CPNO elections set some sort of speed record

Nov 18 2014

Members re-elected nine current board members and elected a new membership officer Monday night, in what must have been record time for votes at the CPNO Annual Meeting. Candler Park NPU-N Representative Amy Stout also was re-elected.

It surely helped that nominees for all 11 offices were unopposed. In addition, a Bylaws amendment adopted this year allowed for election by acclamation rather going through the time consuming process of counting ballots even in races with one candidate.

Your new CPNO Board consists of:

  • President: Ken Edelstein (incumbent) .... hey, that's me!
  • Vice President: Lexa King (incumbent)
  • Recording Secretary: Bonnie Palter (incumbent)
  • Membership Secretary: Roger Bakeman (new member)
  • Treasurer: Peter Bluestone (incumbent)
  • Zoning Officer: Seth Eisenberg (incumbent)
  • Public Safety Officer: Russell Miller (incumbent)
  • Environmental Officer: John Skach (incumbent)
  • Special Projects Officer: Mark Clement (incumbent) 
  • Communications Officer: Zaid Duwayri (incumbent)

Thanks to our neighbors for your support of this board. And thanks especially Amy and my fellow board members for agreeing to put in the time and effort to improve our community!

Atlanta Has a New Customer Service

Nov 6 2014

City of Atlanta 3-1-1 Center LaunchedATL 311
The City of Atlanta recently launched ATL311, the city's first non-emergency customer service center. Accessible via phone, online and through all mobile platforms, ATL311 provides the public with quick, easy access to government services and information. The City of Atlanta is one of the first major cities to implement a cloud-based 3-1-1 customer relationship management (CRM) system that can be scaled and shared with other cities. 

ATL311 is a free service available to the general public. Citizens can call or go online to submit and track service requests, keep up with information regarding city services, and provide feedback to improve the website portal. The customer service center operating hours are Monday - Friday, 7:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. 

Many of the more frequently requested city services (reporting a pothole, missed garbage or recycling collection, etc.) can be submitted online. Just look for the Create Request button in each online solution.

To access ATL311:

·                         dial 311 from your home phone

·                         dial 404-546-0311 from your cell phone (the City continues to work with the major cell phone carriers such that dialing 311 may also work, but until such time, please dial all 10 digits)

·                         visit the ATL311 website at www.atl311.com

Development of the ATL311 was initiated by the Mayor's Innovation Delivery Team and funded by a $3.3M grant awarded to the City of Atlanta by Bloomberg Philanthropies. Atlanta was one of five cities to receive an Innovation Delivery Team grant.

More information about ATL311 can be found in the Press Release of by visiting the ATL311 website.

All emergencies should be reported by calling 911.

Atlanta Alarm Reduction Program

Nov 6 2014

Atlanta False Alarm Reduction Program1h ago

Officer K Moody from Atlanta Police Department


Let me address a few issues up front. First and foremost, Atlanta Police officers were spending a lot of time responding to alarm calls in the city, the vast majority of which turned out to be false. Our research has shown that these alarms are often triggered due to user error. In short, that means many of these false alarms can be reduced through increased awareness and education on the issue.

Ultimately, our goal is to reduce the amount of time officers spend responding to alarm calls, so they can focus on more critical matters such as proactive neighborhood patrols and timely responses to 9-1-1 calls. Hopefully, that’s a goal we can all agree on.

Last year, the Atlanta City Council approved legislation requiring any resident or business owner in the city to register their alarm system. Many municipalities, including some here in metro Atlanta, have been successful in reducing the number of false alarm calls by implementing a registration program similar to ours. The data shows that false alarms significantly drop when owners are more educated, and aware of, the potential for alarm errors.

We are encouraging all citizens to register for free to avoid any fees. Failure to register will result in a $150 civil penalty. The Crywolf website is affiliated with the City of Atlanta and we have shared your concerns about the website’s security with the company. They have assured us the site is secure, and that no personal/sensitive data is accessible to the public. The Department is also boosting awareness about the program and will be posting various updates about the program to keep you informed.

We have embarked on several campaigns to inform city residents and business owners on the program, and continue to do so. I’m sorry to hear we have not been successful in reaching everyone. We are doing our best!

Please let me know if I can assist you further.

Officer Kevin Moody" id="message_7684614">Good morning/afternoon, 

My name is Officer Kevin Moody, the point-of-contact for the Atlanta Police Department on the alarm registration ordinance.

Finally on its way: The Candler Park Drive crosswalk

Nov 5 2014

For years, Candler Park residents have tried to get the city to improve access to the park and to Mary Lin via a crosswalk at the park entrance on Candler Park Drive. Finally, it looks like that's happening.

A city contractor installed ADA ramps on both sides of the street this week — right at the spot where the park sidewalk empties onto the street. The absence of those ramps was the only thing standing in the way of installing an actual crosswalk.

Special thanks to CPNO Education Chair Kate Sandhaus, who's been bird-dogging this effort for more than a year. She says City Council President Cesar Mitchell and his aide, Jim Elgar, have been "helping me nudge it along for a while now."

Thanks also should go to Master Plan Committee Chair Randy Pimsler and Public Works Commissioner for their role in encouraging these ramps.

Now, let's get 'em to stripe the crosswalk ... Sandhaus expects the crosswalk striping not to be far behind, now that the ramps are in.

Police release sketch of alleged Glendale Avenue assailant

Oct 30 2014

Police have released a sketch of the man who allegedly attacked a woman on Glendale Avenue on Oct. 22.

According to a description of the incident on NextDoor.com, "A neighbor on Glendale Avenue was heading from her car to her house when she was attacked. The man tried to push her into her home. She began yelling, neighbors started coming out of their homes and she got away from him."

This incident and a couple other have prompted CPNO Safety Officer to call a Special Meeting on Safety, 7:30 pm, Tuesday, Nov. 4 (Election Night), at First Existential Congregation. This will be a working session intended to move forward with improvements to our Neighborhood Watch and to get the ball rolling on a security patrol, should enough interest be expressed.

Nominating Committee names 2015 CPNO board candidates

Oct 29 2014

This year’s CPNO elections are shaping up to be briefer and less eventful than in years past, Nominating Committee Chair Don Bender stressed at the Oct. 20 Members’ Meeting. And that should leave a lot more room for a big celebration on Nov. 17, at CPNO's Annual Meeting.

The vote and celebration also will serve as our November Members' Meeting. Doors open at 6:30 pm.

At the Oct. 20 meeting, Bender was presenting candidates who qualified to run for the 2015 CPNO Board. He cited two reasons to expect the votes to take less time.

First, none of the 10 board seats nor the position of NPU representative (also an elected position) is contested — so far. That could change because qualified members may still be nominated for positions from the floor (active members must have attended at least four Members’ Meetings in the past 12 months to qualify). Second, a bylaws amendment approved in February should significantly shorten the voting process. It allows for elections of uncontested positions to be decided by acclamation, rather than by time-consuming vote counts.

Bender said the committee’s work was relatively easy. Nine of 10 current board members, as well as NPU Rep Amy Stout, opted to stand again for re-election, so the committee only had to hunt up a candidate for one seat, membership secretary. Thank you to committee members Bender, Peter Bluestone, Lauren Chekanow, Sarah Cook and Jay Sandhaus for serving in this vital role.

On the jump check out the nominees, along with descriptions of the 11 elected positions from the CPNO bylaws:

Test of Oakdale-McLendon traffic solution on tonight's CPNO agenda

Oct 20 2014

Traffic bottlenecks at Oakdale and McLendon spurred CPNO to commission our neighborhood's Master Plan. Now, the city's onboard with testing a solution.

They're seeking our feedback on a plan that traffic engineers say can resolve the situation. It calls for replacing the traffic light with a four-way stop, and reducing parking on the east side of Oakdale. More details about this issue can be found by clicking to this post. Come to tonight's Members' Meeting to be heard on this issue.

Also on tonight's CPNO agenda: Nominating Committee Chair Don Bender will unveil candidates for next year's CPNO Board, and we'll vote on variance V-14-218 for 526 Candler Park Drive. Here's the full agenda.

Join us for a bit New Orleans-style cooking by Front Page News, beverages, socializing and down-home democracy at the First E Church, 470 Candler Park Drive. Doors open at at 6:30 pm. Meeting starts at 7. As always, free childcare is available.

October Messenger online now

Oct 20 2014

The October Candler Park Messenger is online now.

This is the first issue published and distributed under our new partnership with KDA Communications, the same company that works with the Inman Park Advocator. My first take: Production went smoothly, with shorter turnaround and a lot less volunteer sweat than the old system. And the color images are a big improvement (check out the Fall Fest photos on pages 8 and 9!).

There will be some transition issues to work  — mainly having to do with the mailing list. The new Messenger is distributed via U.S. mail, rather than through our hit-and-miss voluntary door-to-door system. But we need to help KDA perfect its mailing list.

If you live in Candler Park or have a business in Candler Park, and didn't receive your Messenger, please email me here. We'll make sure you're on the list for the November issue.

Movie Filming in Candler Park

Oct 17 2014

So, if you haven't heard yet, there will be a movie filming in Candler Park next week. "The 5th Wave," starring Chloe Grace Moretz and Liev Schrieber, will be filming next week in Candler Park playground. Setup is scheduled for Oct. 20-21, filming on Oct. 22, and cleanup on the 23rd (dates are subject to change).

As thanks for our hospitality and for putting up with the playground being closed for that brief period, Sony Pictures/Garden Films Production has offered generous gift to support CPNO's efforts to improve the park.

Many of the residents surrounding the park received the letter below from Garden Films. Here it is again for your reading pleasure!

Link to the letter

More details on that Oakdale-McLendon 4-way stop test

Oct 17 2014

If you receive CPNO email blasts, you should know by now that the city's proposing to test a high-profile recommendation of the Candler Park Master Plan.

We'll take up that proposal — regarding the Oakdale-McLendon traffic bottleneck — at Monday's Members' Meeting. Meanwhile, here's more detailed background on the issue:

Our neighborhood's difficulties in resolving Oakdale-McLendon traffic actually spurred CPNO to pursue the Master Plan in 2013. And the plan itself, which members approved in August 2013, included a recommendation to test two changes:

• Replace the traffic signal at Oakdale and McLendon with a four-way stop;

• Eliminate on street parking for 75-100 feet on the east side of Oakdale.

The recommendation went on to say, basically, that if the test worked out well, the city should implement those two changes, along with considering other traffic-calming features. See page 73 in the plan for all the details.

In July, members voted to include the Oakdale-McLendon recommendations among list of priorities devised by the Master Plan Coordinating Committee.

Coordinating Committee Chair Randy Pimsler followed up with city officials, including district transportation engineer Nursef Kedir, who early this month performed a traffic analysis. His conclusions and recommendations are a pretty close as those of Master Plan consultant. He's recommending a test of the four-stop and parking restrictions, which his analysis found would overall be beneficial. One difference is that the no parking zone would extend on the east side of Oakdale from McLendon to Miller Avenue — further than the 100 feet proposed in the Master Plan.

Finally, also consistent with the Master Plan, Kedir recommends that the city "convert the intersection to multi-way stop controlled intersection after 60-day period if stop control found to function acceptable with regard to delay and safety for all users of the intersections." He asked for CPNO and NPU-N feedback before moving ahead with the test.

Randy plans to offer a motion Monday affirming our support for going ahead with the test. I anticipate that if the test does go forward, we'll have another shot at supporting or opposing making the change permanent.