Urgent School Information

Feb 21 2012

We are asking all Candler Park residents to please do two things to support our community and schools:

  1. Complete the APS survey BY FRIDAY, FEB 24 at http://www.survey2go.net/aps/?sidx=203. Note that CPNO supports Option A, and the statement details talking points about the options and our preferences going forward. Survey responses are permitted from EACH ADULT in the household.
  2. Please review and sign (if you agree) the Renew Grady Cluster Petition ASAP at http://www.petitionbuzz.com/petitions/renewedgradycluster. This is a cross-neighborhood grassroots effort. The approach presented is 90% consistent with the CPNO principles. It advocates for a defined Grady Cluster that includes Mary Lin and we think that’s important. Again, responses are permitted from EACH ADULT in the household. In the notes section, please identify yourself as a Candler Park resident.

In the survey and petition comments section, be sure to mention Mary Lin’s expansion, and the need to think about alternative grade configurations as a shared solution for the Grady cluster. The cluster’s elementary schools are overcrowded. And Inman Middle is or will be soon. APS needs to know of our support for expanding Mary Lin. Meanwhile a neighborhood task force is looking at innovative solutions such as a cross-cluster 5/6 or 6th grade academy; APS needs to see our interest in a full range of creative solutions.

More important information:

Mary Lin Elementary Local School Council Statement

Inman Middle School Local School Council Letter

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