Newtown Tragedy

Dec 15 2012

From Pastor Lisa Dempsey and the Epworth UMC family

Epworth community is deeply grieved by the recent tragedy in the Newtown community.  It is so difficult to make sense of such sorrow.   We turn to media to learn details and are left even more shaken with the senselessness of such actions.  I believe that prayer is the means by which we can support this Newtown community and its families, and in our own soul's struggle to cope with this event.
The sanctuary of Epworth will be open for prayer tomorrow, Sunday, Dec. 16 at 9:30.  There will be readings made available for your personal prayer time, and candles that you may light.  Worship will begin at 10:50.  We welcome you to stay and join us.  The sermon will be changed to address this event, as well as remain mindful of our season of Advent.  Please stop in and remember these dear families who are in such pain, and give and receive the blessing of  God's accompaniment through prayer.

Proposed Mary Lin Addition and Renovation Plans

Dec 13 2012

From Mary Lin principal Brian Mitchell, as posted on his blog

Here are the proposed floor plans for the new addition and renovation. Please plan to attend a meeting on Tuesday, December 18, 6:30 to 7:30 p.m., in the auditorium to learn more about the addition and renovation projects.

The completed addition and renovation will provide us with 26 core classrooms. A core classroom is defined as a kindergarten through fifth grade classroom. Our total number of non-core classrooms is projected to be 42, which will include art, music, band, orchestra, Gifted, science lab, technology lab and Special Education.
If in fact Mary Lin would need an additional two core classrooms, these rooms could be added to the existing plans without much disruption to the proposed plans.   
There appears to be a discrepancy between our peak enrollment number. Our peak enrollment is projected to be 632 students in 2016-2017, not 780 as once reported last year. More details about this during Tuesday's meeting!
See you Tuesday evening to learn more about these exciting projects! Brian

Sweetwater Letter to Candler Park Residents

Dec 7 2012

As mentioned in my previous post, Sweetwater is planning a festival in Candler Park.  ( )

There was also another post on the website regarding some of the particulars of the event. 

As those details were from an email to the NPU-N President, I asked Sweetwater to compose a letter describing the proposed changes and options they are considering in a formal letter to our neighborhood.

I have attached that letter to this post.

I'd ask that everyone please read the letter and bring your thoughts, concerns, and questions to the meeting on Dec. 17.

As always, you can reach me at

Thanks and have a great weekend,


CPNO to consider proposed 2013 Sweetwater 420 festival plans

Dec 7 2012

Sweetwater 420 recently notified the Neighborhood Planning Unit N (NPU-N) about their plan to return the 420 festival to Candler Park in April 2013. The notification included a set of proposed changes to the event.

The City of Atlanta, specifically the Mayor's Office of Special Events (MOSE -, will ultimately decide whether to grant the event permit. Prior to that, CPNO will vote on whether to support the event; that recommendation is passed on to the NPU-N, made up of reps from a group of nearby neighborhoods. The festival organizer is required to present plans at an NPU meeting. The NPU will vote on whether to recommend the permit be approved by the city.

In the meantime, it's up to CPNO to review Sweetwater's proposed plans and determine what we want to advocate for or against as a neighborhood. In addition to our vote, we'll want to provide feedback on various details including festival hours, security, traffic management, sound levels, site plan and any other aspects of the festival that may impact our neighborhood. It is my distinct hope that our feedback will be taken seriously and influence the final submission for the permit.

CPNO members will have the opportunity to provide input regarding this festival at the December 17 and January 21 CPNO meetings, when the event organizer will be present. The permitting process does not require the event organizer to attend our meetings, but the organizer has agreed to engage us directly on this important topic.

At the January membership meeting, we will vote on whether to support the festival. I encourage everyone to attend these meetings to ensure your voice is heard and so that we end up with a result that is positive for Candler Park.

If you have additional questions or are unable to attend the membership meetings and want to provide feedback, feel free to contact me at


Steve Cardwell, President, Candler Park Neighborhood Organization

G3 Robotics at Grady High School Thank You Note and Volunteer Opportunity

Dec 6 2012

To the Members and Board of CPNO:

The students of G3 Robotics at Grady High School would like to share our sincere thanks for your support of our elementary and middle school FIRST LEGO League robotics program. Your contribution will help us promote STEM mentoring initiatives in our feeders schools and throughout the Atlanta area.

As thanks for your contribution, CPNO will be listed as a banner sponsor for our December 15th FLL qualifying tournament.  The CPNO logo will be featured on our signage and t-shirts at the event.   That day we will host 36 elementary and middle school teams, around 400 students, their coaches and parents. 

We would like to invite CPNO members to attend the tournament on December 15th and see what their contribution has helped make possible. CPNO members can also volunteer at the event as judges, referees, or general helpers.

For more information about the event or to volunteer to help out, please visit

Please consider coming out to the event and thanks again for your support!


G3 Robotics Team

Grady High School

First E community garden plots

Dec 5 2012

From Ted Pettus:

The First Existentialist Congregation invites neighbors to use our community garden plots this winter for any planting you would like to do.  Neighbors can choose a plot in our north side yard at 470 Candler Park Drive and use it free of charge from now until March 31, 2013.  Starting April 1, plots will be available for lease.  Details on prices will be available later.  You can contact Rick at 404-226-6843 for additional information.

NPU-N Report from November Meeting

Dec 4 2012

By Amy Stout

I attended the November monthly meeting of NPU-N as the CPNO representative on Thursday, November 29th.

At this meeting, we received an update from a member of the City of Atlanta’s Alcohol Technical Advisory Group II.  This committee is reviewing all existing regulations regarding alcohol sales in the City (and the enforcement thereof).  You can learn more about their work and view videos from previous meetings online at  Neighbors are strongly encouraged to become involved in the public input process if you have any concerns in this regard.  The ATAG II Board meets on the second Wednesday of every month from 6 to 8 pm in Committee Room 2 and on the third Thursday of every month from 6 to 8 pm in the City Council Chambers, both of which are located on the second floor of City Hall at 55 Trinity Avenue SW.

We learned that repairs to a deteriorating section of sidewalk adjacent to Candler Park (on the north side of McLendon Avenue, near the park entrance) should be initiated within the next month.   Repairs to broken lights are also underway within Freedom Park.  The City is also installing protective bases onto lampposts within Freedom Park in hopes of preventing theft of the copper wiring within.

There was a brief discussion about the large sculpture that was recently installed in Freedom Park at the corner of Oakdale Road and North Avenue.  I asked the representative from the City of Atlanta’s Department of Parks, Recreation, and Cultural Affairs to please relay to his superiors that there had been some discontent expressed by Candler Park residents that the neighborhood was not adequately informed or consulted about this installation.  We reviewed the minutes from the September 27, 2012 NPU-N meeting at which a Parks Department official came to inform us about the installation planned for early October.  It was noted by the Poncey Highland board representative that their neighborhood did indeed have advance notice about this project, as their representative to the Freedom Park Conservancy had informed them.  I noted that I thought CPNO had recently had a period without a representative to the Freedom Park Conservancy, so that may explain some of the lack of communication.  In any event, I suggested that it might be helpful in the future for the NPU-N board to not vote to approve such proposals until the constituent neighborhood group affected had sufficient opportunity to consider such measures at the local level.

                We were informed about the Mayor’s “Love Your Block” mini-grant program for 2013.  Community groups can request up to $1,000 for assistance with local improvement projects.  The deadline for the first round of applications is January 8, and a second round of funding is planned for April.  For more information, contact

In addition, the IAMATLANTA.ORG initiative that is behind the “Love Your Block” mini-grant program is also in search of volunteers to help tutor City of Atlanta first-, second-, and third-graders in reading.  Again, contact to offer your assistance.

The NPU-N board voted to support a variance application for 1521 McLendon Avenue, consistent with prior approval by CPNO.  The NPU-N board also voted to support the application for an outdoor festival permit for the Paideia Field Day to be held in Candler Park on Friday, March 29, 2013 from 8:30 am to 2:30 pm.

We learned that consideration of the zoning overlay legislation for the Frazer Center that is moving through the Dekalb County system was recently deferred.  The County wanted additional time to evaluate the proposal before voting.

                My suggestion that we use the 2013 funding from the City to NPU-N ($3,700) to work with the Atlanta Bicycle Coalition to install bike racks within the community was well-received.  We will seek to find locations on private properties to avoid the added hassle and cost of permitting that would be required for installing racks on the public right of way.  Please contact me at if your organization or business is interested in receiving a bike rack, or if you have good suggestions for sites to place new bike racks within the NPU.

The board briefly discussed the news that the SweetWater 420 Festival is planning to expand the footprint of the festival for 2013.  I expressed my hope that the NPU-N board would support the Candler Park Neighborhood Organization’s response to this request when the application comes before the NPU.

Inman Over-Crowding Task Force recommendation released

Nov 28 2012

A recent Inman Middle School email blast included the blurb below with a link to the task force's final report.

The Inman Capacity Task Force has completed. We would like to thank all of the members of the Task Force for committing their time, energy, focus and integrity to provide a recommendation for Inman’s capacity issue and the loyal members of the gallery and all of those that provided feedback and assistance to the task force.

Please click here for the Task Force's final report and supporting documentation.

The recommendation notes that there was "a strong consensus recommending a 6th grade academy" (vs. an 8th grade academy) and also "a strong consensus to recommend building at or near Inman."

It goes on to say that after researching locations, "There is a strong sentiment from the vast majority of task force members that the location stay as close to Inman as possible for a variety of instructional and logistical reasons.  There was nearly unanimous support for placement of the academy on the grounds of Inman Middle or on property along the Beltline near 10th and Monroe.  There were also advocates for the use of Howard."

The next step is for Superintendent Davis to make a recommendation that will then be voted on by the school board. As of early summer, our school board member, Cecily Harsch Kinnane, indicated that we could expect a decision no later than December. We are trying to confirm whether the decision will still happen by next month.

Many thanks to Jeff Shaw and Lori Van Rossem for serving as Lin's task force reps. They gave a ton of time and energy to this process, which involved lots of meetings over many months, and many differing viewpoints from people around the cluster. Please take a moment to thank them when you see them.


Zoning Committee meeting


1. Applicant seeks a variance from the zoning regulations to reduce required half depth front yard from required (17.5) feet to 15 feet.

Wed, 12/05/2012 - 7:15pm - 8:00pm
Epworth at Candler Park, 1561 McLendon Avenue, Atlanta GA 30307

Grady High School Day at Barnes & Noble in Edgewood

From Lisa Taft, Media Specialist, Grady High School:

On Sunday, December 9th, Barnes & Noble Bookstore at Edgewood Shopping Center will host a book fair to benefit the Grady High School Media Center.  Barnes & Noble will donate 10% of all in-store sales from 10am until 9 pm. The offer will also extend to online sales from December 9th through the 13th.  (In-store customers should mention Grady at the register and online customers should use the voucher code 10879203). This a great opportunity to buy that book or CD on your list and help us raise funds to improve the library collection at Grady! For more information, contact Ms. Taft at 404-802-3034 or
*Sales do not include gift cards, eReaders, digital content, or food items from the in-store Starbucks.

Sun, 12/09/2012 - 10:00am
Barnes & Noble in Edgewood Shopping Center -- 1217 Caroline St. at Moreland Ave. 30307