Zoning Committee meeting

  1. NPU-N: V-13-163 - Variance Application for 1332 Iverson St. Applicant seeks a variance from zoning regulations to reduce west side yard setback from required 7' feet to 3' feet for a rear addition.
  2. NPU-N: V-13-167 - Variance for 344 Sterling St. Applicant seeks a variance from the zoning ordinance to(1) reduce the front yard setback from 30 tf. (required) to 24 ft. (2)reduce the side yard setbacks (north and south) from 7ft. (required) to 5ft to allow a second story addition.
  3. Star Bar. Change of owner
  4. Fox brothers; plan or idea for parking lot from the civil engineers to show the board for discussion
  5. 1448 Iverson St. potential uses for the first floor of the building
Wed, 09/04/2013 - 7:00pm - 8:00pm
Epworth at Candler Park, 1561 McLendon Avenue, Atlanta GA 30307

Rezoning for Fox Bros

I completely agree with Dan! The requested rezoning changes the character of our neighborhood. Fox Bros has a very successful business and as such needs to find a location more suitable for the amount of traffic they attract. To cause this chaos in our neighborhood is out of self-interest. There are other options for a restaurant in little five points where the zoning is commercial. I agree with Dan ... shifting the problem to Josephine St. will only make matters worse there and will still effect us all.
I will not be able to attend the meeting on Wednesday due to another commitment, but I would surely like to cast my vote.
Thanks to all for the hard work!
Judy Perdue

Fox Bros. re-zoning 3 residential lots to C-1 commercial??!!

Item 4 in the last zoning committee meeting was a preliminary plan by Fox Bros. Restaurant to re-zone 3 adjacent residential lots on Dekalb and Josephine St. into C-1 commercial for a parking lot. The neighborhood must say NO! Below is a copy of the email I sent to Mischa Uppelshoten and Randy Pimsler, both members of the zoning committee. Please comment and come to the meetings to voice your concern!!

Dan Flicker wrote:

Mischa and Randy,

For numerous reasons detailed below, we are VERY opposed to the Fox Bros. commercial re-zoning proposal discussed as item 4 in your last CPNO zoning committee meeting. We would welcome a meeting with all the owners of Fox Bros., but the zoning committee insisted at the last zoning meeting that Fox Bros. reach out to adjacent owners, and no nearby owners have been contacted or shown a plan. Note that our property at 249 Josephine St. is by far the most impacted by this proposed change, as the only adjacent property owner along the 3-parcel 140+ foot combined lots owned by Fox Bros.

Dekalb Avenue has not been strategically planned since the 1990's, and now with the overwhelming 44-1 CPNO vote of support for the new $40,000+ Candler Park Master plan, this effort by Fox Bros. to re-zone commercial C-1 on Dekalb (and Josephine St.) goes completely against the strong & clear recommendations for MRC-2 zoning on the Fox Bros. Restaurant property shown specifically on page 63 of the Candler Park Master Plan (www.CandlerParkMasterPlan.com). That being said, our preference, and the preference of most nearby owners, would be that current residential zoning be maintained primarily.

The property currently operates as an illegal, unlighted commercial parking lot, and it attracts crime (car theft/vandalism on our property) and undesirable activity (employees smoking "stuff" and cars idling with loud music, etc). Employees and some customers park there at night and turn left down Josephine St. the wrong direction on a regular basis to avoid the long trip down Josephine St. to turn back South toward Dekalb Ave.; consequently there have been several near head-on collisions with neighbors coming home at night. There are large piles of construction debris, open containers of rat poison, a giant pit at the base of an uncleared fallen tree collects additional waste and is a bad eyesore. The list grows.... and based on likely mis-management of future parking areas, concerned owners on Elmira St. should not think that a few extra parking spaces will do much to reduce the havoc that they experience daily due to Fox Bros. traffic/activity... why should these problems be pushed onto Josephine St. as well?!

We are concerned about future votes and/or meetings taking place on this issue before any sort of actual plan is circulated to the neighborhood, particularly those nearby on Josephine St. most impacted by the proposed change. Can we please keep the lines of communication open so our street can have its say in the matter? Many of us plan to appear at the CPNO Monthly Meeting this coming Monday, so we can continue the dialogue there hopefully as well. Call me often... please.

Dan Flicker, 249 Josephine St.