plans. The AT&T representatives will then be available for feedback and questions. We expect the forum to start soon after 8:30, and we've set aside an hour for it.



Is there a summary available

Is there a summary available for this meeting? How many attended? Any links to online information provided by AT&T? What's the current timetable for the cell antenna construction?

cell antenna

I see where at&t and the Church referred to the 100,000 watt FM radio tower located nearby as an argument for the cell tower. Doing a "back of the envelope" calculation for the WSB FM tower at 1027' high and the church antenna at say 65' high (steeple at 76'-?) gives a comparable wattage of 400 W. I think I saw there will be one (or three-?) cell phone antennas at 270 watts. Hence, the cell phone antenna radiated power (neglecting the different frequency, building attenuation, etc) is about equal to the FM tower.