This month's Messenger includes Fall Fest pullout

Sep 25 2014

Check out this month's Candler Park Messenger. In addition to news on all kinds of neighborhood projects, it includes a pullout guide to this week's Fall Fest. 

The Fall Fest information is on page 7, 8, 9 and 10, which you can print out here.

An early taste of Fall Fest ... on Letterman

Sep 22 2014

David Letterman offered appropriate praise to Candler Park's own Francine Reed during her recent appearance on his show. Watch below.

Our "Queen of the Blues" is slated to take the stage Sunday at 7:30 pm — the grand finale of (count 'em) 12 free acts in two days. For a full listing of all the performers, click here.

MARTA Survey for Candler Park/Edgewood Station Transit Oriented Development

Sep 16 2014

Heather Alhadeff of Perkins & Will, acting as a traffic consultant for the TOD development project, developed a survey for Candler Park and Edgewood neighbors to complete prior to September 26, 2014.  The purpose of the survey is to identify issues, objectives, and preferences for the redevelopment project. Please take a few minutes and take the survey by follwing this link:

Members meeting tonight is last before Fall Fest

Sep 15 2014

Tonight's CPNO Members Meeting will hit half a dozen topics that are likely to interest you. And we'll bribe you to come with free pizza from Uncle Maddio's.

Among those issues:

• Funding for an Oct. 11 meeting to organize the Candler Park Conservancy.

• A vote to get the city to commit to more Candler Park projects in its proposed infrastructure bond list

• An update on MARTA's proposed mixed-used project in Edgewood

• The last Fall Fest roundup before the big event

Summary of August NPU-N Meeting by Amy Stout

Sep 15 2014

Because the NPU-N meeting was held after the article submission deadline, the August report is posted here.


NPU-N Report by Amy Stout

I attended the monthly meeting of NPU-N on Thursday, August 28th as the CPNO representative.

Variances:  The NPU-N board voted unanimously to support a variance request for 300 Elmira Pl NE (to reduce the north side yard setback from 7 ft to 3 ft 11 in to allow the addition of a shed to the back of an existing accessory structure), consistent with the prior vote of support from CPNO.

Riparian Buffer Encroachment:  After repeated deferrals, we removed from our agenda consideration of an application for a riparian buffer authorized encroachment for 600 Page Ave, given that the City has already approved these building plans.  While no formal plans for 604 Page Ave have been proposed, this action does not preclude the board from making a recommendation for plans at this address at a later date.

You can help fix our roads and sidewalks — now!

Sep 8 2014

From Randy Pimsler

Candler Park’s Master Plan Coordinating Committee is enlisting your help in a campaign to let city officials know where we want our city infrastructure money spent.

The timing is crucial because city officials currently are seeking input to develop a list of projects that could be funded by a bond referendum that the city's voters will consider early next year.

The current focus of our correspondence should be on City Council members. We need to stress to them our priorities for the project list attached to the proposed infrastructure bond referendum. Click here for City Council contact info and for a sample letter, and write your letter today!

Starting tomorrow evening, the city's Public Works Departtment also will be hosting a series of public meetings on the Infrastructure Bond, during which time projects selected for funding will be identified. We urge you to attend at least one of these meetings. It could make a real difference to our neighborhood! Here’s a list of the dates and places; all times at 6 pm-8 pm.

  • Tuesday, Sept. 9, Atlanta Metropolitan State College, 1630 Metropolitan Parkway, SW, Atlanta, GA 30310
  • Thursday, Sept. 11, Atlanta Speech School, 3160 Northside Parkway, NW, Atlanta, GA 30305
  • Tuesday, Sept. 16, Ben Hill Recreation Center, 2405 Fairburn Road, SW, Atlanta, GA 30331
  • Thursday, Sept. 18, Adamsville Recreation Center, 3201 Martin L. King, Jr., SW, Atlanta, GA 30311
  • Tuesday, Sept. 23, John C. Birdine Recreation Center, 215 Lakewood Way, SW, Atlanta, GA 30315
  • Thursday, Sept. 25, Atlanta City Hall Auditorium (Old Council Chambers), 68 Mitchell Street, SW, Atlanta, GA 30303
  • Tuesday, Sept. 30, Piedmont Hospital - Shepherd Center, Callaway Auditorium, 7th Floor, 2020 Peachtree Road, NW. Atlanta, GA 30309

Regarding any questions on the infrastructure bond or the Candler Park Master Plan in general, feel free to contact me (Randy) at

Goodbye and Thank You - From Donna Van Gogh's

Sep 8 2014

from Teri Stewart....


After 20 years of business, Donna Van Gogh’s will be closing our doors this fall.  We would like to thank the neighbors who were our artists and customers.  We are closing due to age, changing local socio-economic factors, and inability to sell the business.  Artists will have one month to pick up their artwork, after which we will liquidate all displays and fixtures.  We wish our friends in Lake Claire, Candler Park, and the business district the best for the future.

Peace and Love,

Teri and Iris

Donna Van Gogh’s

August 21, 2014

MARTA Edgewood/Candler Park Transit Oriented Development Community Meetings

Sep 5 2014

The meeting dates for the community meetings with representatives from MARTA are finalized and 100% open to everyone.  If you could not make  the Aug. 27 meeting, the following four scheduled dates and times will allow you to ask questions and address any concerns about the MARTA station development:

MEETING 1 - September 9 at 6:30 p.m.;

MEETING 2 - October 1 at 6:00 p.m.;

MEETING 3 - October 7 at 6:00 p.m.;

MEETING 4 - October 29 at 6:00 p.m.

All meetings will be in the library at Whitefoord Elementary School at 35 Whitefoord Ave., Atlanta GA 30317



Awesome Volunteers Rally to Install New Legacy Markers in the Park

Aug 29 2014

Earlier this week, we posted a blog entry about the installation of the Legacy Markers in the park. Here's an account of the event by Tom Painter, as well as a couple of photos. Thanks again to the volunteers.

At 9:00 on steamy Saturday morning, 23 August, a group of energized volunteers gathered on the park side of Candler Park Drive at Miller Ave., the location of what used to be an African American Legacy Marker of the Early Edgewood-Candler Park BiRacial History Project. I say “used to be” because earlier this January a semi-truck and trailer caught and broke off a large limb from a tree just south of the marker’s location, dragged the limb like a very large club as the truck moved northward, hitting and destroying the marker.

Saturday’s group was ably led by Edi Kelman (who also provided cold water and very tasty brownies!), and was tasked with installing a new marker, freeing the pathway along the street from creeping kudzu and low-hanging branches, spreading mulch around the marker, and generally sprucing the place up. Randy Pimsler and Danny Feig were the marker installers-in-chef. Other helpers included Amy Irwin, Bill Read, Bonnie Palter, Carol Gregory, Daryl Nenstiel, Diirga Bough, Don Bender, Glen Lopez, Jesse Orrock, Jim Kessel, John Skach, Kelly Jordan, Ken Edelstein, Peter & Kelly Bluestone, Roger Bakeman, Roz Mance, Seth Eisenberg, Tom Painter, and Michael Browne. The newly replaced Legacy Marker provides information about the 1893-1942 site of the African American Edgewood Evening Star Lodge, which is now a soccer pitch.

Once this task was complete, the group moved to the park’s southwest corner and handily replaced a second marker that had been knocked seriously out of kilter during construction of the McLendon Ave. sidewalk. This was the site of the Rose Hill/Mayson Ave. Subdivision (1892-1942). Thanks to the BiRacial History Project’s partners*, a Park Pride Small Change grant, a Love Your Block grant from the Mayor’s office, Kissberg Construction Co., and the neighborhood volunteers, these Legacy Markers once again provide passersby with valuable information, telling the stories of the African American community and residents who once thrived in what many Candler Park neighbors think of simply as “our park.” Apologies to any who helped whose names are not included.

By Tom Painter

* Project Partners: First Existentialist Congregation, Antioch East Baptist Church, Candler Park Neighborhood Organization, Pimsler Hoss Architects, Small Carpenters at Large, 420 Oakdale Group, Friends of Candler Park, and Mary Lin School.


More pictures here

MARTA stretches timeline on Edgewood project rezoning

Aug 28 2014
Breathe easier. MARTA's taking a bit more time on its effort to rezone the mixed-used project it's proposed for the Edgewood-Candler Park Station's southside lots.
Meanwhile, the developer chosen by the transit agency says market conditions needed to justify construction of most of the complex could be many years away.
Those were two takeaways from a meeting last night between neighborhood activists, MARTA representatives and Columbia Ventures Managing Partner Dillon Baynes. Most in the room were Edgewood residents — the project is in that neighborhood, after all — but Lauren Welsh and I attended from Candler Park.
A timeline unveiled last month had raised concerns in both neighborhoods, because it called for taking up in early September legislation that will lock in zoning conditions for the property. That’s important because the zoning process is the main leverage that surrounding neighborhoods can use to influence what’s built on the MARTA land, as well as what MARTA and Columbia will do to mitigate such impacts as traffic.