Local Projects from the Transportation Tax

Jul 14 2012

While many people know the Transportation Investment Act is region-wide, there are also plenty of local projects that will impact us right here in Candler Park. From syncing up traffic lights on Edgewood to creating turn lanes and bike lanes on DeKalb Avenue, we'll see transportation improvements that impact our daily commutes.

Below are two documents that point to specific projects in NPU-N - one is a list of prioritized projects while the other is a map showing where the changes will be made. Remember, all of the projects come from previously created plans that involved local community and business input including the Ponce/Moreland Avenue Corridor Study, the DeKalb Avenue Corridor Study, the Connect Atlanta Plan and the Comprehensive Development Plan. Each of these has been approved by CPNO in prior years.

Funding Request for Inman Middle School Technology - CPNO Vote on Monday

Jul 13 2012

Below is a description of a $1,500 funding request for the Inman Technology Foundation. The funds would go toward filling the gap in classroom technology in the new Inman Middle School trailers. Specifically, the money would be used to purchase Promethean boards, LCD projectors, mounting equipment and related items. These are the items that the Inman MS principal says are needed, and APS does not have the budget for them. The goal is to have the equipment in place when school opens on August 6.

This is a cross-cluster initiative; all the neighborhoods in the cluster have been asked to contribute toward the $12,610 total. If every neighborhood contributed equally, it would be $1,100 each. Since some neighborhoods do not have funds, we have been asked to contribute $1,500.

More information is below. There will be a vote at this Monday's CPNO membership meeting, and the CPNO Board has voted in favor of supporting this request.


From: Jack White & Nicole Foerschler Horn, Virginia Highland Civic Association

To the Grady Cluster Neighborhoods:

As you know, Atlanta Public Schools made the decision to install trailers at Inman Middle School as an interim response to immediate overcrowding.  While a task force has been set up to look at long-term solutions, the current middle-schoolers still need to have adequate equipment and support to ensure that excellent learning is achieved during this transition period.

Principal Herrema and the staff of Inman Middle School are working very hard to get Inman Middle ready to welcome and educate all of our children by August 6th.  There’s a part of this that we can all help with.

To bring the trailer classrooms on par with the building’s, all the trailers must be outfitted with Mimio Teach Units, LCD projectors, and related items.  Mounting equipment must be supplied as well.

At this critical budget time, these items are not in the APS budget (nor were the existing ones, for that matter), and as we know, their procurement process is lengthy and involved.  The Inman PTA made a generous donation of $5000 to get the process started. The total cost of all the remaining necessary equipment and installation is $12,610.  (We are attaching the quotes for reference). 

We are asking that every neighborhood that sends its children to Inman Middle School contribute funds to this project.  There are over a dozen neighborhoods – listed below - that are part of the Grady Cluster.  We are asking that each neighborhood contribute $1100 to meet this need.

We know that this is a hardship for some communities and organizations, and any amount will be greatly appreciated.  Private donations will be gratefully accepted, of course!

Mrs. Herrema needs to place this order very soon to get all the equipment installed and tested prior to the first day of school.   At the June 27th cluster meeting at Inman Middle School, this issue was discussed with several neighborhoods and they pledged support, but obviously not every neighborhood organization was there.  Please let us know what you can do and by what date.  Some groups may have fiscal year procedures that restrict their donating for a period of time. If that’s the case, please share that information too.

The Inman Technology Foundation – founded in fall of 2005 by a group of parents to facilitate the purchase of the first round of Promethean boards at the school - will be the recipient of the funds for this endeavor.

Let’s make this happen for Principal Herrema and her incredible staff at Inman Middle School.  All during the rezoning process, Principal Herrema was a calm, optimistic voice that assured all worried parents that Inman Middle was ready to face whatever challenges would come as a result of the final decision. Helping with this purchase will take a tremendous burden off her shoulders.  We hope it will be the first of many initiatives that we can all work on together.

July Messenger

Jul 13 2012

It's here!

Mary Lin Get-Together at Mary Lin Playground


Friday, August 3rd at 9 a.m. (before open house) at the ML playground and/or on Saturday, August 4th at 10 a.m. at Candler Park playground. It's not a drop-off playdate, but a great time for ML families to meet and greet before school starts. Please bring your own snacks/drinks/sunscreen! See you there. Contact valerie.sanders@sutherland.com with questions.

Fri, 08/03/2012 - 9:00am
Mary Lin playground

Occupy Mulberry Fields - This Saturday - With King of Pops!

Jul 9 2012

From Jesse Bathrick:

Exciting news -- The King of Pops will be in the garden for this Saturday's event from 5:30 - 8:30 pm. Tell everyone, bring your children, grand children, neighbors' children, family, preschool class, yoga class, chorus, dance group, arty friends, book group, congregation, co-workers, employees, grandmother, FaceBook friends. Bring 'em all!

Event details are below. Hope to see you all there!


Occupy Mulberry Fields! Bastille Day
July 14  5:30--midnight
2012 Fundraising Event, Potluck and Party
Friends and Neighbors...
Only one week till we party in Mulberry Fields Garden (1301 Iverson, through the gate, down the dirt road)

Put this on your calendar:
Rock to the sounds of the wonderful band Webster
We have a Keg and water  Yeah!!
We have Clowns,Storytellers, Bubbles Hula Hoops Yeah!!!
We have Bocchi Yeah!!
We have goats and chickens YEAH!!!
We have a mister to stay cool YEAH!!!

Please Bring a dish to share and /or drinks
Please donate now at our paypal site or plan to donate at the party

Become a Friend of the Garden 2012 with your donation at any level

LADYBUG  $25-$49
SUNFLOWER  $50-$74

DONATE NOW     mulberryforever@blogspot.com
Thanks to last year's successful benefit concert and fund drive Mulberry Fields has taken a great leap forward in the past year,expanding our growing space and gardeners, getting our own irrigation meter and line and investing in a Mosquito free environment for 2012.
This year's event will be in the garden with entertainment, activities, a potluck and of course the lighting of our fire sculpture, the beloved Chik a Billy the goat headed chicken..(if you haven't seen this it is pure spectacle)
We will provide a keg. Please bring food and drink to share.

DONATE NOW mulberryforever@blogspot.com
Checks can be made out to Mulberry Fields and sent to 1307 Iverson Street

“Church in the Park” 2012: First E & Antioch East Fellowship Together

Jul 2 2012

From Edi Kelman:

Sunday May 20 was a splendid early summer afternoon for the First E family to share fellowship with friends in history, the Antioch East Baptist Church of Edgewood – 1920 builders of their common sanctuary, the Old Stone Church. 

At this Second Annual “Church in the Park” celebration in Candler Park, more than 100 folks of all ages shared good will and appreciation for the return of 137-year-old Antioch to the 19th century-grounds of its founding families. 

Two Antioch Elders and former Candler Park residents were honored and awarded plaques: Mother Catherine Seals, who turns 100 in August, and Deacon Ralph Latimore of 82-years, born here among his pioneering family of three generations.

A full-bus tour to the BiRacial History Project sites featured a stop at the new Commemorative Bench at 420 Oakdale Road, where early neighborhood residents posed with their descendants, in memory and honor of Antioch’s First Church Site there from 1877 to 1916.

Submitted by Edith Kelman, BiRacial History Project Manager

Photo caption: Antioch East Baptist Church early-Candler Park resident families & descendents gather at the 420 Oakdale Road Commemorative Bench - marking Antioch's first church site from 1877 - 1916, when the sanctuary burned to the ground.

Candler Park Pool Open Today - Sunday, July 1

Jul 1 2012

The City has notified us that, while the Candler Park Pool is typically closed on Sundays, it will be open today (Sunday, July 1) due to the heat. Keep cool, everyone!

Oakdale/McLendon Update

Jun 28 2012

I wanted to give a quick update about the newly formed committee which was created during June's CPNO membership meeting. Our committee was tasked with examining the traffic and safety issues surrounding the intersection at Oakdale/McLendon and presenting to the neighborhood a recommendation of how we feel is the best way to partner with the city to develop a solution that addresses all of the concerns of the neighborhood.

This past week the city had added a proposal of adding 'no parking' signs along Oakdale Road to be discussed at June's NPU meeting. However, after discussing the matter with city officials, the city agreed to postpone a discussion at the NPU level until after the neighborhood and city officials had a chance to meet and discuss the issue and determine how we would like to proceed to find a solution.

Over the course of the next few weeks, our committee plans to engage with city officials and schedule a public meeting with the neighborhood to discuss the issues surrounding this intersection. At the end of this process, it is our committee's intent to form a united neighborhood position on the issues which face the Oakdale-McLendon intersection and come to an agreement with the neighborhood and city of how we would like to proceed in order to develop a solution that addresses the traffic and safety concerns of the neighborhood regarding that intersection.

If anyone is interested in learning more about our committee or would like to discuss the intersection further please feel free to contact me,

Jimmy Bligh
Public Safety Officer  

Public Forum on City of Atlanta Sidewalk Maintenance

From the peds.org web site:

Please participate in our upcoming public forum on the City of Atlanta’s sidewalk maintenance program:

Tuesday, July 17, 2012, 6:30 pm – 8 pm

Old Council Chambers, Atlanta City Hall, 55 Trinity Avenue, Atlanta

Atlanta City Council President Ceasar Mitchell, Councilman Michael Julian Bond and Public Works Commissioner Richard Mendoza will participate in a panel discussion moderated by PEDS President & CEO Sally Flocks. We’ll include time for questions from the audience.

Your presence will let City Council members know that voters want the City to make sidewalk maintenance a priority.

People attending the Atlanta Streets Alive event last month showed their support for safer sidewalks by creating a petition composed of 180 signed footprints.

A week later, volunteers helped us present the banner at an Atlanta City Council meeting.

Help keep up the momentum for policy change that enables the City to address the estimated $152 million backlog of broken sidewalks and missing or broken curb ramps. Please participate in the forum and ask your friends and neighbors to do so as well.

Tue, 07/17/2012 - 6:30pm
Old Council Chambers, Atlanta City Hall, 55 Trinity Avenue, Atlanta

Sidewalk Clean-up in Candler Park

Jun 21 2012

CPNO is sponsoring a Candler Park sidewalk clean-up project on two main thoroughfares through our neighborhood -- Oakdale Rd and McLendon Ave. The goal is to make the sidewalks safer and more walkable, and to make Candler Park an even better place to live.

CPNO membership voted to fund this project at the last meeting, so we now have the green light to move forward. We will hire a licensed lawn service to do the following - all at NO COST to homeowners!

  • remove leaves and debris from the sidewalk surface
  • trim back hedges monkey grass, ivy an other overgrowth that encroaches on the sidewalk
  • edge both sides of the sidwalk
  • weed-whack the grassy strip
  • bag and haul away the refuse
  • remove a handful of large stumps

Before we can schedule the work, we will solicit written permission from each homeowner on Oakdale and McLendon. We need volunteers to help with this.

***To sign up for a stretch of sidewalk, click here.***

We appreciate your help!