Candler Park Featured on 11 Alive's "Commuter Dude" Segment

Aug 31 2011


After a pickup truck smashed through the front of a Candler Park flower shop, worried neighbors decided enough was enough. They've seen a litany of crashes through the years and have even gotten help from the City. But nothing has seemed to work. So now they're contacting 11Alive's Commuter Dude as their last hope. 

Go here to watch the segment that aired on the local news, and see what Commuter Dude has in store.

Keep an Eye Out for a Candy-Selling Criminal

Aug 28 2011

From Beware...this guy has been spotted in Candler Park too.


Keep and eye out for a young male knocking on doors selling Reeses Peanut Butter Cups from a cardboard box.

The man, who had scruffy facial hair and stands about 5'8" tall, was last seen wearing long black shorts, a tan tee-shirt with a design on it and brightly colored high-top shoes — possibly green.

The man was knocking on doors at 8:20 p.m. on Sinclair Avenue NE in Inman Park rather frantically. He quickly made himself scarce when he realized he was being watched. He was last seen at 8:25 p.m., heading south on Sinclair toward Carmel Avenue NE from Washita Avenue NE.

The Atlanta Police Department responded and is looking for him.

This modus operandi has been used recently by criminals casing houses for burglary in surrounding neighborhoods. The time of day — after dark — and the somewhat frantic and nervous nature of this individual would lead one to believe he is not fundraising for charity.

If you encounter this person please call 911 and do not open your door to strangers.

Mr. Scott is the public safety vice president for the Inman Park Neighborhood Association.

Mulberry Fields Community Garden Fundraising Effort is a Big Success

Aug 24 2011

Submitted by Jesse and Richard Bathrick

We want all to know that thanks to a wonderful community effort our Mulberry Fields Community Garden Fundraising Event was a huge success. First E. was a perfect location, Mamarazzi gave a dazzling musical performance, the food and beverages were plentiful and delicious, Candler Park and Lake Claire neighbors were “in the house” and formed a wonderful support team.  Finally, big big thanks to our fabulous donors who contributed more than enough funds for us to install an irrigation meter and expand the number of growing beds for new gardeners:

M Cary and Daughters , PlumbingBig thanks to M Cary and Daughters, Small Change Collective, Jason Ingram and Left Hand Brewing Company

Bill Stinnette and Doris Steiner

Katy Thodeson

Carol Hassell

Elaine Gale

Leslie Harris

Thomas Markovic

James Brandt

Ilene Schroeder

Elizabeth Cates-Robinson

Kate and Jay Sandhaus

Danny Fieg and Lori Feig Sandoval

Melissa Kuperminc

Katie Hartley

Doug and Angie Brandenburg

Maureen Wilce and Bill Murray

Ollie Green

Ellie McGraw

Robert Mercado

Betsy Abrams

Carol And Woody Bartlett

Linda Weiscoff

Gus Kaufman

Rullie and Nicolle Hallman

Elaine Harris

Renee FrancoStacy Funderburke

Shana Jackson and Betsy Noell

Tom Painter and Carla Roncolli

Jeannie Stahl

Linda Bryant and Wendy Belkin

Susan Levy

Edie Kelman and Bill Read

Stevy Phillips and Stacy Appleson

Cris Mitchell and Chris Wagner

Robert Shuster

David Godfrey and Nancy Porteous

Lou Squyres and Pat Merchant

Theresa, Robert and Molly Watkins

Martha Ille

Sarah Cook and Kevin Byers

Brandon and Carlie Jones

The Forde Family

Glen and Jen Peake


Thanks to local businesses for their donations of food and drink to the benefit concert:

Kroger, Fox Brothers, Candler Park Market, The Mercantile, Savage Pizza and Flying Biscuit


Candler Park Filmmaker Documents Jail Dogs Program

Aug 23 2011


The Jail Dogs of the Gwinnett Detention Center are swapping bars of death from the pound for the ironically more welcoming bars of prison.

Amy Jackson of Candler Park has been filming the Jail Dogs for the past year and creating online webisodes to chronicle the program's success.


Candler Park Movie Night This Saturday, August 20

Aug 17 2011

This month's feature is Tangled. The movie will begin at 8 pm in the park near hte pool house. Bring your blankets and snacks and come on out for a great evening with your neighbors!

CPNO Hospitality Program

Aug 16 2011

CPNO has a new hospitality program which was spearheaded by Membership Chair Lexa King. And she needs your help!

Here's how it works: We would like to recognize and acknowledge people in Candler Park who have moved into the neighborhood, or who are experiencing a significant life event such as a health challenge, the death of an immediate family member, or the birth of a baby. This is for any residents and business owners within the geographic boundaries known as Candler Park.

Know someone who falls into one of these categories? If so, please email Lexa King with the name, address, and a brief description of the person's circumstance. She will order and arrange the deliver of an item, cost not to exceed $25, to that person.

Gifted items will be purchased from vendors within the Candler Park borders. For instance, floral arrangements from Candler Park Flower Mart, or a gift card from a local restaurant.

Candler Park Golf Course Showcased on 11 Alive News

Aug 14 2011

Check it out: an on-air clip and web article about affordable golf in the City of Atlanta, featuring our very own Candler Park Golf Course.

Find more information about Candler Park golf course here.

August Messenger

Aug 13 2011

It's here!

CPNO Meeting Monday, August 15, 6:30 pm

Aug 11 2011

The Candler Park Neighborhood Organization monthly meeting is this Monday, August 15. We'll start with socializing (wine, beer, and snacks) at 6:30 pm and move on to general business at 7 pm.

If you've never attended one of our meetings, please come! We love to see new faces.

Reminder, we have child care available!

Plus, THE PORTER BEER BAR will be providing snacks at the meeting. Thanks so much to The Porter for supporting CPNO!

On The Agenda

  • Candler Park has been selected by for a park visioning program -- we'll talk about how to participate
  • An update on Fall Fest
  • Park Pride will come give us an update on their organization


First Existentialist Congregation (470 Candler Park Drive) -- Across from the golf course


August 15th at 6:30 pm (this Monday)

Significant Votes

We will vote on one zoning matter: a variance to reduce the setback at 553 Candler Street.

We will also vote on a bylaw change. Article VII, Section 1(c) will be replaced with the following text:

Zoning Committee. There shall be a zoning committee which shall be responsible for reviewing and making recommendations to the neighborhood organization on land use and zoning issues.

All applications for zoning variances, special exceptions, rezonings, liquor license applications or any other zoning matter related to properties within the neighborhood shall be automatically referred to the zoning committee, which shall have the authority to act on behalf of the neighborhood organization with regard to such matters without notice as otherwise required.
The zoning committee shall have no fewer than three members and no more than seven members. The zoning officer shall chair the zoning committee, and the board of directors shall appoint the other committee members. All meetings of the zoning committee shall be open to any member and to nonmembers at the discretion of the chair.
The zoning committee will meet regularly and prior to the monthly CPNO executive meeting, unless the committee chair determines that there are no issues to be addressed at the normally scheduled meeting time. A majority of zoning committee members shall constitute a quorum at any meeting of the zoning committee. Any action required or permitted to be taken at a zoning committee meeting may be taken without a physical meeting if the action is taken based on an e-mail vote by at least two thirds of the zoning committee members then in office.

Summer Wine Tasting at The Mercantile

Aug 10 2011

From Janea Boyles:

Drop into The Mercantile this Saturday between 12 p.m. and 3 p.m. We'll be revisiting some of our value hits from summer and introducing a new Italian Pinot Grigio by Maretima. Our wine tastings are casual drop in events and are always a great opportunity to sip, learn and find what you love to enjoy at home. As always, our tastings are free. Identification is required.

We hope to see you in the shop!

The Mercantile
1660 Dekalb Avenue
Suite 150
Atlanta, GA 30307