J.Lo, Cameron Diaz To Shoot Film In Little Five Points Next Week

Aug 2 2011

The feature film "What To Expect When You're Expecting," will be shooting scenes in Inman Park and Little Five Points next week. Read all about it at Patch.com.

Playdate on Sunday, August 7 for rising Mary Lin First Graders

Aug 1 2011

From Anna Coan:

There is a morning playdate this Sunday, August 7, for all Mary Lin rising First Graders students and their families.  We will be there from 10:00 am til noon-ish on the Mary Lin playground.  Bring water and any snacks you might like, and keep in mind that the school will not be open, so no bathroom access.  

Some General Info:

Don't forget the Open House is this Friday from 9 - 11 am.  Class lists will be posted that morning at the school.  New this year: K-2nd grades will visit the school from 9am-10am. Grades 3-5th will meet teacher from 10-11am. School supply lists can be found here.

Finally, did you know that Mary Lin has a Facebook page?  It does!  See it here.

Please feel free to forward this or post it for any Mary Lin first grade families you know.  If you have any questions, please contact us Anna Coan, annamcoan@gmail.com or Anna Steib, anne@steibster.com

Reminder: Trash Day is now Monday

Aug 1 2011

Hi everyone. Reminder that as of today, August 1, trash pick-up day for Candler Park is Monday.

Postcard to Candler Park Residents

Jul 31 2011

There are over 1,500 addresses in Candler Park.  Despite free membership, CPNO has about 300 registered members (many pairs of members share an address).  I think CPNO could gain new members by reaching out to our neighbors in a new way so I’m recommending that we send a postcard.  I am hopeful that a new type of announcement about goings on in our neighborhood (childcare and food at membership meetings, movie nights, renew membership online, etc.), will encourage more people to get involved.  Since a member expressed concern over the trees that would have to be killed to send these postcards, I am also recommending that $125 be donated to Trees Atlanta.  At our August meeting, I will propose that CPNO approve funding for the $1,649 to send postcards to the addresses of all non-members in Candler Park.  This cost will cover the maximum that CPNO would spend: $1,524 for 2,500 postcards (minimum order, including postage) and the $125 donation to Trees Atlanta to plant five trees (I think only one tree will actually have to be sacrificed to produce the postcards).  Please contact me with detailed questions by e-mailing treasurer@candlerpark.org

April Festival and CPNO's 5K Fundraiser

Jul 31 2011

In 2011, CPNO hosted the 5th Annual SweetWater 420 5K.  Over 2,000 runners participated and the race sold out over a week in advance.  Planning for the 2012 event has become complicated due to the uncertainty surrounding whether the city will allow SweetWater’s popular music festival to continue in its previous form.  I believe that the festival, despite the disruption it causes, is popular in the neighborhood by an overwhelming majority.  I am hopeful that enough residents will post messages in support of this festival (and festivals in general) to illustrate this to the city.

In the meantime, one of CPNO’s two primary fundraisers sits in limbo.  I am proposing that CPNO promote and organize a 5K race on April 21st whether or not there is a festival.  I am also proposing that CPNO hires Zulu Racing, LLC as its 2012 race director and timing company.  While the timing and management costs will exceed last year’s budgeted cost by 38%, my research into Zulu’s technology and interview with their principals indicate that the increased cost is justified.  In 2011, the race suffered from a lack of volunteers and a few other logistical issues last year but it is a highly successful event.  I firmly believe that last year’s issues can be overcome and the race can be an even bigger success in 2012 but the planning must begin now.  At our August meeting, I will propose that CPNO approve funding for the $3,250 contract with Zulu.  $1,625 is payable upon signing and the remainder is payable within 3 days of the event.  Please contact me with detailed questions by e-mailing treasurer@candlerpark.org

Parking Changes on Brooks & Callan Circle Reversed

Jul 29 2011

Good news -- the Commissioner of the Department of Public Works came to the NPU-N meeting last night and let us know that there will not be parking changes on Brooks & Callan Circle after all. He also committed that if changes are needed in the future, they will only be made with dialog and input from affected residents.

In order to ensure safety & sanitation vehicles access to these streets, the City will begin enforcing existing regulations about parking near intersections. That means no parking within 20 feet of an intersection, or 30 feet of a stop sign. To raise awareness of these laws, the CIty will re-paint the curb yellow within 20-30 feet of intersections on Brooks and Callan Circle.

Commissioner Mendoza also said the Sanitation department will schedule trash pick-up on these streets at times residents are likely to be at work, so fewer cars will be on the street.

Finally, the City of Atlanta has published a one-page flyer with guidelines about parking laws to help residents and visitors park safely. The flyer is available here. These rules apply to all our streets, and following them will promote safety across our neighborhood.

Parking Changes on Brooks & Callan to be discussed at NPU-N -- Tonight, 7/28

Jul 27 2011

A quick reminder to everyone that if you're unhappy about the recent, sudden parking changes on Brooks and Callan Circle, you will have a chance to discuss them directly with the Commissioner of Public Works. He will be appearing at the NPU-N meeting Thursday evening (July 28) at 7pm in the Little Five Points community center at 1083 Austin Avenue to discuss these changes.

Many people may be unaware that the City unexpectedly, and with very short notice, restricted parking on an entire side of two streets in our neighborhood: Callan Circle and Brooks Avenue. It is not proper for the City to make changes like this without discussion and input from both affected property owners and the broader neighborhood. 

if you have been directly affected, this is your best opportunity to tell Commissioner Mendoza about the impact. Please bring as many of your neighbors as you can. Send any questions to president@candlerpark.org.

Candler Park Screen on the Green

Jul 23 2011

Candler Park Screen on the Green tonight! 7 Pm in front of the pool house. Tonights feature "How to train your daragon."

Wrecking Bar Brewpub is Open!

Jul 19 2011

At long last, the Wrecking Bar Brewpub is now open! Originally built as an elegant yet eclectic Victorian-style, single-family home in the early 20th century, the Wrecking Bar Brewpub resides in the former basement of the historic Victor H. Kriegshaber House.

Under the ownership of Inman Park residents and homebrewers Bob and Kristine Sandage, the National Historic Register property was artfully restored to its original glory while maintaining the fundamental integrity of the structure. From the specialty brews and craft pub food to the hand-drawn logo and intricate hand-made fixtures throughout, the Wrecking Bar Brewpub is an artisanal gathering spot for the community that took the support of a community to build.

The brewpub is the cornerstone of Inman Park and Little Five Points, located at 292 Moreland Avenue NE, Atlanta, Ga., 30307, and serves dinner seven nights a week and weekend lunch (Monday through Friday: 4 pm to 12 am, Saturday: noon to 12 am and Sunday: noon to 11 pm).

For more information, visit wreckingbarbrewpub.com or call 404.221.2600. And see the full press release here.

Mention "Candler Park Loves the Wrecking Bar" to your server in the next month and get a free Wrecking Bar fries!

Candler Park Movie Night This Saturday, July 23

Jul 19 2011

This Saturday's movie is How To Train Your Dragon. Festivities begin at 8 pm at the Candler Park pool house. Get the details here.