Candler Park Screen on the Green

Jul 23 2011

Candler Park Screen on the Green tonight! 7 Pm in front of the pool house. Tonights feature "How to train your daragon."

Wrecking Bar Brewpub is Open!

Jul 19 2011

At long last, the Wrecking Bar Brewpub is now open! Originally built as an elegant yet eclectic Victorian-style, single-family home in the early 20th century, the Wrecking Bar Brewpub resides in the former basement of the historic Victor H. Kriegshaber House.

Under the ownership of Inman Park residents and homebrewers Bob and Kristine Sandage, the National Historic Register property was artfully restored to its original glory while maintaining the fundamental integrity of the structure. From the specialty brews and craft pub food to the hand-drawn logo and intricate hand-made fixtures throughout, the Wrecking Bar Brewpub is an artisanal gathering spot for the community that took the support of a community to build.

The brewpub is the cornerstone of Inman Park and Little Five Points, located at 292 Moreland Avenue NE, Atlanta, Ga., 30307, and serves dinner seven nights a week and weekend lunch (Monday through Friday: 4 pm to 12 am, Saturday: noon to 12 am and Sunday: noon to 11 pm).

For more information, visit or call 404.221.2600. And see the full press release here.

Mention "Candler Park Loves the Wrecking Bar" to your server in the next month and get a free Wrecking Bar fries!

Candler Park Movie Night This Saturday, July 23

Jul 19 2011

This Saturday's movie is How To Train Your Dragon. Festivities begin at 8 pm at the Candler Park pool house. Get the details here.

"Love Your Block" Mini-grants

Jul 14 2011

The City of Atlanta, Neighborhood Fund, and Hands on Atlanta proudly present Love Your block, a program to support citizens and neighborhood groups who want to plan and organize efforts to beautify their communities. Through the generous support of Home Depot and UPS Foundations, Atlanta resident groups are eligible for mini-grants of up to $1,000 to improve their communities in the following ways:

1) Creating community gardens, pocket parks or playing fields

2) Park enhancements

3) Exterior maintenance of a low-income residents' home in order to resolve housing code violations

4) Streetscaping (planting trees and flowers along curbs, etc.)

5) Graffiti and litter removal.

Get all the program details and the grant application here.

CPNO Meeting Monday at 6:30pm

Jul 14 2011

The Candler Park Neighborhood Organization monthly meeting is this Monday, July 18. We'll start with socializing (wine, beer, and snacks) at 6:30 pm and move on to general business at 7 pm.

If you've never attended one of our meetings, please come! We love to see new faces.

Reminder, we have child care available!

On the agenda this month:

  • A visit from Parks Commissioner George Dusenbury to give us an update on plans for Candler Park
  • Vote on the Fall Fest operating budget -- many of your neighbors are already at work organizing the festival
  • Update on parking changes on Callan Circle & Brooks
  • Refreshments this month will be provided by Savage Pizza! Thank you Savage for supporting our community.


First Existentialist Congregation (470 Candler Park Drive) -- Across from the golf course


July 18th at 6:30 pm (this Monday)

Significant Votes

We will vote on the Fall Fest operating budget at this meeting. The budget is for $69,417 with anticipated income of $88,784. The projected net profit is $19,367.

For more information about the budget, please visit

Thanks Candler Park Market!!

Jul 13 2011

Candler Park Market's 2nd annual New Belgium / Fat Tire bike raffle was held on July 9th.  The effort raised $380 and all proceeds were split equally between CPNO and Lake Claire Neighbors. 

Also, the market is now selling cool Candler Park merchandise.  Mugs ($5), hats ($5) and banners ($25) are now available at the counter (cash only, please).  100% of sales benefit CPNO.

2011 Fall Fest Budget

Jul 13 2011

Planning for this year's Fall Fest is well underway.  A budget for this year's festival has been circulated and will be boted upon at the General Membership meeting on July 18th.  A summary version of the budget appears below:


                       2010                           2011  

Income           85,804                        88,784           

Expense         60,665                        66,117           

Contingency                                        3,300          

Net Income    25,139                        19,367                                         


Change from 2010:                                            

Income                              Reason          

Art Market     1,600              More artists’ booths                                 


T-Shirts          -1,110            Fewer shirts will be ordered                     

Production        835              Last year CPNO paid for stage manager’s hotel due to  lack of hotel sponsorship.               

Talent             1,400             Musicians gotta eat too.

Generators     963                Fuel costs are up.

Golf Carts       1,250            These were donated last year.

Kids Area       1,500             This area was managed by Mary Lin last year.  CPNO has not finalized a plan for this year.

Contingency   3,300          Allows for the possibility of each line item exceeding its budgeted amount by 5%.


To get involved with helping to increase festival revenue or reduce costs by contacting  or visit

MorePeople = Less Work + More Fun

July Messenger

Jul 12 2011

Roses are red, violets are blue. The July Messenger is ready for you.

Whose Park Is It, Anyway?

Jul 10 2011

By the CPNO Board

One of the best things about our neighborhood is that it is home to a 55-acre park, one of the largest in the city. The park is a source of fun, recreation and relaxation. There are family gatherings, kickball games, and kids horsing around on see-saws -- typical park stuff.

Occasionally, the park’s size and beauty draws larger activities: school field days, Easter egg hunts, movie nights, and 5K road races. And then there are the festivals.

Ask Candler Park residents about the festivals and you’ll hear different things. Some appreciate living in an area where large events are within walking distance. Others view festivals as disruptive and noisy. Still others like the festivals, but have specific concerns (parking, sanitation, etc).

In recent years, there have been three annual festivals hosted in Candler Park:

  1. Sweetwater 420 Fest – mid-April, produced by Sweetwater Brewery
  2. Midsummer Music Festival – mid-June, produced by 790 the Zone
  3. Candler Park Fall Fest – mid-October, produced by Candler Park Neighborhood Organization (CPNO)

Festivals are organized by private groups, and are approved and governed by the City of Atlanta.  CPNO does not own or administer the park, or manage external groups that host events there.

The festival process includes a series of steps:

  • The festival organizer submits an application to the City of Atlanta Mayor’s Office of Special Events no later than 90 days prior to the event.
  • Event organizers may choose to come to our CPNO meeting to share their plans and hear our input. (While not required by the City, the NPU recommends this.)
  • The CPNO votes on whether to support the event; that recommendation is passed on to the Neighborhood Planning Unit (NPU-N), made up of a group of nearby neighborhoods.
  • The festival organizer is required to present plans at an NPU meeting, and the NPU votes on whether to recommend the festival permit be approved.
  • That vote is passed on to the City, which decides whether to issue the permit. The City sometimes issues permits that the neighborhood and / or NPU has not voted to support.

CPNO aims to represent the neighborhood’s interests to both festival producers and the City. To that end, we ask that neighbors attend membership meetings, during which events are discussed and voted on. At times we ask the organizers for changes, and frequently they comply.

In recent months, the membership has voted overwhelmingly to support the festivals we considered. (Sweetwater -- 19 in favor, 2 opposed; Midsummer -- 22 in favor, 3 opposed)

Going forward, we ask that neighbors do several things:

  1. If you feel strongly about an upcoming festival, positively or otherwise, come to the CPNO membership meeting to discuss, raise any concerns and vote.
  2. If there are problems during a festival, contact:

  3. Share your thoughts at a CPNO meeting after a festival about what worked and what didn’t, so we can request changes and improvements for future festivals.

We welcome your input and ideas, and look forward to working with neighbors, festival organizers and the City to make sure events in our park are positive and enjoyable.

Trash Pick-up Day Changes to Monday as of August 1

Jun 30 2011

The Department of Public Works continues to improve our service delivery! Effective August 1, 2011,  we will begin citywide quadrant based weekly collection service for household garbage, recycling, and yard waste.  Quadrant based service will allow for concentrated efforts in a given area, reduced carbon emissions and reduced missed pickups.
The new quadrant based service will also provide for additional services such as residential street sweeping in most areas, scheduled bulk waste pick-up and concentrated solid waste education and enforcement.
Household garbage, recycling, and yard trimmings will continue to be collected per quadrant boundaries of the city as follows (also see this flyer):
·         MONDAY - Northeast: North: City Limits. East: City Limits. South: Decatur Street/Dekalb Avenue. West: Northside Drive
·         TUESDAY - Southeast: North: Decatur Street/Dekalb Avenue. East: City Limits. South: City Limits. West: Metropolitan Parkway
·         WEDNESDAY - Southwest: North: I-20 West. East: Metropolitan Parkway. South: City Limits. West: City Limits.
·         THURSDAY - Northwest: North: City Limits. East: Northside Drive. South: I-20 West. West: City Limits