Candler Park Fall Fest This Weekend!

Oct 12 2012

Hello neighbors and visitors! It's finally here. Candler Park's annual festival, largest fundraiser, and showcase event for our neighborhood. We can't wait to spend the weekend with all of you! Clear your weekend plans...

We couldn't have asked for a better weather forecast – sunshine and temps in the mid to upper 70s. Mother nature is smiling on Candler Park.

Here's the 411 on Fall Fest this weekend.


Saturday, October 13, noon - 10 pm
Sunday, October 14, noon - 8 pm


The 5K starts at 10 AM on Page Ave.  Beware of rolling road blocks between 10-11 AM.  Course map is here.


Something for everyone:

  • Music (see the full line-up to the left)
  • Artists' Market (art, jewelry, woodworking, pottery - great holiday shopping)
  • Food (Yumbii, Corner Tavern, Yum Yum, The Pickle, just to name a few)
  • Kid Zone (jumpies, Lowe's kid crafts, and more)

See you there!

October Messenger

Oct 12 2012

Hey everyone, it's here!

Come Meet the Sheep October 19th from 3pm to 6pm

Oct 10 2012
The Sheep are comming October 19th!!!
Trees Atlanta has hired 100 new four-legged employees: hungry sheep!
The two legged Friends of Candler Park in the last few years have done the best we can do in the battle of pesky invasive plants such as Poisson Ivy, Kudz
u and Privet. It is now time to call in the pros. The furry Friends of Candler Park will have only one task this fall: eat and eliminate invasive plants around the nature path in the ravine (closest to the corner of Mclendon and Callan Cir.). Trees Atlanta’s education and outreach program surrounding the sheep initiative is called “Have Ewe Herd??” Trees Atlanta is often faced with extensive invasive plant removal in the green spaces where it works to preserve existing tree canopy and replant young trees (learn more about invasive plants). Typically, the non-profit citizens group uses multiple applications of herbicide to eliminate the pesky plants. Though the chemicals are applied by li...

censed professionals and used as sparingly as possible, The Friends of Candler Park constantly seeks invasive plant control methods that are more environmentally-friendly. “Sheep offer a low-impact solution for controlling invasive plants on sites that do not contain sensitive or endangered plants, as well as on steeply sloped properties,” said Trees Atlanta Forest Restoration Coordinator, Brian Williams. ” Each sheep can eat up to 150 square feet of kudzu per day.” The sheep in this program, hired from Ewe-niversally Green, are protected by a human shepherd and guard dogs. The sites are surrounded by electrified temporary fencing to keep the sheep safe and on-task while they are working. Come down and “Meet the Sheep” October 19th from 3pm to 6pm. I hope that our four legged friends will motivate you to participate in this year's second Friends of Candler Park Mulch Madness November 3 @ 9 AM. We could use your help. For updates visit Baaaaa!! Baaaaa!!

Candler Park Movie Night

Oct 5 2012
Just a reminder. We will not have a movie night this Saturday. The next movie night is Oct 27th.

ET has plenty of bars and he is phoning home. October 27th in front of the pool house. We will be showing the new HD Blue ray Steven Spielberg remastered version.

Movie night festivities start at 6:30 p.m. with the music of Mix Master Martin Steib and the feature presentation will go on around 8:00 p.m. (sunset) in front of the pool house. You will want to get there early for the best spot!

Once again, well-behaved dogs on a leash are welcome. Bring your own coolers but be aware that GLASS containers or bottles are strictly forbidden in city parks. Bring a blanket or a jacket it could get chilly.

Thanks to Park Pride/Friends of Candler Park/ Epworth Methodist. Thanks to our sponsors BOND credit union, Front Page News, Corner Tavern, Tijuana Garage, Candler Park Market, The Albert, Corner Tavern and our Presenting sponsor the Candler Park Neighborhood Organization, without whom movie night would not be possible.

Candler Park Fall Fest Needs You!

Oct 2 2012

Dear Neighbors,

We have a little less than two weeks to go until the annual Candler Park Fall Fest, October 13th and 14th. You have probably seen the signs around the neighborhood.

The festival is going to be a fantastic weekend of fun, but we still need some more volunteers in key positions. The time slots are short, but will make a huge difference to the success of this festive community event!

Please sign-up at the link below and spread the word to your friends, neighbors, co-workers and family.  All volunteers will receive a free Fall Fest t-shirt. So come have a great time at one of the most loved festivals in Atlanta - right here in our neighborhood.  This year we have a fantastic artist and musical line-up, and food trucks!  Including the Mary Lin talent show (Linapalooza), and Yacht Rock headlining Saturday night!

Volunteers do not need to be Candler Park residents, and you may sign-up for one or more slots.

Please contact Anne Steib with any volunteer questions,

Thank you!!

Anne Steib & Anna Coan
Volunteer Coordinators

BiRacial History Project Continues Partnership with Mary Lin & Candler Park

Sep 30 2012

The Early Edgewood-Candler Park BiRacial History Project is seeking a Community Partnership grant from the Georgia Humanities Council to help organize the History Project’s research materials and educational tools into an accessible, user-friendly collection for school and community use. This Local History Collection will be housed in a special area of the Media Center at the Mary Lin Elementary School for use in school and by the community. Under the guidance of Mary Lin’s Principal and Media Center Director, the Collection will be available to students, teachers and staff, families, neighbors and researchers. The Collection will support Lin’s local history curriculum and encourage multigenerational neighborhood interest.

The History Project is requesting a grant of $499. from the Candler Park Neighborhood Organization, as matching support toward the organization and installation of this Local History Collection at Mary Lin School during the 2012-2013 school year.

In 2009, CPNO made a generous contribution toward the fabrication of two educational Legacy Markers now in the Park – introducing the history of the Edgewood Evening Star Lodge and the Rose Hill Community of African American residents.

We invite CPNO to re-engage with us to continue its support for this local research and community-based education collaboration - along with other dedicated community partners at Mary Lin Elementary School, the Antioch East Baptist Church, First Existentialist Congregation, and individuals - in the creation of a Local History Collection and Learning Corner in the Mary Lin Media Center, accessible to the community-at-large.

Respectfully submitted by Edith Kelman, Candler Park
Early Edgewood-Candler Park BiRacial History Project Manager

Candler Park Fall Fest 2012

Sep 27 2012

Fall Fest 2012 is around the corner, just a few short weeks away! Please like the Fall Fest Facebook page.

Go here for the latest about the musical acts. And find out about all the awesome plans for the kid zone here.

Looking for general info about all the art, food and tunes at this year's Fall Fest? Look no further.

And last but certainly not least, we need volunteers! Please volunteer some of your time for CPNO's largest annual fundraiser! All volunteers will get a t-shirt and a pat on the back. Sign up here.

Inman Capacity Task Force Report

Sep 21 2012

From Mary Lin task force reps Lori Van Rossem and Jeff Shaw:

Inman Task Force Report
September 18, 2012
            Superintendent Erroll Davis attended the meeting to clarify what he is looking for from the task force.  He started by stating that Inman middle school is not large enough to hold grades 6-8 for the entire Grady cluster population, which he and APS knew was left unresolved from last year’s redistricting process.  He therefore had asked school board member Cecily Harsch-Kinnane to help organize the Inman task force to address this unresolved issue.
Mr. Davis said that he had originally had three questions that he wanted the task force to address, but that the first question was already answered.  The first question was whether the Inman building could hold two grades of the entire Grady cluster middle school population, and the answer to that question is yes, that he and APS believe that Inman can hold two grades through a reasonable planning horizon, which he explained was through approximately the year 2020-21.  He did acknowledge that Inman could become tight, or close to full capacity within 7-8 years, based on its planning capacity of 875 students, but that he was confident that Inman would be fine holding two grades for at least 7-8 years.
            That leaves two unresolved questions in Mr. Davis’ mind on which he would like input from the task force.  These two questions are:
            1.  Whether there should be a 6th grade or an 8th grade academy.  Mr. Davis stated that he has decided to move forward with a single grade academy (much like he has done in the North Atlanta cluster), and would like input from the task force on whether this should be a 6th grade or an 8th grade academy.  He would also like input from the task force on what the academy should look like, including issues such as whether it should be a separate stand-alone school with its own principal, or an annex; as well as guidance on other areas of concern such as parental involvement, transportation, sports, and other extracurricular activities.
2.  Where the 6th or 8th grade academy should be located.  Mr. Davis noted that APS has two properties available, the Howard building and the old Walden middle school, but noted that both of these might be costly to renovate, and did not necessarily limit the task force to considering only these two sites.  Mr. Davis indicated that approximately $25 to $30 million from SPOST IV might be available for such a project, and seemed open to the possibility of acquiring or purchasing land if necessary.       
Mr. Davis asked the task force to focus on these 2 questions.  He stated that he does not need consensus or a vote.  In answering a question from a taskforce member, he stated that the educational program will not change for either the 6th grade or 8th grade.  Another task force member asked whether his decision would be vetted by the Board and he stated that depending on what he decides, the decision could go before the BoE for a vote, but not necessarily.
Mr. Davis did comment that the single grade academy approach lends itself to greater flexibility in the future, such that a single grade school good be converted to a second middle school (for grades 6-8), or to an 8-9 school (grades 8-9) which could help address over-crowding at Grady HS should that be necessary in the future.  He said that such possible conversions or changes could be addressed in 5 to 7 years when enrollment numbers are clearer.  He further commented that if the 6th or 8th grade academy were more likely to evolve into 2 middle schools in the future, then it should be sited further away from Inman; but if it were more likely to evolve into an 8-9 school or something to address potential over-crowding at Grady, then it should be located closer to Grady.
            The Superintendent then turned the meeting over to James Wilson, an education consultant and facilitator.  Mr. Wilson’s credentials are posted on the APS website (the link is available at the end of this report).
            Mr. Wilson reiterated the Superintendent’s 2 questions and requested comments from Inman Principal Paula Herrema.  She stated that a 6 Academy could work because the sixth grade is already academically separated and for various reasons it feels more doable.  She also stated that they are looking for ways to expand learning for the 8th grade and that 8th grade leans toward high school.  She also stated that APS sports start in 7th grade, and are for grades 7-8.  Mr. Wilson stated that the goal in middle school is to keep the grades separated and therefore an Academy model makes sense.  In responding to a taskforce question about the 52% graduation rate for APS high schools, Mr. Wilson stated that the way to change that was to drill down to the individual classroom and in teaming, but that based on his experience the building configuration or size of grade levels did not affect academic performance.
            The Lin representatives stated that a 6th academy makes more sense, because it would create the least amount of change for the students and teachers, because it is more common and is already being done in other school districts, since the 6th graders at Inman are already academically separated, and because 6th graders can’t play sports (middle school sports are for grades 7-8).  The Lin representatives also noted that if the 6 Academy were built and sited intelligently, it could provide the most flexibility to address potential overcrowding at Grady because the 6 Academy could become a 6/7 Academy and Inman could become a 8/9 Academy, or whatever configuration becomes needed in the future.
            The taskforce went on to ask questions similar to the ones already posed to APS.
            Mr. Wilson adjourned the meeting reiterating the 2 questions from the Superintendent and charging the taskforce members to seek input from their communities on these issues.
            The full minutes of all task force meetings and handouts are posted on the APS website at
            Finally, we are asking for your comments and thoughts regarding the Superintendent’s charge.  What configuration would give us the most flexibility for the future? And where should it be located?  To the extent possible, our goal is that whatever solution the Lin Community supports, this solution will put an end to conversation about redistricting Lin out of the Grady Cluster and 2 middle school option for at least the next 7 to 10 years.
You can email both Jeff Shaw and Lori van Rossem at  We will take your comments to the taskforce for consideration.

Candler Park Movie Night: Dolphin Tale

This Saturday, September 22 will be a Candler Park Movie Night featuring the movie A Dolphin Tale. The film is inspired by the true story of Winter, a bottlenose dolphin that was rescued off the coast of Florida after losing part of his tail and being fitted with a prosthetic one.

We are excited to have neighbor Don Bender joining us for our pre-movie festivities.  He and the DOLPHIN PROJECT have developed a powerpoint program featuring photography, graphics, sounds and videos to educate the public about the wild estuarine Bottlenose dolphins. The program focuses on dolphin anatomy, habits, behaviors, threats and research. The production also includes information about the environment which humans and dolphins share and how we can help protect it. More info at

So come down to Candler Park in front of the pool house, have dinner (we'll have a food truck!), and see a great movie with your neighbors.  This is all in addition to the usual music kids dancing hula hooping mania that typically starts off movie night in Candler Park.

Festivities start at 7:00 and the feature presentation will go on around 8:00 (sunset) in front of the pool house. You will want to get there early for the best spot!

Well-behaved dogs on a leash are welcome. Bring your own coolers but be aware that glass containers or bottles are strictly forbidden in city parks.  

Thanks to Park Pride/Friends of Candler Park/ Epworth Methodist/ Clifton House. Thanks to our sponsors BOND credit union, Front Page News, Corner Tavern, Tijuana Garage, Candler Park Market, The Albert, Corner Tavern and our Presenting sponsor the Candler Park Neighborhood Organization, without whom movie night would not be possible.  

Sat, 09/22/2012 - 7:00pm
Candler Park (1561 McLendon Ave NE Atlanta, GA 30307)

Atlanta Streets Alive

On Sunday October 7th, 2012, Atlanta Streets Alive will return to North Highland Avenue for four hours — from 2pm-6pm.

Two miles of North Highland plus one mile of Virginia Avenue plus just about two miles of the brand new Atlanta BeltLine Eastside Trail means we will have almost FIVE miles of car-free community space to ride, walk, play, dance and rock and roll.

Look for activities all along the route including local acoustic musicians, a capella groups, marching bands, alongside classes such as salsa dancing, yoga, zumba and thousands of people out riding their bikes.

More info here.

Sun, 10/07/2012 - 2:00pm - 6:00pm
Two miles of North Highland (Glen Iris to Virginia Ave) + one mile of Virginia Ave + two miles of the BeltLine Eastside Trail