Coyote Alert

A coyote was spotted in Candler Park at the corner of Benning Place and Oakdale Road, at 11 p.m. on 12/14/12, by Julie Franklin, who lives on Benning.

Candler Park is not alone as coyotes have been observed in almost every neighborhood in the Atlanta area. We generally do not see coyotes, because they are naturally afraid of people. As was the case here, coyotes often wait until night, when few people are present. Most people will never see one.

There are some things that we can do to ensure that there are no conflicts with coyotes in our neighborhood.

• Eliminate all outside food sources. Do not feed any pets outside. Clean your grill after using it. Even birdseed and chicken feed on the ground can attract coyotes. Secure your garbage and compost.

• Keep your cats, dogs, chickens, rabbits or other small animals safe. Don't let them roam unattended. Walk your dogs on a leash.

• Chickens, rabbits, goats and their food need to be enclosed within heavy-duty wire cages.

• Don’t let coyotes become comfortable around people. If you see a coyote, stand your ground, make frightening noises (yell, clap your hands, blow a whistle). It is important to continue to do this until the coyote leaves; otherwise, it will learn that it can just wait until you stop. Also, do not walk away from a coyote; otherwise, they will learn that people will avoid them and they do not have to change their behavior.

Coyotes do provide a valuable function by eating rodents. Without coyotes, we would have an over abundance of mice and rats.

For more information, go to or call AWARE at (678) 418-1111.

or contact Meta Larsson

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