Inman Middle Local School Council Meeting

The Inman LSC meeting for May will be held on Monday, May 14. We will be discussing, among other items, the expansion of the LSC parent representatives in order to be more representative of our new Inman community.

The meeting will be held at 4:30 in the Media Center. The public is welcome to attend.

Mon, 05/14/2012 - 4:30pm
Inman Middle School - 774 Virginia Avenue, Atlanta, GA 30306 - in the Media Center

Candler Park Professional Networking Group - First Meeting!

From Gigi Miller:

Top 5 Reasons To Attend Candler Park's Professional Networking Group:

  1. Meet new business contacts
  2. Develop new working partners
  3. Share important ideas and resources
  4. Connect with your neighbors
  5. Keep it local

Who is this for?

Must be a business professional residing in Candler Park


Our first official meeting will be Tuesday, June 12, 7:00 pm at Dr. Bombay's

  • Meetings will be informal gatherings at local establishments
  • Meetings will be scheduled every other month unless otherwise requested by the group
  • Meetings will be scheduled at a time that best meets the needs of the group


There will be no fee to belong to the group.  However, any food or drink purchased during the meetings will be the member’s responsibility.


Please contact Gigi K. Miller to reserve your spot.
Phone:  404.274.1930

We look forward to seeing you on June 12!

Tue, 06/12/2012 - 7:00pm
Dr. Bombay's Underwater Tea Party, 1645 McLendon Ave. in Candler Park

Attempted Abductions In Edgewood

May 2 2012

From CBS Atlanta News. Note that these incidents took place in Edgewood, just a couple of blocks south of Dekalb Ave - in other words, very close to Candler Park. Be safe, everyone!


Two women escape attempted abductions in southeast Atlanta

May 2, 2012 7:24 a.m.
story image

Jocelyn Connell/CBS Atlanta

ATLANTA (CBS ATLANTA) - Atlanta police are looking for a man who kidnapped a woman Wednesday morning and attempted to kidnap a second woman, just minutes later.

Both incidents happened around the Moreland Avenue area in Southeast Atlanta.

The first attack took place at 2:30 a.m. in the 100-block of Mayson Avenue. Two women were sitting on the front porch when they noticed a man walking back-and-forth. Suddenly, he ran up onto their porch and grabbed one of the women by the arm. He indicated he had a gun and then managed to drag her up the street into the trunk of his car. She kicked her way out of the vehicle while it was going down the road, suffering only a few cuts and bruises.

Thirty minutes later, only a few blocks away in the 1100 block of Hawthorne Street, police say the man attacked again.

He tried to grab a woman walking down the sidewalk. She screamed and hit the man, and a neighbor came outside. That's when the attacker ran away.

Atlanta Police believe both attacks are related since they happened in the same area, just minutes apart.

Police also said the man is dangerous.

"Both of the attempts took place within 30 minutes of one another, so that basically tells us he's determined to succeed in this action," said Captain Adam Lee III, spokesperson for the Atlanta Police Department.

Lee said they are looking for a black male in his 20's, 5'8" with a slim build, short dreadlocks, and wearing a blue hoodie. He was driving a dark colored sedan.

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Mary Lin Pack 586 Cub Scout Pinewood Derby

May 1 2012

From Walt Weimar:

A fun St. Patrick's Day of youth craftsmanship and competitive spirit was marked by Mary Lin Elementary's annual Pack 586 Cub Scout Pinewood Derby, held on Saturday March 17th at Epworth United Methodist Church's Fellowship Hall.

After carefully weighing and measuring each car per official Cub Scout derby specifications, all 32 scouts and their parents cheered their favorite entries, while adult volunteers and den leaders helped ensure each participant experienced the thrill of racing their handmade wooden cars, which run over a state-of-the-art aluminum track four abreast toward electronic sensors that score each trial.

As in previous years, results were closely observed during each race.  The first contestants to crown a winner were the Tiger Cub (1st grade) den, whose finalists were Aidan McCarthy (1st place), William Sanders (2nd place), and Wesley Urda (3rd place), with superb additional competition by Dean Barry.

During Wolf Cub (2nd grade) competition, Sam Coan emerged as winner, with Cal Owenby in 2nd place, and Mark McClain in 3rd place.  Also competing enthusiastically with their cars were James King, Lawson Crutcher, Peter Thrasher and Carter Twomey.

A vigorous Bear Cub (3rd grade) contest resulted in Josh Johnson taking the prize, while Russell Kirkland finished 2nd, followed by Sam Castano in 3rd place.  Also racing well were cars prepared by Wolfgang Byrne, Zane McKinney, Will McEntee, Benton Shevlin and George Lefkowicz.

On the "senior circuit", the younger Webelos I (4th grade) den winner was Charlie Robinson, while 2nd place was awarded to Jay Skach, and 3rd place to Neil Barry.  Cars by Theo Weimar and Jesse Garcia also represented their den well.

Finally, the much-anticipated Webelos II (5th grade) den's race was won by Chip Miller, with Harry Rowe taking 2nd place, and Jack Dwyer garnering a 3rd place finish.  Excellent cars entered by Xander Menor, Henry Lefkowicz, Robert Brunet, Ben Samuels and Jack Persons ensured a close race to the finish.

The highlight of this year's pack event was again the much-anticipated final heat between each den's top winner.  Although all of the cars were exceptionally fast, surprising many observers was newcomer Sam Coan of the Wolf Cubs as the overall Pack winner, with 2nd place awarded to Chip Miller of Webelos II, and 3rd place won by Josh Johnson of Bear Cubs.  The always-popular "Coolest Car" competition was also a close affair, with the most enthusiastic cheers for winner Henry Lefkowicz of Webelos II den, followed by Sam Castano's Bear Cub entry in 2nd place, and Lawson Crutcher's Wolf Cub car design taking 3rd place.

Mary Lin's Pack 586 Cub Scouts have been led for several years by Cubmaster Gus Persons, with assistance from current den leaders Ainsley Platt (Wolf), James Johnson (Bear) and Walt Weimar (Webelos I), and support from East Atlanta District's Hassan Rafig (whose wife Mary has served as Tiger Cub leader), as well as Mary Lin Elementary principal Dr. Brian Mitchell, and Atlanta Area Council's District Executive Brandon Dobbins.

A traditional year-end Blue and Gold Banquet will be held by the entire pack on Saturday, May 19th at Epworth, recognizing the Webelos II scouts who will "cross over" to Boy Scouts, along with rank advancement and other achievements of over 50 boys who participated in this year's Cub Scout program at Mary Lin Elementary.

For more information on Cub Scouting at Mary Lin Elementary and surrounding neighborhoods, or to learn the many ways in which adult volunteers can provide support for this important youth mentoring program, please contact den leaders James Johnson at 404-525-4835, Walt Weimar at 678-361-4792, Ainsley Platt at 404-687-8987, or by calling the Atlanta Area Council at 770-989-8820.

Photo credit: James & Kelly Crutcher. See all photos here.

NPU-N Annual Bylaw Affirmation

May 1 2012

The City of Atlanta is divided in to 25 Neighborhood Planning Units, each comprised of a half-dozen or so neighborhoods. These groups (NPUs) were created to give us a voice in City planning. Our NPU is called NPU-N and we sent a delegate (currently Lauren Welsh) to the NPU-N meeting each month to represent Candler Park.

NPU-N is governed by a set of bylaws created by the members of the NPU. Each year, we are required to review the NPU-N bylaws and vote on whether or not to affirm them. This vote will take place at our upcoming membership meeting on May 21st. Ballots will be available when you arrive and can be returned at any time during the meeting. Please take a minute to review the NPU bylaws which can found here.

Public Safety Meeting w/ Major Meadows (APD)- Wed, May 16th at 7pm at First Epworth Church

Apr 30 2012

Due to an increase in disturbing public safety issues, I reached out to our Atlanta Police Department Zone 6 Commander, Major Meadows, and invited him to meet with concerned neighbors. The goal is to learn what we can do to partner with the police department and make Candler Park a safer place to live.

The meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, May 16th at 7pm at Epworth Church (1561 McLendon). Major Meadows has confirmed that he will be attending the meeting along with Sgt. Stephens, the evening watch officer for neighborhood.

NPU-N April Meeting Notes

Apr 30 2012

From NPU Rep Lauren Welsh

NPU-N Meeting Notes

April 26, 2012

Public Reports

Major Keith Meadows reported that APD have identified the 2 perpetrators who are potentially linked a robbery at Zesto’s, one in Edgewood and the most recent pedestrian robbery in Candler Park at the corner of McLendon and Sterling. There was a rise in car break-ins during festivals, so the department continues to promote the Clean Car Campaign to encourage people to not leave anything in their cars that might encourage break-ins.

A MARTA officer reported that thieves snatching electronic devices on the train is still the main problem. He encouraged riders to keep their belongings very close to them and be aware of their surroundings, particularly when the doors are opening and closing.

The Parks department reported that the Candler Park Pool will be open May 26 and will stay open until the first week of October. The city pools are also under new management with USA Pools. Camp Best Friends is open for registration again this year and has proven to be very successful.

Department of Watershed reported that we are entering a serious drought and outdoor watering restrictions are in place. In addition, the Mayor has challenged citizens to cut their water and energy consumption by 20%.

A representative from Chairman Eaves of Fulton County’s office introduced herself. She can be reached at

A representative from the Atlanta Alcohol Technical Advisory Group (ATAG) II reported that the group is working with the city to review all costs and legislation around alcohol licenses. The annual revenue for alcohol licenses for the city is $7 million.

Board of Zoning Adjustment:

--The NPU Board unanimously approved an applicant at 1742 McLendon Avenue seeking a variance from the zoning ordinance to reduce the required front yard setback from 35 ft. to 29.1 ft. and to reduce the half-depth yard setback from 17.5 ft to 13.9 ft. to make a second story addition to an existing single-family swelling.

--The NPU Board unanimously approved an applicant at1019 Manigault Street seeking a variance from the zoning ordinance to reduce the rear yard setback from 7 ft. to .5 ft., and the ½-depth front yard setback from 15 ft. to 0 ft. for a detached carport and roof covered patio addition. Applicant also seeks a special exception to allow for a 6 ft. 4 in. wall (privacy fence), where otherwise only a 4 ft. fence is allowed.

--The NPU Board unanimously approved an applicant at 460 Claire Drive NE seeking a variance from the zoning ordinance to reduce the required north side yard setback from 7 ft. to 2.9 ft. in order to make a 2nd story addition to a single family dwelling.

Special Events/Outdoor Festivals

·      African Carnival – June 30 – NPU Board deferred.

·      Clips of Faith – September 14 – NPU Board voted to approve.

Chair’s Report

·      Grant Funding for projects – street toppers for street signs in NPU-N neighborhoods is underway.

·      Annual By-Laws will be voted on in May or June. No changes have been made.

Next NPU Meeting: May 24, 2012

Zoning Committee meeting


1. 350 Ferguson St. Applicant seeks a variance from zoning regulations to reduce the north side yard setback from 7ft. (required) to 3ft. to allow for a detached carport addition to an existing single-family house.

All Zoning Committee meetings are open to the public. For more information, please conact Mischa Uppelschoten

Thu, 05/10/2012 - 7:00pm - 8:00pm
Epworth at Candler Park, 1561 McLendon Avenue, Atlanta GA 30307

Vote for The Wrecking Bar as Best Brewpub in America

Apr 25 2012

Help out our neighboring pub! Vote here.


Bylaw Change Proposed

Apr 23 2012

We are considering a change to our bylaws to address how contracts are managed by the organization. We'll be discussing and voting on this change at our upcoming membership meeting in May. Prior to that meeting, please address any questions about this amendment to

The proposed change (all new language underlined, removed language crossed through):


ARTICLE VII, Section 1(a)

Fall Festival Committee. There shall be a fall festival committee which shall be responsible for the annual neighborhood festival, including the tour of homes and the fall 5K road race. The board of directors shall appoint the chair and a treasurer of the fall festival committee, and the chair shall appoint such other members of the committee as he or she deems necessary. The chair of the fall festival committee shall have the authority to execute contracts and other legal instruments on behalf of the neighborhood organization without prior approval provided that such contracts and other instruments relate solely to the responsibilities of the fall festival committee and that no single contract or other instrument exceeds $25,000.00 in total value. The chair of the fall festival committee shall present a budget, project plan, and resource plan to the board of directors no later than 150 days before the festival and make a report on each monthly. The treasurer of the fall festival committee shall have the authority to make disbursements from such funds or accounts as the board of directors shall direct but shall do so only as the neighborhood organization or the fall festival committee shall direct in accordance with the approved budget. The treasurer of the fall festival committee shall deposit all receipts as the board of directors shall direct. The treasurer of the fall festival committee shall keep a full and accurate account of all receipts and disbursements in books belonging to the neighborhood organization and shall make a full financial report to the neighborhood organization no later than the regular meeting in December.



The President shall designate two current officers to review each contract into which the neighborhood organization contemplates entering. No officer shall have the authority to execute a contract, and no contract shall be valid or enforceable against the neighborhood organization, unless and until the terms of such contract shall have been reviewed and approved by both designated officers prior to the execution thereof, with such approval evidenced in writing or by electronic transmission. In the event that the two designated officers do not agree either to approve or reject the contract during the review process, the President may elect to review and approve or reject such contract. Subject to any further conditions set forth in these bylaws and upon the approval by the two designated officers or the President and one designated officer, the execution of such contract by an officer shall be deemed authorized, approved and ratified by the board of directors and no additional action or approval shall be necessary.