Proposed Mary Lin Addition and Renovation Plans

Dec 13 2012

From Mary Lin principal Brian Mitchell, as posted on his blog

Here are the proposed floor plans for the new addition and renovation. Please plan to attend a meeting on Tuesday, December 18, 6:30 to 7:30 p.m., in the auditorium to learn more about the addition and renovation projects.

The completed addition and renovation will provide us with 26 core classrooms. A core classroom is defined as a kindergarten through fifth grade classroom. Our total number of non-core classrooms is projected to be 42, which will include art, music, band, orchestra, Gifted, science lab, technology lab and Special Education.
If in fact Mary Lin would need an additional two core classrooms, these rooms could be added to the existing plans without much disruption to the proposed plans.   
There appears to be a discrepancy between our peak enrollment number. Our peak enrollment is projected to be 632 students in 2016-2017, not 780 as once reported last year. More details about this during Tuesday's meeting!
See you Tuesday evening to learn more about these exciting projects! Brian