The Great Atlanta Pot Festival - 4/20/2014

Oct 31 2013


This is a note to make you aware that we will be inviting the organizers of The Great American Pot Festival to our December membership meeting.  They are not required to come, but if they do, we will ask them to present information about the festival and take questions.

Whether they choose to come or not, we will vote on whether or not to support their permit application for the event at the December meeting.

Some details on the event are below and I have attached the permit application:

  • Event Date: 4/20/2014
  • Setup requested for 4/19/2014
  • Event Size: 1,999 Attendees
  • There will be a parade on the day of the event.


Steve Cardwell

President, Candler Park Neighborhood Organization

the great Atlanta Pot Festival 4-20-2014.pdf753.45 KB