Hello? Is anybody out there?

Jul 16 2010

Hellooooo CP neighbors! Are you out there? You must be since Google Analytics insists that 100+ of you are visiting this site every day. However, the comments on this site are eerily quiet...

Maybe there's a very talented Candler Park cat who has all your tongues. Either that or y'all are just shy. But don't be! We need your help making this site better, more interesting, more chatty, so pretty please start using the comments. If the posts aren't inspiring conversation, then hey, send us a post! We're happy to have any content submissions -- announcements, editorials, you-name-it, and will happily publish them.

Bottom line, it's getting a little lonely here and some company would be most welcome. :)

Kate aka candlerpark.org webmaster (webmistress? webmaestro?)

I check the site every day,

I check the site every day, Kate!

Oh good!

Glad to hear it, Colin! Make some noise in the comments from time to time and maybe others will follow your lead...

And another one

Ooh, two comments, now three! A new record. Okay, so this one is kinda cheating, but still.

Are you the only one who can post?

I want to post something to the page but as far as I can see it is not interactive in this way. Is that correct? Can I only comment on things that you post? That doesn't seem very functional for a neighborhood community forum. I remember the old website had a section where you could post in different categories and it was a good place to trade information. I don't see that on this website redesign. Am I missing it???????

Not the only one but...

Well, yes and no. There are a handful of "editors" who can post stuff to the home page. Everyone can comment on posts, but not everyone can post announcements or stories or whatever. Although, that's not quite true because if you email just about anything to me, I'll post it. :)

I think what you're referring to from back in the day was a message board. That was before my time, but apparently there were complaints about it since it was unmoderated and posts could be anonymous, and as a result the occasional kerfuffle ensued.

You bring up a good point, though. I'm in favor of bringing the message board back, this time with registered screen names. Lemme look into adding that so everyone can participate more...

I love it

I've been reading (or lurking) for a while. Love the information and the clear concise way your present it. Keep up the Great Work!

Cynthia Baer
Keller Williams Realty