Parking pass for 420 Fest weekend

Feb 27 2012

From SweetWater 420 Event Organizer Kristen Sheehan

If you live in a two block radius of Candler Park and do not have off street parking, please go here and fill in your information to get a parking pass.  If you have trouble using this link to the Google form, please email the make, model & tag number of your vehicle, as well as your name and street address to

Your information will be added to a list given to Atlanta Police so that you may legally park in our "No Parking" zones surrounding the park.  You will also receive a pass in your mailbox the week of the Fest.  Please be sure to put this pass on your dash when parking in these areas during the week of the 420 Fest. If you do not submit your information by April 1st, you may be towed when parking in these areas. Please pass this word on to your neighbors so that we may accommodate everyone. We appreciate your cooperation!