NPU-N December Meeting Notes

Dec 27 2011

Notes from NPU Rep Lauren Welsh:

NPU-N Meeting Notes

December22, 2011

Public Reports

Lieutenant Schierbaum from the Atlanta Police Department reminded attendees about the beat realignment. NPU-N stays in Zone 6. Additional information can be found online at There was a robbery at a coffee shop in Glenwood Park. About 7 juveniles rushed in and grabbed laptops at the same time. Two juveniles were arrested. Schierbaum also encouraged people to attend Court Watch. Many of these criminals may be arrested, but residents need to follow through to make sure judges with full dockets and the over-capacity jail aren’t just putting people right back out on the street. There has also been a new precinct discussed for Boulevard Avenue.

The City of Atlanta Department of Parks is working to get lights back on at Greg Davis Plaza in Little 5 Points. These are the low street lamps in front of Little 5 Points Pizza.

APAB reported that there were new elections, and Kathy Richards is still presidents. There was a presentation about City Council redistricting that can be found online. APAB meetings are held the third Saturday of every month at 10 AM.

Nina Gentry, city planner, reported that Code Compliance has now been moved to APD.

Presentations about Esther Peachey Lefevre Park and the CPNO event process were deferred.

There was a presentation about the Lang Carson master plan in Reynoldstown. The park is along the Beltline and is rarely used now. The improvements include a community center, community gardens, shelters, basketball court, playgrounds and more. Reynoldstown supports the master plan. NPU-N voted unanimously to approve the plan as well and will write a letter of support.

Liquor License Review

--A liquor license/change of agent was approved for Vanessa Bamber for Dad’s Garage at 280 Elizabeth Street Suite C-101.

Land Use and Zoning Matters:

--The NPU Board voted unanimously to approve two applicable ordinances affecting properties at 465, 467, 469, 471, 479 and 479 (rear) North Highland Avenue. Zoning wasn’t consistent regarding these properties. They never were residential and have always been treated as commercial. The zoning is catching up to correct this error.

--10-O-1808 (CDP-10-09) – to amend the Future Land Use Map of the 2011 City of Atlanta Comprehensive Development Plan (CDP) so as to re-designate properties located at the address above from the “Low Density Residential” (LDR) Land Use Designation to the “Low Density Commercial” (LDC) Land Use Designation; and for other purposes. (Public Hearing held 11/29/10)

--11-O-1842 – to amend the Zoning Ordinance of the City of Atlanta by rezoning the properties at the address above from the existing zoning district RG-2/HC 16-20L:SA1 (Residential-General/Inman Park Historic District) to the NC-13/HC 16-20L:SA1 (Inman Park Neighborhood Commercial District/Inman Park Historic District) district.

--The NPU Board voted unanimously to approve an ordinance by the Zoning Committee of the City Council of Atlanta to re-zone 568, 580, 600 Somerset Terrace from the L-1 (Light Industrial) District to the MR-5A (Multi-Family Residential) District, at the behest of applicant Perennial Properties.

--The NPU Board voted to defer an ordinance by the Zoning Committee granting a Special Use Permit pursuant to Section 16-11.005(1)(l) for outdoor dining at eating and drinking establishments when any part of such use is located within 1,000 feet of property that is zoned R-1 through R-5, or that is used as a residential property for property located at 664 North Highland Avenue, NE at the behest of the applicant.

--The NPU Board voted to defer a variance at481 Harold Avenue to allow an 8 foot wall/privacy fence in the required half-depth front yard where otherwise only a 4 foot fence is allowed.

--The NPU Board voted unanimously to approve an application at 588 Linwood Avenue to reduce the south side yard setback from 7 ft. (required) to 3 ft (proposed) to construct a first and second floor addition.

Special Events/Outdoor Festivals

·      SweetWater 420 Fest – April 20-22, 2012 (Candler Park) – NPU Board voted to approve. There was discussion about whether Candler Park is an appropriately sized city park for such a large event. There was also discussion about the neighborhood of Candler Park working with the city to ensure the park rules used by vendors are appropriate (i.e. noise, number of people, park closing time, traffic, etc. ).

·      Inman Park Festival – April 27-29, 2012 – NPU Board voted to approve.

Chair’s Report

·      Discussed Funding for Projects – agreed to request funding for sign toppers in NPU-N neighborhoods.

·      Election of 2012 officers – Jonathan Miller (Inman Park) will continue as president.

·      Jonathan Miller agreed to serve as interim representative to Olmstead Linear Park Alliance (OLPA).

Next NPU Meeting: January 26, 2011