Found Dog

Oct 1 2011

*** UPDATE *** The dog has been reunited with its owner! Thanks to Patrick for creating a happy ending for the pup and his person.


Submitted by Patrick Busko:

I was in Candler Park last night for the movie fest and found a boxer with no collar or tags.  He is a super sweet dog and well taken care of, obviously someone's pet.  He looks to be a bit older with some grey hair on his face and back but he is primarily reddish brown.

The owner can call me:  Patrick Busko 404-901-8765

I can send pics too

Neighborhood Planning Unit (NPU-N) Update

Sep 28 2011

Our NPU (neighborhood planning unit) met on September 22nd to discuss zoning, upcoming events, and other issues that impact our neighborhoods. As a reminder, the City of Atlanta is divided into twenty-five Neighborhood Planning Units or NPUs, which are citizen advisory councils that make recommendations to the Mayor and City Council on zoning, land use, and other planning issues (as described by the City). We are in NPU-N along with Lake Claire, Reynoldstown, Inman Park, Poncey-Highlands, Druid Hills, and Cabbagetown.

The NPU received visitors from various city departments. The Police Department said that 100 new officers will be hired this year and they are actively looking for recruits. The Fire Department reported that the entire fleet of trucks will be replaced in the next few years. Both Parks and Code Compliance talked about graffitti; the City has a dedicated police officer and the Parks department has set up a hotline at 404.546.4288. Apparently our part of the city has the most graffitti.

There were no Candler Park zoning or liquor license matters on the NPU agenda this month. The NPU did vote to recommend the application for the Clips of Faith Beer & Film Tour in Candler Park on September 30th. The CPNO also introduced our proposed process for vetting events that take place in our neighborhood.

The Most Important Election in Generations

Sep 27 2011


Your sidewalks are crumbling and your city schools are in crisis management mode.  Okay, the headline may be a bit of an exaggeration but the truth is: YOUR NEIGHBOROOD NEEDS YOU.   The past few years have left CPNO in the great financial shape but the organization always needs more energy and new energy to push the agenda forward.  We’ve also managed to eliminate many of the excuses you’ve used in the past:

1)     I go out drinking on Monday nights.  Alcohol is served at our General Meetings.

2)     I eat dinner at 7:00 PM.  Food is donated for our General Meetings by a new restaurant every month!

3)     I have to watch the kids.  Free childcare is provided by CPNO on General Meeting nights.

To be eligible for the Board you must:

(1) be a member of the CPNO (free, sign up online)

(2) have attended at least 4 CPNO regular meetings the election cycle (Oct & Nov count!) *

*(note: if you haven’t attended enough meetings but you’re still interested, please go ahead and submit your name.  If all board positions are not filled by election, they can be appointed by the newly elected board.)

A nominating committee has been formed to come up with a slate of candidates.  If you would like to serve in 2012 or, better yet, if you’d like to volunteer one of your neighbors to serve, please contact one of the following:

Dave Aynes –

Jay Sandhaus –

Trey Long –

Kate Sandhaus –

Lexa King –

(phone numbers for these contacts are posted on )

This year, we’re attempting to fill not only each seat on the Board, but also a shadow position (apprentice) for each Board seat.  To get involved as a shadow/apprentice requires only a genuine interest in participating.

The committee will submit our recommendations at the October regular CPNO meeting.  Voting is scheduled for the November meeting and according to the bylaws, nominations can also be submitted from the floor at that meeting.

Blessing of the Animals / Pet Photos on October 2

Sep 27 2011

Epworth Church is hosting a Blessing of the Animals on Sunday, October 2 at 4 pm across from the church in Candler Park.

Receive: Klaus Darnall, a gifted photographer, will take photos of you and your pet. We hope to see other interesting visitors, including the City of Atlanta  Mounted Police if they are free. Treats will be available for our “best friends” and plenty of water bowls and lemonade for all two legged beings!  Blessing of the Animals by Pastor Lisa and all participants with Special Music by Pastor Rob and local musician Heidi Pollyea. All our animals will receive a personalized certificate to take home.

Give:  Bring donations of canned food for cats and dogs to support P.A.L.S., an Atlanta-based non-profit that loves animals who provide pet-care including free food and basic veterinary care, and support to the companion pets of senior citizens as well as critically ill and disabled Atlantans.

Celebrate! Come and bring your family pets, leashed or in a secure container for their safety, and enjoy honoring them for the love and joy that they bring to our life. 

Epworth at Candler Park, 1561 McLendon Ave.,NE Atl.30307

Are You Signed Up To Volunteer At Fall Fest?

Sep 26 2011

If not, now is the time! Why, you ask?

1) It's fun!

2) You're bound to meet some of your neighbors.

3) We NEED you in order to make Fall Fest a succcess.

4) Fall Fest is CPNO's single biggest fundraiser and we can't put it on without lots of volunteers.

5) Signing up is easy.

6) You get a free Fall Fest t-shirt!

7) The Fall Fest committee will thank you from the bottom of their hearts.

8) It's just a couple hours of your time.

9) There will be plenty of beer and great food to indulge in after your shift.

10) Did we mention it'll be fun?

You can volunteer at the festival, the 5K race, or the Tour of Homes - there are tons of volunteering opportunities at lots of different times. Something for everyone!

Any questions, please contact volunteer coordinator Anne Steib.

Boy Scouts Popcorn Sales in Candler Park

Sep 23 2011

Update from Annis Barry: Scouts will be selling popcorn in the La Fonda parking lot for the next 4 Saturdays from 10:30am - 1:30pm, weather permitting.


From Walt Weimar:

Boy Scouts Troop 18 near Emory is announcing that popcorn sales have begun in the neighborhoods around Candler Park, Inman Park and Lake Claire.  In addition to new Troop 18 Boy Scout Robert Weimar, several other new Scouts - all of whom were former Mary Lin Elementary Cub Scouts and Webelos, including Reid Barry, Finnis Jones, Miles Calderon, Paul Sims, Sidney Howard, Maxx Brough and Max Wenner - will be happy to help any of your neighbors who'd enjoy their ready-to-eat or microwavable popcorn varieties.  70% of all sales will benefit Boy Scouts of America (and Troop 18 in particular), so please let these boys know if they can supply some holiday treats that your families will crave during their fundraising drive the next several weeks around the neighborhood.

Community Meeting with APS Superintendent Errol Davis on Thursday, September 22

Sep 21 2011

This was posted last week, but it's being bumped since the meeting is tomorrow night. Please attend if you can!


Community Meeting With Atlanta School Board Member Cecily Harsch‐Kinnane, District 3

You're Invited!

Cecily Harsch‐Kinnane, District 3 Invites You to Attend a Community Meeting with Superintendent Erroll B. Davis, Jr. Reuben R. McDaniel, III, At‐Large Seat 8 will also be in attendance.

Thursday, September 22, 2011
Whitefoord Elementary School
6:30 p.m.—8:00 p.m.
35 Whitefoord Avenue, SE
Atlanta, Georgia 30317
Forum for parents and community members served in School District 3

Fall Fest Volunteers Needed: Come Support Your 'Hood and Have Fun!

Sep 19 2011

From Fall Fest Volunteer Coordinator Anne Steib:

This year's festival is October 15 & 16 - less than a month away, and we need your help to make this a success.  We could not do it without our volunteers to make it happen.

Please sign-up to volunteer anytime through the festival weekend, October 14-16. You can sign-up for one slot or 10!  Some slots work great if you want to help with your family, such as the water stations at the 5K, CPNO/Volunteer booth, or Artist check-in at the festival.

Please sign-up, spread the word and volunteer with your friends and family. You don’t need to be a Candler park resident to sign-up, and all Fall Fest volunteers receive a festival t-shirt.

Please contact Anne Steib with any volunteer questions,

Lost Pet Bird

Sep 19 2011

From Cicely Chen:

Name:           Kirby
Date lost:     Saturday Sept 17, 2011

Gray bird, 12” long including tail, has white edges on wings, yellow face, yellow crest, and orange cheek patches

IDENTIFYING TRAIT: 1 pink toe/claw on left foot, all other claws are gray

May respond to: “Kirby,” “Kirby Bird,” “Good birdie,” “Step up,” “Yeah!” and whistling

What to do if you see him:

  • Do not try to pick him up with your hand (unless he lands on you)
  • Call me please!
  • Keep an eye on the bird until I arrive.
  • If you think he will fly away and you can get to him, try using a pillow case to throw over him and catch him

If you find him or have seen him or have any info, PLEASE CALL!

Cell (626) 675-5665, Home landline (404) 270-9882, Friend (504) 710-5574


New Belgium Brewing Event in Candler Park -- September 30

Sep 16 2011

We've recently learned that the Clips of Faith Beer & Film event will take place in Candler Park on Friday, September 30th. This is a travelling festival (we're one of 18 stops) and they expect between 500 and 1000 people to attend. It's a fundraiser for local non-profit Atlanta Bicycle Coalition, which has two advantages: the proceeds will go to a local organization and patrons are strongly encouraged to cycle to the event.

Although the event organizers did not reach out to us until recently, they have assured us they want to work with neighbors to make sure the event is positive and enjoyable for those who want to attend and has a minimal impact on the neighborhood and park. A description of the event, traffic and safety plans, and contact information are in an attached PDF:


Please address any questions about this festival to the organizers ( and cc and