The Park & Pavilions in Candler Park

Special Events in the Park

Looking to use the park for your upcoming party or special event? Great, read on! However, please note that the Candler Park Neighborhood Organization does not have authority over the park, and cannot approve requests from those who wish to use it.

Please contact the City of Atlanta Department of Parks (404-546-6757) to check availability of park pavilions or other areas of Candler Park. The Parks Department will speak with you about your specific request.

As a rule of thumb, you have a couple of options for using the two pavilion areas in the park for your small party: 1) Take your chances and show up; it's first-come first-served, so long as nobody else has an official permit to use it. Or, 2) Rent it "officially" by paying $100 and submitting this pavilion rental application.

Reservations cannot be made earlier than three months in advance, or later than fourteen days in advance. Please also read these additional reservation procedures. Note that if you have more than 75 people, you must submit a large gathering application.

For more information, see the City of Atlanta Parks Department web site.

Candler Park Pool

Details on the Candler Park Pool.

Tree Information

If you have a question or concern about park trees or street trees, the Office of Parks Arborist Division can assist you. Please see this page for more information.

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