Master Plan Committee Update

Jan 19 2013


The Candler Park Master Plan Committee is excited to announce that we have completed the evaluation of the 6 firms who submitted a proposal in response to our RFP. The firm who the Master Planning Committee will be recommending to lead our neighborhood in this process if we choose to proceed with the Master Plan is Market and Main. To learn more about the Market and Main team we have selected feel free to look at their website

At January’s Membership meeting, the committee will be introducing Market and Main to the neighborhood, describing our evaluation process, and presenting Market and Main’s proposed vision for a Candler Park Master Plan. Aaron Fortner (Principal Partner of Market & Main) will be present at the meeting to present the plan with our committee and answer questions from the membership.

Included in our presentation of the plan will be the following:

·          Details of the evaluation process

·          Planning Philosophy of Market and Main

·          Details of the proposed plan (Timeline to be eligible for the Quality of Life Bond, Scope of Work included in the plan, Neighborhood Involvement, Funding Strategy).

Our committee has been researching and gathering information about Master Planning and what it could mean for Candler Park throughout the course of the past 7 months. Along the way we have been updating the neighborhood of our progress at every monthly neighborhood meeting, held public forums, and posted periodic updates to the Messenger and neighborhood website.

In case you are new to the neighborhood or haven’t been engaged over the past few months, I’ve posted the RFP which we made public to firms and interested neighbors upon request in November, and I’ve also reposted (below) the video segments about what Master Planning involves and why it is so important that neighborhoods go through this type of planning process from our Traffic Forum in August.  This forum discussion which included (Alex Wan - our City Council Representative and Aaron Fortner) led to our committee deciding a Master Plan was the best method for our neighborhood to build consensus in a community building setting in order to address not only traffic issues, but a diverse set of interconnected issues/concerns which neighbors continue to bring to our attention and would like to see addressed (land use, sidewalks, streetscape, walkability, open space, zoning, and urban design) 

Alex Wan segments
Part 1

Part 2

Alex Wan & Aaron Fortner segments

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

We are incredibly excited to share with you the details of the proposed Candler Park Master Plan on Monday at the January membership meeting! We hope after you all learn more about Market & Main, the proposed planning process for the neighborhood, and the potential opportunities which could come to the neighborhood as a result of us going through this process this year, you will be as excited as our committee to support the neighborhood moving forward with this process! We hope you’ll use Monday night and the weeks ahead to learn more about the proposed plan and to ask any questions you may have!

Jimmy Bligh

 Public Safety Officer - Candler Park Neighborhood Organization 

Update from Happy Ending Productions about Sweetwater 420

Jan 18 2013

Just a reminder, in case you didn't see it in the email blast, but we will not be voting on the Sweetwater 420 Festival at the January 21st meeting.  As the event won't be on the NPU-N agenda until February, we plan to take advantage of the extra time to continue to work with Happy Ending Productions and the City to help allay concerns about the event.  We plan to get an update from Jenn on Monday, January 21st and vote in February.

In addition, here is an update from Jenn Bensch at Happy Endings:

  1. We took the guidance that the member committee made at the December meeting and submitted the application in accordance with site plan and proposal A
  2. Updated signage for Traffic and Parking Plan -  attached to this post. 
  3. We have created parking spaces on the Candler Park Drive to assign the church, golf course, and those without driveways.  We will be in touch with passes and assignment of these spaces closer to the festival. Anyone without a drive way on CP Drive please contact Crystal Bryan at
  4. We have a meeting scheduled for January 25th at 10am with Councilmen Wann and Hall ,as well as members of the CPNO and MARTA.  We will send out an email after this meeting with updates on MARTA.
  5. We are looking into the doing a drivers license instead of passes for those residents in the effected street closing zones.  This is standard protocol for Piedmont Park events.  We will have a final decision by Monday nights meeting on this.

As always, please reach out with additional questions.


Steve Cardwell

President, Candler Park Neighborhood Organization

Revised Storm Water Ordinance

Jan 18 2013

From the City of Atlanta Dept of Watershed Management:

Please share the revised Storm Water Ordinance with your neighborhood association (it is attached).  Please inform your neighborhood that citizens are welcome to contact their councilmember to express opinions about the ordinance.  If there are any questions concerning the ordinance please contact Susan Rutherford at 404-546-1251.

Carjacking last night at Edgewood Shopping Center

Jan 18 2013

From APD: On 01-17-2013 at 10:23 pm, a carjacking call came up at 1255 Caroline Street. The victim  was accosted as she was exiting her parked vehicle in the parking lot of Ross Department Store. Three black males were staged up hiding behind a wall adjacent to the store. When the victim exited her vehicle to go into the trunk the one suspect, armed with a black pistol approached her and demanded her car keys and her cell phone. 

The victim stated that she tried to get back into her vehicle as the suspect pointed a handgun at her and stated “give me your car then stated give me your phone” before striking her in the face with a closed fist and pulled her out of the vehicle. The suspect got into the vehicle and backed up out of the parking space, and then the other two males jumped in and fled.

The vehicle was seen heading south on Moreland Avenue but was not located. The victim sustained a minor laceration to her lower lip, but she refused treatment The vehicle was a 2008 silver Ford Focus with a Georgia license of AZP8798

Sweetwater 420 Festival Permit

Jan 16 2013

Hello all,

Please take the time to review the permit that was provided to us by Happy Ending Productions.  They are planning on holding the Sweetwater 420 festival in Candler Park as discussed in previous posts.

Steve Cardwell

President Candler Park Neighborhood Organization

Francine Reed at Epworth for Benefit Concert

Fri, 01/25/2013 - 7:00pm
Epworth Church - 1561 McLendon Avenue

Week of Jan 20, Wrecking Bar to Give a Portion of Sales to Candler Park

Jan 4 2013

Plan a night out at the wrecking bar for CPNO week in January. See below. The Wrecking Bar is a GREAT neighbor to IP and CP. be sure to let them know you are there to support CPNO and thank them!

Neighborhood Appreciation Month
We're starting 2013 off by giving back to our neighbors. Starting the second week in January, we will dedicate a week to raising funds and awareness for a local organization. And what better way to boost friendship and generosity than with a pint of beer?

To receive a special thank you from the Wrecking Bar, let your server know that you are feasting to support your neighborhood and a portion of the sales will benefit the following organizations that service our nearby communities:
Week of Jan. 6: L5P Police Mini Precinct
Week of Jan. 13: Inman Park Neighborhood Association   
Week of Jan. 20: Candler Park Neighborhood Organization

Reports of Suspicious AT&T Solicitors on Sterling St. and Josephine St.

Jan 1 2013

From one report:

A man came to our front door on Josephine Street tonight at 6 p.m. claiming to be the new account manager for AT&T wanting to discuss new service for us. He was wearing dark blue and a jacket with a hood. He had a pull-tag "badge" and a clipboard and kept firing off questions about our internet service. He had a partner on the sidewalk. We sent a note out earlier, because it just seemed fishy, but came across this alert about similar activity in Inman Park. Seems this ploy has been working the neighborhood.

The article includes these suggestions from AT&T:

  • All reps must have an AT&T Solution Providers ID. These are authorized AT&T Solutions Providers and not AT&T employees; therefore they will NOT have an AT&T vehicle.
  • If any customer is concerned about the validity of an AT&T Solutions Provider, they should state that they are not interested and shut the door (our Solution Provider Agents are expected to be respectful, courteous, and leave the customer’s premise). If still concerned, the customer should call 1-800-288-2020 to report their concern to AT&T.

Be safe, everyone!

Candler Park Featured in Atlanta INTown

Jan 1 2013

Candler Park was showcased in this week's Atlanta INTown publication. Check out the article here.

Burglaries at the Mercantile and San Francisco Coffee in Candler Park

Jan 1 2013


Atlanta police are looking two armed burglars who broke inrto the Mercantile at 1660 DeKalb Ave. and the San Francisco Coffee outlet next door early Sunday morning.

The burglars broke in by throwing a rock through a glass plate in the window, said Janea Boyles, a co-owner of the Mercantile.

"The burglars got in without tripping the alarm," Boyles told East Atlanta Patch. "They went directly for the cash registers."

The registers were empty but they managed to break one open in the burglary, which occured at 4:52 a.m.

It was the first such incident at the specialty foods eatery in its 4½ years of operation, Boyles said.

It took them less than a minute to be in and out. One of them had a gun, which could be seen in suveillance video taken of the break in, she said.

Though it's not clear enough to give a detailed description, one the of the burglars appears to a woman, Boyles said.

"We consider ourselves lucky," she said, noting the shop was closed at the time. "I am concerned because they were carrying a handgun."

Anyone with any information is urged to call 911.