How to get your sidewalk repaired

Jul 26 2014

Trying to figure out how to get your sidewalk repaired? You're not alone. Broken sidewalks perennially rank among the top concerns of Candler Park residents, and CPNO members have made it clear that getting the city to fix them should be a major priority.

Toward that end, CPNO Sidewalk Committee Chair Clifton Mack has prepared a useful document — appropriately named "How to Get Your Sidewalk Repaired" _-- to help residents navigate the city's ssidewalk fixing system. Not only that: Cliff's also offered to help CP residents bundle repair requests to save money.

Interested in learning more? Then, you should peruse the document, which is linked here.

How_To_Get_Your_Sidewalk_Repaired_revised_072314.pdf261.61 KB

This sidewalk committee is a hard working bunch!

Thanks for the effort here, Clifton!  I've disseminated to some neighbors, and wonder, how would bundling repairs save money?  I ask as the current rate of $4/sq. ft - when applied to a 50X6 foot length in front of someone's home, is a $1200 expense -- still a good deal for the project, but perhaps more than homeowners are likely to pay.  Will bundling take that amount down? Thanks.