Sweetwater Letter to Candler Park Residents

Dec 7 2012

As mentioned in my previous post, Sweetwater is planning a festival in Candler Park.  ( http://www.candlerpark.org/content/cpno-consider-proposed-2013-sweetwater-420-festival-plans )

There was also another post on the website regarding some of the particulars of the event. 

As those details were from an email to the NPU-N President, I asked Sweetwater to compose a letter describing the proposed changes and options they are considering in a formal letter to our neighborhood.

I have attached that letter to this post.

I'd ask that everyone please read the letter and bring your thoughts, concerns, and questions to the meeting on Dec. 17.

As always, you can reach me at president@candlerpark.org

Thanks and have a great weekend,


Letter to CP Residents 2013.pdf66.77 KB

How much exactly does Sweetwater raise for CP?

Could CPNO please post an overview on the website of how much we raise each year through our affiliation with this festival, and from where these revenues derive? I've heard we don't get a dime from the festival itself, just from the concurrent race we host. I've also heard we get part of the armband sales. It would be helpful to understand the specifics of the financial impact this festival has for the neighborhood's fundraising.