Seeking recommendations for good auto mechanic

Greetings Neighbors!

I moved into the neighborhood last month from DC, and I am in search of a good auto mechanic here. Please let me know if you have any recommendations for shops in the area - my car is acting up a bit and I need to get it checked out.

Thanks so much!

Catherine's Auto Repair is

Catherine's Auto Repair is owned by a CP resident. there are 2 locations... one on Northside and one off of Chattahoochee on Southland. We get our cars serviced there and they have great and reliable service.

My favorite mechanic

I've been using My Favorite Mechanic (is a woman) ever since moving to Candler Park 15 years ago. They've always treated me right and I haven't had a problem with any of the work they've done. I wouldn't use them for major work like a transmission overhaul, but they are good at the routine things and troubleshooting. I started using them because they are close to the house and have been going there ever since.


LexTechs in downtown Decatur are great if you have a Lexus or Toyota. Fair, honest, and reasonably prices.


Re My Favorite Mechanic: Word.


Best mechanic in ATL is Ramon at Vol-Repairs at Briarcliff and Clairmont. Cannot be beat.

Quantum Mechanics

I just went to quantum mechanics in Decatur last week and they did a fantastic job with my car, at a very fair price. My whole family has been using them for a while now, and they do great work.


Mary Lin's Kindergarten Roundup is May 1st


A friendly reminder that the Mary Lin Kindergarten Roundup date has changed due to CRCT testing this week.  The Kindergarten Roundup will be Tuesday, May 1st.  More information below.  Please pass along to any incoming Lin families you know.


Mary Lin Elementary's annual Kindergarten Roundup is Tuesday, April 17th at 9:30am in the Mary Lin Auditorium. It's a great opportunity for parents/guardians of rising kindergarteners to meet the Kindergarten team and hear about what's in store for the upcoming year. You are highly encouraged to bring your rising kindergartener to meet other kids that will be entering in August and to hang out in a kindergarten classroom with a current kindergarten class.  For more information, email peggyfromli@gmail.comor call the Mary Lin office at 404-802-8850.

Oops! Catherine's Auto

Sorry - I put the wrong post in this thread. 

I did want to also put in a good word for Catherine's Auto.  They are really great and totally trustworthy.  Which, in my opinion, is the most important quality in a mechanic.

I wanted so badly to like Roger Jordan.  But after having them mess up two jobs multiple times (and charge me to fix them), I had to give up.

Haven't used My Fav Mech in 7+ years, but felt like they recommended things on my car that were 'nice to have done' things but not really necessary or practical on my 10 yr old Honda.  


Thank you all so much for your recommendations. Incredibly helpful!