Master Plan RFP

Oct 29 2012

From Jimmy Bligh:

The Candler Park Neighborhood Organization is currently in the process of examining having a Master Plan performed for the neighborhood. In the next week, we will begin soliciting interested urban planning firms for proposals in regards to facilitating this planning for the neighborhood. We are requesting all proposals be submitted to the Master Planning Committee by November 16, 2012.

If you are interested in submitting a proposal to be evaluated by the Master Planning Committee, please contact Jimmy Bligh via email  ( for further details and a copy of the RFP.

Master Plan RFP

I find it ironic that we have to have a Master Plan to get parking issues fixed, but the City can dump a massive new sculpture/fountain installation in the middle of a residential area (Freedom Park - Oakdale & North) without informing CPNO or getting permission from the neighborhood first.

Response to Master Plan Comments

I understand your frustration about the sculpture installation on Oakdale and North, but I'm not sure why you are commenting about that in this Master Plan RFP announcement. Also, you are not correct in saying that we are proposing to make this investment to just fix parking or traffic in general. At one point the committee was focused on traffic, but it has evolved to looking at a number of issues (all intertwined) which we feel can be best addressed within the confines of a Master Plan. 
I encourage you to take the time to watch the videos I have posted about Master Planning and why our committee feels it will benefit the neighborhood. It goes way beyond finding traffic solutions in the neighborhood.
The CPNO board welcomes your comments/feedback about the sculpture, but  I don't think this Master Plan RFP announcement was the best place for you to share your thoughts. 
I would imagine the sculpture will be discussed at the next CPNO monthly membership meeting, so I encourage you to come to share your thoughts for others to hear in that forum.
Feel free to email me if you have any questions about the proposed Master Plan for the neighborhood. I can refer to another member of the board though if you have questions/concerns about the sculpture.
Jimmy Bligh
Public Safety Officer - CPNO