May Messenger

May 13 2011

"The world's favorite season is the spring. All things seem possible in May."  - Edwin Way Teale

And on that note, here's one more reason to be cheery. The May Messenger is here!

Vote Monday on $10k grant to Friends of Iverson Park

May 13 2011

At this month’s membership meeting, we will vote on a grant proposal from the Friends of Iverson Park. The board has reviewed this grant application and made the following recommendation. This recommendation is not binding; all members will have the opportunity to debate this motion and participate in a binding vote at our meeting on May 17th.

Friends of Iverson Park (FoIP) has asked CPNO for a $10k contribution towards a $64k capital improvement project in Iverson Park. CPNO gave $10k towards this same project about a year ago; since then FoIP has received a $28k grant from Park Pride, raised $6k from other sources, and plans to raise the remaining $10k privately.

The $10k CPNO gave previously was earmarked for a specific feature (a walking path) that is no longer included in the FoIP plan. As a result, we need to vote on two motions:

  1. Motion to re-allocate the $10k donated in 2010 to playground equipment instead of the originally intended walking path;
  2. Motion to grant an additional $10k to Friends of Iverson Park for their capital project

The board voted unanimously to support motion 1 (reallocation of previous grant), without reservation.

The board had reservations about motion 2 (additional $10k). Although we ultimately decided to support this grant, we were concerned that the original $10k remains unspent for over a year, and that the plan has changed in the meantime. However, the project aligns closely with our mission statement -- to promote the common good in Candler Park -- and we support the goal of an improved Iverson Park. To address these concerns, we amended the proposed motion to reserve the funds in CPNO’s account until the project is completely funded and underway, and to put a time limit on the grant. The amended motion is:

Motion to commit $10k to Friends of Iverson Park to be disbursed if total project funds have been raised and work is substantially complete by December 31, 2011

The board voted unanimously to support this amended motion 2.

APS Meeting on May 18 at 6:30 pm, Demographers to Present

May 12 2011

This is your chance to learn what the demographers have planned for our schools. People making the recommendation to APS will present. This is an opportunity to share your ideas of how neighborhoods build community schools.

CPNO Meeting Monday, 6:30 pm

May 11 2011

The Candler Park Neighborhood Organization monthly meeting is this Monday, May 16. We'll start with socializing (wine, beer, and snacks) at 6:30 pm and move on to general business at 7 pm.

If you've never attended one of our meetings, please come! We love to see new faces.

Reminder, we have child care available!

Also, snacks this month will be provided by The Pickle! Many thanks to The Pickle for supporting the CPNO.


First Existentialist Congregation (470 Candler Park Drive) -- Across from the golf course


May 16th at 6:30 pm (this Monday)

On the Agenda

  • A vote on a $10k grant to Friends of Iverson Park
  • State Senator Jason Carter will visit & give us a legislative update
  • The MidSummer Music Festival will tell us about their plans for this year

Zoning Votes

We will vote on several important issues at this meeting, including 3 zoning variances (all three were recommended for approval by the Zoning Committee):

1) 1338 Iverson Street -- side yard setback variance for second floor addition and renovation of existing home

2) 1655 McLendon Avenue -- Flying Bisquit - Liquor License change of owner and change of agent

3) 1240 Euclid Avenue -- Montessori School - Special Use Permit


Coyotes in Our Midst

May 10 2011

Circulated via email by a Lake Claire resident:

While we have had Coyotes in and around town for several years, I have not spotted any in our neighborhood until now.
This morning (12:45am), I saw an adult Coyote (30- 40lbs) in our front yard.  I was surprised at how little concern it showed for me or my 55lb dog that was barking non-stop (we were on the porch within 15 feet).  It continued to sniff around (relieved itself) and went on it's way.  This one was travelling alone, however, with all of the great habitat we provide in the neighborhood (storm sewers, ravines etc) I assume there are many more.  If  you're in the habit of leaving your pets outside unattended or have "Free Range" children, be aware.  Like squirrells, rats, racoons, opossums,and liberals, these guys are difficult to erradicate, and are probably here to stay.

Calling all Candler Park Runners

May 10 2011

From Lauren Welsh:

The Candler Park Neighborhood Organization may have an opportunity for funding to improve the running experience in our neighborhood, but we need your help. We need to hear from runners who live in Candler Park and have ideas about what they would like to improve.

Potential ideas include:

  • water fountains in the park
  • keeping restrooms open year-round with lockers
  • a running path or trail around the park or golf course
  • physical fitness station/exercise equipment

These are just a few of the ideas that our CPNO Board generated, but none of us are runners so we want to hear from you. We also need a volunteer who is willing to lead this effort with support from others. If you’re interested in improving the running experience in our neighborhood, please reach out to CPNO President Jay Sandhaus.

Hold-up on McClendon

May 10 2011

Circulating via email:

Last weekend two neighbors and their friend were robbed at gunpoint just after midnight on Saturday night when they were walking home from L5P.  They were at the corner of Euclid Terrace and McClendon.  They were held up by two black men with a gun, who took their wallets and phones, then hit one of them in the head with the gun and left.  Other than a nice lump on the head, everyone was OK.  A police report was filed, they think there could be a connection with the hold-up that  occurred around new years, and others in the surrounding neighborhoods.  Keep your eyes open!

Black Dog Loose at Fernbank

May 5 2011

From Brandi at Fernbank on Thursday at 5:30 pm:

I work at fernbank museum on Clifton Rd and we have a small black lab mix loose in our parking lot. She runs off whenever we approach her. She's wearing a red harness but no tags. I'm not sure if you can alert the neighborhood in case her owners live nearby. since we can't catch her, I'm not sure what else to do. We have an event starting tonight at 6:30 so I worry she'll get hit or run off further. Our security office is at 404.929.6350.

Mary Lin Community Meeting on Wednesday, May 4 at 7 pm

May 3 2011

The Local School Council of Mary Lin Elementary is hosting a Community Meeting

THIS Wednesday, May 4, 2011
7:00 pm to 8:30 pm
Mary Lin Elementary School auditorium

The Atlanta Public Schools (APS) has commissioned a detailed demographic study that will incorporate a review of existing APS facilities and recommendations of resolving “under and over” crowding of schools. In order to learn more about the study, next steps to be taken, and how it may impact the Mary Lin community, the LSC has invited APS representatives, Board members, and our appointed and elected officials to join us for an open forum.

We are in a state of uncertainty and this is an opportunity for our community to learn more and become engaged. Thus far, several within the Mary Lin community have identified at least three items for APS consideration:

1. Maintain the current community structure comprising Mary Lin which include Candler Park, Inman Park, and Lake Claire;

  • All three neighborhoods have been considered a part of the Mary Lin community for a long time, some since Mary Lin Elementary was first established in 1929. Each of these communities has been strong advocates of the school over the years and have been integrally involved in the significant progress that Lin’s test scores and other measures of accountability have demonstrated. Parental involvement has been a hallmark of Mary Lin over the years – representatives from each of the three neighborhoods have been actively involved in the PTA, Local School Council, CINS, and other affiliated entities.
  • Nearly 20% of ML students walk to and from school – creating a “green” environment. In addition, we have continually managed a low volume of traffic through one major thoroughfare.

2. Expanding the current school facilities to accommodate our current and growing population:

  • Beginning approximately in May 2010, ML was slated for an addition/renovation by APS – this has been placed on hold pending the demographic study and funding.
  • ML is overcrowded with expected population to top 600+ for the upcoming year in a building with planning capacity of ~ 450 students. A significant portion of the student body attends classes in temporary trailers that have been in place for nearly five years. There are approximately 38 trailers in use in APS and ML has 6, or 16% of the trailers, with a student population of only 1% of APS.
  • Other areas of APS have received new buildings, additions, etc. over the last 8 years to relieve overcrowding. ML is truly overdue, as we have not had any significant renovation since 1994.

3. Keeping Mary Lin Elementary in the Inman Middle School and Grady High School cluster:

  • ML has been a key feeder school into the cluster. ML has produced students that continue to have a thirst for learning, a sense of responsibility, and a parent base that has helped both Inman and Grady become one of the best middle and high schools in APS
  • The ML family has a short distance to reach both schools. This can be done without crossing interstates and potentially crossing only one major thoroughfare that has proven to be extremely manageable and currently traveled by students who attend Inman and Grady.
  • Our communities have consistently been a vital part of the City of Atlanta. We have revitalized, created a family- friendly environment, unique business opportunities, and a top notch elementary school over the last 20 years. Mary Lin Elementary is one of the top reasons that our three communities have bonded together and become one of the most desirable areas to reside in Atlanta.

Hootenanny on Saturday, May 21 in Candler Park

May 3 2011

From Mark Clement:

On Saturday, May 21 from 4-8 pm, join us in the fun and antics of a Hootenanny and stay for the Screen on the Green showing of The Captain Planet Film Festival.  Native Plant sale with EcoAddendum. 20% of the plant sale will go towards the Candler Park Nature Trail. Please check out

7PM Seed and Feed Marching Band will perform.

4-8 PM Electronics Recycling/Raffle. Drop off your unwanted electronic junk, have it disposed of responsibly (and or recycled) and get a raffle ticket to win great prizes from restaurant coupons to rain barrels. Check out the electronic recycling article in this messenger. Meet Captain Planet Himself. Have your picture taken with Eco Super Hero. The CPNO will be there selling all of the neighborhood merchandise you know you cannot live without! Epworth will be selling Hot Dogs and Not Dogs! King of Pops will be there!

Coolers welcome, but no glass. No ATMs.     

More info or ways to enhance the Hootenanny contact us at

Hootenanny E Waste Drive

ERS is the company that will be handling our E waste drive for the May 21 Hootenanny. Here is the list of items they will dispose of. Keep in mind every electronics disposal will get you a raffle ticket to win some great stuff. Maybe even something you might wind up re-donating next year. Who knows?

Items we will pick up but are not limited to:   
LCD Monitors    Phone Systems     Cell Phones
CRT Monitors    POS equipment     Cabling    
Computers / Laptops    Electronic Components     Media
Scanner products    Uninterruptible Power Supplies     DVR/VCR
Printers    Servers / Switches     Electronic devices
Digital Cameras    CD Rom/DVD/CDRW     Medical Devices
PDA/Handheld devices    Industrial switching                          Microwaves
Dry-Sealed Rechargeable Batteries    TV’s (Nominal Charge /@$15)       Fluorescent Bulbs

Electronics Recycling Services,, offers national e-waste services that safely and securely removes electronic equipment and ensures all IT items are properly disposed by implementing the highest ITAD standards for data destruction, de-manufacturing, remarketing, and recycling.   

We accept a wide range of goods including computer and information technology equipment, scientific, laboratory and medical instruments, and cabling.