Sweetwater 420Fest Moving to Centennial Olympic Park

Oct 15 2013
from Jennifer Bensch, Happy Ending Productions
Dear Candler Park Residents,
As we approach the planning season for SweetWater 420 Festival in 2014, it’s with mixed emotions that we announce to you all that we will be transitioning our festival out of Candler Park and moving it to Centennial Olympic Park.
We wanted to take this opportunity to personally reach out and thank you all for such a great run. We’ve got nothing but love and gratitude for the neighbors who have welcomed us back year after year to Candler Park. This park has been an incredible home to our festival over the years and will remain near-and-dear to the SweetWater family for all our memories there.
As we approach the festival’s 10-year anniversary (time flies when you’re having fun), we wanted to begin looking at look long-term opportunities that could potentially help grow the festival and provide better access for local patrons and those traveling in for the fest. We’ve been able to cultivate this festival over the years and look forward to it evolving even more in the years ahead. After listening to the neighborhood, we know that growing the festival would not be possible if we stayed. This change in location will allow for a bigger footprint with greater transportation access, all right in the heart of downtown Atlanta.
All of that said, we wanted to reassure you that while we are moving we’re not abandoning Candler Park. We still have funds raised from the 2013 festival that we are excited to put back into the park! We are working on gathering the folks from Park Pride and other key community members to help us determine how we will allocate the projects and efforts. We will also remain a sponsor for the Candler Park Fall Festival and look forward to partnering with Candler Park for future initiatives!
We’ve truly had some really great times. It’s our hope that you will join us for the 2014 SweetWater 420 Festival to celebrate Mother Earth with us the best way we know how!

Sorry to see the festival go

but as much as I liked it, they did seem to stretch the resources in Candler Park. If growth was their objective, I think this was the right move. Good luck Sweetwater!