Truck mangles historical marker

Jan 21 2014

One of the BiRacial History Project's historical markers was severely damaged when a large truck struck it about 7:00 AM Thursday Jan. 16. According to Edith Kelman, witnesses observed a semi truck snagging low tree branches and striking the marker. The driver did not stop and no one was able to get a clear description of the vehicle or its license plate.

The incident was reported to the Atlanta Police Department. According to an officer who attended the January CPNO meeting, the driver may be liable for multiple traffic violations if identified.

Damaged Evening Star Lodge marker. Photo by Edith Kelman.
Damaged Evening Star Lodge marker. Photo by Edith Kelman.

The marker was located on the east side of Candler Park Drive between Miller Ave. and Benning Rd. It was the third neighborhood interpretive marker placed by the BiRacial History Project. According to the project’s website, it marked the vicinity where the Edgewood Evening Star Lodge was located. Built in 1893, “Together with the Old Stone Church across the street, the Evening Star Lodge was a cornerstone of Black community life in this early biracial neighborhood.” 

Also damaged in the incident were a concrete trash receptacle, a park bench, and a school crosswalk sign.

If you have any information about the incident or would like to learn more about the marker and the BiRacial History Project, contact founder Edith Kelman at

CPNO has been a BiRacial History Project funding partner since 2006.

Damaged Marker in Candler Park

If you saw the offending truck & driver on Candler Park Drive
last Thurs morning, 1/16, please help us with any details you can recall. We need to ID markings/signage/tag etc. on the big rig to track it down... any input will be useful.... thanks.