Leash Laws - Quick Reminder

Aug 17 2013

Neighborhood residents should be mindful of local ordinances regarding keeping dogs on leashes. 

Fulton County law (see: Fulton County Code of Ordinances, Section 34-205) states that dogs cannot leave the premises of their owner without being held on a leash and under the control of a competent individual. Leashes must also be no more than six feet long.

Further, City of Atlanta law (see: City of Atlanta Code of Ordinances, Section 110-70) states that in parks, pets must be leashed and cleaned up after, and that even when leashed, pets (other than service dogs) aren't allowed in swimming pools/pool areas, tennis courts, or within 15 feet of fences or structures.

Dekalb County Leash Laws

DeKalb County, Georgia - Code of Ordinances
Sec. 5-4. - Duty to restrain while off owner's property. It shall be the duty of any person to keep an animal under restraint and control at all times while the animal is off the real property limits of the owner. Such areas shall not include county parks that are specifically designated as off leash areas. (Ord. No. 04-15, Pt. I, 12-14-04)
Sec. 5-5. - Animals at large. It shall be unlawful for the owner of an animal to allow it to run at large unattended on or about the streets, right of ways, and highways of unincorporated DeKalb County; in any DeKalb County park, except in county parks that are specifically designated as off leash areas; unattended on or about the common property of any apartment complex or condominium community; or on the property of another person without permission of the owner of that property. This section shall not apply to dogs being used for hunting in accordance with state law, rules and regulations.

Leash Laws

What's the rule for sheep?

DeKalb County animal regulations apply, not Fulton County

Candler Park is regulated by DeKalb Animal Control laws, not Fulton County.

Here is the correct link for municipal code for DeKalb County regarding animals.