Master Plan Committee Update

Jan 19 2013


The Candler Park Master Plan Committee is excited to announce that we have completed the evaluation of the 6 firms who submitted a proposal in response to our RFP. The firm who the Master Planning Committee will be recommending to lead our neighborhood in this process if we choose to proceed with the Master Plan is Market and Main. To learn more about the Market and Main team we have selected feel free to look at their website

At January’s Membership meeting, the committee will be introducing Market and Main to the neighborhood, describing our evaluation process, and presenting Market and Main’s proposed vision for a Candler Park Master Plan. Aaron Fortner (Principal Partner of Market & Main) will be present at the meeting to present the plan with our committee and answer questions from the membership.

Included in our presentation of the plan will be the following:

·          Details of the evaluation process

·          Planning Philosophy of Market and Main

·          Details of the proposed plan (Timeline to be eligible for the Quality of Life Bond, Scope of Work included in the plan, Neighborhood Involvement, Funding Strategy).

Our committee has been researching and gathering information about Master Planning and what it could mean for Candler Park throughout the course of the past 7 months. Along the way we have been updating the neighborhood of our progress at every monthly neighborhood meeting, held public forums, and posted periodic updates to the Messenger and neighborhood website.

In case you are new to the neighborhood or haven’t been engaged over the past few months, I’ve posted the RFP which we made public to firms and interested neighbors upon request in November, and I’ve also reposted (below) the video segments about what Master Planning involves and why it is so important that neighborhoods go through this type of planning process from our Traffic Forum in August.  This forum discussion which included (Alex Wan - our City Council Representative and Aaron Fortner) led to our committee deciding a Master Plan was the best method for our neighborhood to build consensus in a community building setting in order to address not only traffic issues, but a diverse set of interconnected issues/concerns which neighbors continue to bring to our attention and would like to see addressed (land use, sidewalks, streetscape, walkability, open space, zoning, and urban design) 

Alex Wan segments
Part 1

Part 2

Alex Wan & Aaron Fortner segments

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

We are incredibly excited to share with you the details of the proposed Candler Park Master Plan on Monday at the January membership meeting! We hope after you all learn more about Market & Main, the proposed planning process for the neighborhood, and the potential opportunities which could come to the neighborhood as a result of us going through this process this year, you will be as excited as our committee to support the neighborhood moving forward with this process! We hope you’ll use Monday night and the weeks ahead to learn more about the proposed plan and to ask any questions you may have!

Jimmy Bligh

 Public Safety Officer - Candler Park Neighborhood Organization 

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