NPU-N April Meeting Notes

Apr 30 2012

From NPU Rep Lauren Welsh

NPU-N Meeting Notes

April 26, 2012

Public Reports

Major Keith Meadows reported that APD have identified the 2 perpetrators who are potentially linked a robbery at Zesto’s, one in Edgewood and the most recent pedestrian robbery in Candler Park at the corner of McLendon and Sterling. There was a rise in car break-ins during festivals, so the department continues to promote the Clean Car Campaign to encourage people to not leave anything in their cars that might encourage break-ins.

A MARTA officer reported that thieves snatching electronic devices on the train is still the main problem. He encouraged riders to keep their belongings very close to them and be aware of their surroundings, particularly when the doors are opening and closing.

The Parks department reported that the Candler Park Pool will be open May 26 and will stay open until the first week of October. The city pools are also under new management with USA Pools. Camp Best Friends is open for registration again this year and has proven to be very successful.

Department of Watershed reported that we are entering a serious drought and outdoor watering restrictions are in place. In addition, the Mayor has challenged citizens to cut their water and energy consumption by 20%.

A representative from Chairman Eaves of Fulton County’s office introduced herself. She can be reached at

A representative from the Atlanta Alcohol Technical Advisory Group (ATAG) II reported that the group is working with the city to review all costs and legislation around alcohol licenses. The annual revenue for alcohol licenses for the city is $7 million.

Board of Zoning Adjustment:

--The NPU Board unanimously approved an applicant at 1742 McLendon Avenue seeking a variance from the zoning ordinance to reduce the required front yard setback from 35 ft. to 29.1 ft. and to reduce the half-depth yard setback from 17.5 ft to 13.9 ft. to make a second story addition to an existing single-family swelling.

--The NPU Board unanimously approved an applicant at1019 Manigault Street seeking a variance from the zoning ordinance to reduce the rear yard setback from 7 ft. to .5 ft., and the ½-depth front yard setback from 15 ft. to 0 ft. for a detached carport and roof covered patio addition. Applicant also seeks a special exception to allow for a 6 ft. 4 in. wall (privacy fence), where otherwise only a 4 ft. fence is allowed.

--The NPU Board unanimously approved an applicant at 460 Claire Drive NE seeking a variance from the zoning ordinance to reduce the required north side yard setback from 7 ft. to 2.9 ft. in order to make a 2nd story addition to a single family dwelling.

Special Events/Outdoor Festivals

·      African Carnival – June 30 – NPU Board deferred.

·      Clips of Faith – September 14 – NPU Board voted to approve.

Chair’s Report

·      Grant Funding for projects – street toppers for street signs in NPU-N neighborhoods is underway.

·      Annual By-Laws will be voted on in May or June. No changes have been made.

Next NPU Meeting: May 24, 2012