City of Atlanta Renews Enforcement for Off-Leash Dogs

Apr 26 2011

from a City of Atlanta press release:

The City of Atlanta’s Office of Parks and Recreation Renews Enforcement for Off-Leash Dogs

Atlanta residents are encouraged to help keep City of Atlanta’s parks safe, healthy and friendly

Atlanta, GA -- The City of Atlanta’s parks are for the enjoyment of residents and visitors, and their pets. The Office of Parks and Recreation wants to remind dog owners that the city ordinance will be enforced throughout all City of Atlanta’s parks.

All dogs may walk on a leash at any public park or trail; however, pets are prohibited from swimming pools and pool areas, tennis courts, golf courses and outdoor festivals. All dogs must be on a leash except for designated areas such as Off Leash Dog Parks. Dog owners are reminded that there are currently two dog parks located at Piedmont Park and South Bend Park where dogs are permitted off of their leash. Dog parks offer a fenced, grassy or mulched area where dogs can roam off-leash safely.  People who do not follow the leash and scoop laws may be fined up to $100 per occurrence.

“The parks are open to everyone to enjoy including our ‘canine citizens,’” said the Office of Parks Director Doug Voss. “We ask dog owners to be responsible for their pets, their safety and obey rules and regulations posted at the parks.”

The City of Atlanta recognizes the importance of providing additional off-leash dog parks to serve residents and visitors, and the information is available online for community groups or local nonprofits, to open more dog parks. If a group of dog owners decides an area is needed in their community, they should organize as an official group with at least five members and should register with the Civic Association and the Neighborhood Planning Unit (NPU) in the given area. 

For more information about these efforts or the dog parks listed above, please visit  or call 404-546-6767 and request a copy of the guide. The dog parks are public/private partnerships, developed in cooperation with sponsoring organizations of pet owners. 

In addition to the leash laws, please keep in mind that while visiting the City of Atlanta’s parks, pet waste left on the ground at parks and trails ultimately gets washed into streams, creeks, rivers and wetlands. This waste is raw sewage, and carries harmful bacteria that can affect the health of not only aquatic wildlife, but humans as well.  Please clean up after your dog and dispose of waste in the trash cans located in the park.