Pool furniture ready to facilitate your tan!

Jul 22 2014

Their x-ray hearing (well, actually a Monkey Survey) revealed that you wanted new furniture at the Candler Park pool. In response, the pool-improvement superwomen swooped down to deliver lounges and an umbrella at the pool (well actually, it came in a truck).

The pool-improvement superwomen are Amy Erwin and Lauren Welsh. Since spring, they and their inumerable sidekicks have been on a pool-improvement tear.

Graffiti cleanup? Check.

Potted plants? Check.

Repaired water fountain? Check

And this week the first order of pool furniture has been placed at the pool. With help from CPNO fundraising and a CPNO challenge grant, Amy and Lauren put together a fundraising effort that so far has drawn some $3,000 in contributions from we neighbors to help buy the badly needed furniture. Amy stresses that you can still help with the second round of furniture contribute to the furniture fund by following these easy instructions.

The lifeguards are happy with the new furniture, Amy reports. The pool-improvement team has also taken steps to ensure that the furniture is secured so it can't be stolen or damaged after hours.

The pool improvements serve as an early demonstration of the viability of the Candler Park Conservancy that Environment Officer John Skach and others have been working this year to establish. Conservancy volunteers are hammering out the details for the conservancy, which was endorsed last night by CPNO members as one of the priority recommendations from the neighborhood's 2013 master plan. Longterm, the Master Plan also recommends substantialfacility improvements to the pool and the poolhouse.

For the short-term, however, what's next up for the pool itself? Amy says security is a concern -- particularly after-hour breakins. Beware, you scoundrels. With pool-improvement superwomen and their sidekicks on the case, your ne'er-do-well days are numbered.

Pool Furniture,et al

Way to go Lauren and Amy! If you want something done, just ask a woman!