First Existentialist Church Requests Funds from CPNO

Jan 5 2012

Note: Please see information below; the First Existentialist Church is requesting a $4,000 grant from CPNO. We will be voting on this request at the Monday, January 16 membership meeting.


A grant to fund accessibility at First E.

Jonathon A. Nye and Shelby Smith

The First Existentialist Congregation of Atlanta (First E) is asking the Candler Park Neighborhood Organization (CPNO) for $4,000 in matching funds to dismantle the existing wooden access ramp and install a mechanical lift for our disabled and less-abled members, visitors and patrons. First E is an independent member of the Unitarian Universalist Association founded in 1976 by Rev. Lanier Clance. From 1980 to the present, First E has occupied the historic Old Stone Church in Chandler Park, a granite stone building built by the African American community of the Antioch East Baptist Church from 1918-1922. The sanctuary's entrance is 10ft in vertical elevation from the street and accessed by a set of stairs or wooden ramp located on the north face of the building. The ramp was built by congregants/volunteers in 1985 and is showing significant signs of functional and structural wear. In addition, the ramp is causing degradation of the stone mortar adjacent to the structure because of trapped moisture. Because of its age, the ramp does not meet current Title III Public Accommodation Standards of the American Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990. Therefore upgrading the ramp would require it to be completely rebuilt. First E is planning to replace the wooden ramp with a mechanical lift.

First E has 65 members, of which two use wheel chairs including one of our ministers, and over 10% are less-abled and prefer alternative access other than stairs. However, congregant use is a small percentage (~20%) of the overall building purpose. First E provides its sanctuary and outdoor green space to the Candler Park community for special events including festivals, social justice rallies/demonstrations, fundraisers, ceremonies, and weddings (20%). Community patronage comprises the additional building usage including the CPNO meetings, theater, musical events, after school children's daycare/educational programs and our new community garden (60%). Many of these events keep the ramp in continuous use, whether it's for those that are physically restricted or for moving large items to and from the building. A new lift will allow congregants and the Candler Park community to utilize the First E sanctuary with the same expectations of access as currently enabled with the wooden ramp.

First E's role in the Candler Park community has always been a reflection of one of its core principles: providing a safe space for socially and economically disenfranchised individuals and groups. We expect the long-term success of this project to enable us to continue our social justice activism without access barriers. Our work has a long and rich history with the neighborhood and included providing space for Circle of Healing (making a nurturing home for people with AIDS), Road Busters (a neighborhood preservation group), Zami (African-American lesbian writers), Latino Lesbian and Gay Association, National Organization of Women (NOW). We have co-sponsored events and benefits such as Men Stopping Violence, Charis Circle, ACLU, Rainbow Poetry Collective and many, many more.  

This year, First E has participated in the anti-death penalty movement (particularly surrounding the Troy Davis trial), the Georgia Immigrant and Refugee Rights Coalition (First E has signed on as a "safe sanctuary" for immigrants unlawfully targeted by GA HB-87), LGBT awareness through our Third Friday Night Film series and assisting queer homeless youth by delivering survival supplies to Saint Lost and Found.

First E is proud of it role in the Candler Park community and maintaining its diverse neighborhood function involves eliminating physical barriers to its space. The leaders of the Congregation are dedicated to being responsible stewards when making improvements of this extensive nature. A new lift will be a less obtrusive, less costly and an ADA sanctioned solution compared to rebuilding our current ramp. It will enable First E to continue servicing the Candler Park community as it has for the last 31 years.

First E is a 501(c)(3) tax except organization. If you wish to make a personal gift to help fund out lift project, please make your payment out to First E and date checks to 12/31/11 or earlier to be included on your 2011 tax return. Indicate that your donation is for the lift project. Please stop by First E and watch our progress! We have just finished installing the concrete landing on the east face of the building that will receive the lift. Questions regarding the lift grant proposal can be sent to Jon Nye at Thank you all!

L5P Precinct Requests Funds from CPNO

Jan 5 2012

Note: Please see information below; the L5P precinct is requesting a $5,000 grant from CPNO. We will be voting on this request at the Monday, January 16 membership meeting.


Funding Request for the L5P APD Mini-Precinct

The APD Mini-Precinct in Little Five Points was formed in 1998 as a result of citizens and businesses in and surrounding L5P becoming weary of the gangs, drugs, and violence that had taken over the area and filtered into adjacent residential neighborhoods.  The APD staffs the L5P Mini-Precinct with an officer from 9am to 5pm on weekdays at no cost to the Business Association (L5PBA) or neighborhoods.  The L5PBA has taken charge of administering a Mini-Precinct account and collecting and distributing funds to pay for rent on the property and utilities.  These expenses total $20,400 per year.  The amount requested from the Candler Park Neighborhood Organization is $5,000, approximately 25% of the yearly operating costs for the Mini-Precinct property.  Insufficient funding may result in the property being leased for other purposes and likely loss of this APD Mini-Precinct.

Crime that occurs in Little Five Points directly spills out into the adjacent neighborhoods of Inman Park and Candler Park.  The Mini-Precinct has been hugely successful in deterring crime in L5P before it has a chance to spill out into Candler Park and responding to crimes in the direct vicinity in Candler Park.  This is a huge direct benefit that improves the general welfare of the Candler Park neighborhood, and we hope that you, as a member of the CPNO, will vote to support this great asset to your neighborhood.

Bob Sandage
L5PBA President

Lost 13 year old Female Shepard mix

Jan 2 2012

Update: Good news! Leda has been found and returned to her family. Thanks everyone for keeping an eye out for her.

From Ana Vizurraga: We lost our  sweet Female Shepard mix, Leda from our home on Dekalb Ave in Lake Claire on New Years Eve. She is  50lbs and has left lower eyelid  that is red and protruding.
Please call  Ana 404-371-1963 or e-mail with any information

Purse Snatcher in San Fran Coffee / Mercantile Parking Lot

Dec 29 2011

From Janea Boyles, owner of the Mercantile:

Hello, everyone. Today (Dec 28) about 1:30 pm an employee of San Fran Coffee Roasting Company was returning from the bank in our parking lot. When she got out of her car her purse was snatched and the thief ran away. He got away with the contents of her purse (including phone, keys, personal cash and wallet) and the change she had fetched at the bank for the business! The thief was a “big guy” wearing black, African American, late 20’s.  Perhaps this was random, but it can’t hurt to let your neighbors know!

NPU-N December Meeting Notes

Dec 27 2011

Notes from NPU Rep Lauren Welsh:

NPU-N Meeting Notes

December22, 2011

Public Reports

Lieutenant Schierbaum from the Atlanta Police Department reminded attendees about the beat realignment. NPU-N stays in Zone 6. Additional information can be found online at There was a robbery at a coffee shop in Glenwood Park. About 7 juveniles rushed in and grabbed laptops at the same time. Two juveniles were arrested. Schierbaum also encouraged people to attend Court Watch. Many of these criminals may be arrested, but residents need to follow through to make sure judges with full dockets and the over-capacity jail aren’t just putting people right back out on the street. There has also been a new precinct discussed for Boulevard Avenue.

The City of Atlanta Department of Parks is working to get lights back on at Greg Davis Plaza in Little 5 Points. These are the low street lamps in front of Little 5 Points Pizza.

APAB reported that there were new elections, and Kathy Richards is still presidents. There was a presentation about City Council redistricting that can be found online. APAB meetings are held the third Saturday of every month at 10 AM.

Nina Gentry, city planner, reported that Code Compliance has now been moved to APD.

Presentations about Esther Peachey Lefevre Park and the CPNO event process were deferred.

There was a presentation about the Lang Carson master plan in Reynoldstown. The park is along the Beltline and is rarely used now. The improvements include a community center, community gardens, shelters, basketball court, playgrounds and more. Reynoldstown supports the master plan. NPU-N voted unanimously to approve the plan as well and will write a letter of support.

Liquor License Review

--A liquor license/change of agent was approved for Vanessa Bamber for Dad’s Garage at 280 Elizabeth Street Suite C-101.

Land Use and Zoning Matters:

--The NPU Board voted unanimously to approve two applicable ordinances affecting properties at 465, 467, 469, 471, 479 and 479 (rear) North Highland Avenue. Zoning wasn’t consistent regarding these properties. They never were residential and have always been treated as commercial. The zoning is catching up to correct this error.

--10-O-1808 (CDP-10-09) – to amend the Future Land Use Map of the 2011 City of Atlanta Comprehensive Development Plan (CDP) so as to re-designate properties located at the address above from the “Low Density Residential” (LDR) Land Use Designation to the “Low Density Commercial” (LDC) Land Use Designation; and for other purposes. (Public Hearing held 11/29/10)

--11-O-1842 – to amend the Zoning Ordinance of the City of Atlanta by rezoning the properties at the address above from the existing zoning district RG-2/HC 16-20L:SA1 (Residential-General/Inman Park Historic District) to the NC-13/HC 16-20L:SA1 (Inman Park Neighborhood Commercial District/Inman Park Historic District) district.

--The NPU Board voted unanimously to approve an ordinance by the Zoning Committee of the City Council of Atlanta to re-zone 568, 580, 600 Somerset Terrace from the L-1 (Light Industrial) District to the MR-5A (Multi-Family Residential) District, at the behest of applicant Perennial Properties.

--The NPU Board voted to defer an ordinance by the Zoning Committee granting a Special Use Permit pursuant to Section 16-11.005(1)(l) for outdoor dining at eating and drinking establishments when any part of such use is located within 1,000 feet of property that is zoned R-1 through R-5, or that is used as a residential property for property located at 664 North Highland Avenue, NE at the behest of the applicant.

--The NPU Board voted to defer a variance at481 Harold Avenue to allow an 8 foot wall/privacy fence in the required half-depth front yard where otherwise only a 4 foot fence is allowed.

--The NPU Board voted unanimously to approve an application at 588 Linwood Avenue to reduce the south side yard setback from 7 ft. (required) to 3 ft (proposed) to construct a first and second floor addition.

Special Events/Outdoor Festivals

·      SweetWater 420 Fest – April 20-22, 2012 (Candler Park) – NPU Board voted to approve. There was discussion about whether Candler Park is an appropriately sized city park for such a large event. There was also discussion about the neighborhood of Candler Park working with the city to ensure the park rules used by vendors are appropriate (i.e. noise, number of people, park closing time, traffic, etc. ).

·      Inman Park Festival – April 27-29, 2012 – NPU Board voted to approve.

Chair’s Report

·      Discussed Funding for Projects – agreed to request funding for sign toppers in NPU-N neighborhoods.

·      Election of 2012 officers – Jonathan Miller (Inman Park) will continue as president.

·      Jonathan Miller agreed to serve as interim representative to Olmstead Linear Park Alliance (OLPA).

Next NPU Meeting: January 26, 2011

December Messenger

Dec 20 2011

At last, the present you've all been waiting for this holiday season: the December Messenger. Enjoy!

Found Dog in Freedom Park

Dec 18 2011

From Gabrielle Kennedy: We found an old black dog today Sunday December 18th in Freedom Park. Weight approx 60 lbs. If you have any information, please call Malcolm at 404-441-0939.

NPU-N November Meeting Notes

Dec 16 2011

As recorded by CPNO NPU Rep Lauren Welsh

Neighborhood Planning Unit (NPU-N) Meeting Notes
November 22, 2011

Public Reports

Atlanta Police Department reminded attendees about a rise in vehicle larceny and not to leave any items in cars. The officer also said that if residents have Internet cameras, those can be connected to APD if a crime occurs.

The City of Atlanta Department of Parks informed attendees that USTA is building courts at Grove Park. The city natatoriums are also offering free lessons. Candler Park tennis courts lights have been fixed.

The Department of Watershed reminded attendess not to pour fats, oils or grease down drains during holiday cooking season. They are also promoting a warranty program on sewer and water lines for $4.95 a month with a private company. The $50 rebate for low-flow toilets ends December 31, 2011.

APAB reported that by-laws are being reviewed. APAB meetings are held the third Saturday of every month at 10 AM.

GDOT representatives reported a restriping project at Moreland and Memorial Avenues. One traffic lane will be removed to create a middle turn lane instead.

Presentations about Esther Peachey Lefevre Park and the CPNO event process were deferred.

Liquor License Review

--A liquor license/change of ownership was approved for Bryan Christopher Aust for Five Spot at 1123 Euclid Avenue.

Land Use and Zoning Matters:

--The NPU Board voted unanimously to approve a variance at978 Wylie Street to reduce the required front yard setback from 30 ft. to 24 ft., reduce the required east side yard setback from 7 to 2ft. 6inches, and reduces the required west side yard setback from 7 ft. to 1 foot 8 inches in order to make a second story addition to a single family dwelling (pending lot resolutions by City Council – see 11-R-1481).

--The NPU Board deferred a vote regarding a variance at 556 Page Avenue, NE to reduce the north side yard setback from 6 ft to 1.9 ft to allow for a second story addition.

--The NPU Board discussed 11-O-1237 ORDINANCE  BY COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT/HUMAN RESOURCES COMMITTEE TO AMEND THE LAND DEVELOPMENT CODE, PART 19, CHAPTER 1, ENTITLED “DEVELOPMENT IMPACT FEES”; AND FOR OTHER PURPOSES. The Board recommended that user fees should be used on specific areas impacted and not just to be put in the General Fund.

--The NPU Board did not have information to discuss an ordinance to Tranfer Office of Code Compliance from Dept. of Planning & Community Development tot Police Department.

Special Events/Outdoor Festivals

·      Paideia Field Day – April 13 – NPU Board voted to approve.

·      BeltLine 10K – December 3, 2011 – NPU Board voted to approve.

Chair’s Report

·      Discussed Funding for Projects – agreed to request funding for sign toppers in NPU-N neighborhoods.

·      Officer Elections for 2012 will occur at the December meeting

Next NPU Meeting: December 22, 2011

Christmas Events at Clifton Sanctuary Ministries

Dec 15 2011

The Christmas season begins early at Clifton. From mid November through New Year’s day we and a our guests are blessed by the many churches and individuals who support our ministry. From special meals to gifts for our guests our volunteers and supporters go the extra mile to make the Christmas season special for the men who call Clifton home. But the best of our traditions are those when the men of Clifton take time to give back to the community that makes Clifton possible.

Everyone is invited to join with the men of Clifton for three special nights of Caroling on Wednesday, December 14th through Friday the 16th. We will meet at 7:30 each evening. Hot chocolate, apple cider, cookies and other refreshments will be served afterwards. No experience or talent is necessary; all are welcome. On Sunday, December 18th our guests will present their Annual Christmas Program at 3:00 PM. This is a very special look at the meaning of Christmas through the eyes of our guests. After the program everyone is invited to join with our guests for dinner.

Caroling, Wednesday, December 14th thru Friday, December 16th
starting at 7:30pm

The Annual Christmas Program
Sunday, December 18th at 3:00pm.

Grady Cluster Meeting with School Board Members TONIGHT (Tue 12/13)

Dec 13 2011

Tonight, TUESDAY 12/13, CINS will host a forum on the demographic study at Grady High School with board members Cecily Harsch-Kinnane, Reuben McDaniel (vice chair) and Emmett Johnson from 7 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. This meeting is for parents of students in the Grady High School cluster.

And a reminder: If you want to give APS an idea of what you want in your community schools, do it soon. Deadline is THIS FRIDAY, 12/16. Find the survey HERE under Feedback / Comments Link.  You can find Candler Park's position statement with recommended options and justifications here.