Lost Cat Black and White Shorthaired

Hi everyone. We have lost our short haired black and white cat, Holstein. We miss him so much. He was last seen 1/27, near our home on Mell Ave. He is a medium/large kitty. He is super friendly and talkative. He has very long whiskers that go out and then curve down. He has a black spot on his right leg. He has green eyes and a long snout. If you suspect that you have seen him, please contact me at either of these numbers anytime, night or day. We are offering a large cash reward for any information that leads to his return home.
If you would like a picture, I will be happy to email you, or you can consult the posters at Candler Park Market.
Holstein responds to his name, so if you do see him, please try to call him. Thank you so much for your help.
Mel from Mell Ave. 404 277 0815 or 404 903 1877