An Evening of Southern Storytelling - This Saturday Night

Nov 7 2013

First Existentialist Congregation 



An Evening of Southern Storytelling



Mary Ann Hopper, Dorothy Kirk, Gail Reeder,

Nita Roberts, Tia Rix, and

Special Guest Tammy Whynot


Saturday, November 9, 7:00 - 10:00 pm


Admission $10, more if you can, less if you can't


Delicious Snacks, Wine, Beer, Sodas available


470 Candler Park Drive

Notes from the November Zoning Committee meeting: Fox Bros. returns to the table

Nov 7 2013

By David Rotenstein, Messenger editor

Fox Bros. barbecue restaurant returned to the CPNO zoning committee Nov. 6 with an update on their plans to expand parking at their popular DeKalb Ave. eatery. Jonathan and Justin Fox updated the committee and about a dozen residents on efforts to address questions that were raised during last month’s zoning meeting. 

The pair brought revised site plans and a tree inspection survey prepared by arborists hired to evaluate trees on the three newly acquired DeKalb Ave. lots where the restaurant hopes to expand its parking. They also noted that they met with Josephine Street neighbor Dan Flicker and are continuing to work with restaurant management to ensure that employees are not violating local traffic and parking laws. One employee, they told the group, had been fired after a complaint was received about traveling the wrong way up the one-way Josephine Street.

The latest discussion focused on intermediate steps the restaurant can take to relieve overflow parking and traffic on Candler Park streets. Fox Bros. said they are actively searching for a site to relocate their catering business. This will eliminate some traffic and open up additional parking now used by the restaurant’s catering vans.

Residents and members of the zoning committee urged Fox Bros. to bring a traffic expert to the table to evaluate what type of study could provide useful data on whether curb cuts and other measures would be effective mitigation to the traffic issues. Fox Bros. also said that they would seek MRC (mixed use residential-commercial) zoning for the new lots and zoning committee members suggested that the entire property (four parcels) be rezoned MR-C1C, with conditions attached preventing expansion of the existing building’s footprint.

Residents continued to express concerns about the compatibility of a new surface parking lot with the neighborhood and the new Candler Park Master Plan. Look for additional details from the meeting in the December Messenger.

In addition to the Fox Bros. discussion, the zoning committee had two other cases on its agenda. The owners of a home at 422 Sterling Street appeared with a proposal for a setback variance to allow construction of a second story addition. A motion to recommend approval passed with three members voting to approve and with two abstentions.

The other case involved representatives for the owner of 374 Clifton Rd. who presented plans for a new home in a lot that is currently zoned commercial. Committee members expressed concerns about the proposed project’s scale and noted that some of the proposed setbacks shown in preliminary plans were problematic. The committee voted unanimously to defer consideration of the case and told the applicants to seek a deferral from the City of Atlanta until new plans are developed.

Justin and Jonathan Fox share revised parking plans with Candler Park residents. Credit: David Rotenstein.

Justin and Jonathan Fox share revised parking plans with Candler Park residents. Credit: David Rotenstein.

Candler Park neighbor Jason Carter running for Georgia governor

Nov 7 2013

Jason Carter is a Candler Park neighbor, a Mary Lin dad and our current State Senator. He announced today that he is running to be Georgia's next governor. 

Read the AJC story here.

See Jason's web site here.

Sign up to get on his list of volunteers here.

Stay tuned for more info.

Mary Lin Construction Update

Nov 6 2013

From Sarah Cook, Mary Lin Local School Council Communication Committee

Beginning Friday, November 15, the lower school driveway (by the playground) and the entrance off of Oakdale will be construction areas and will be closed.  On-street parking will be heavily limited because teachers and staff will need to park there. Parents are encouraged to walk their children, use the bus, use the carpool/drop-off, or park at Candler Park and walk children up to school. Parents should not expect to be able to park on surrounding streets and walk their children into school.

If you have questions, please see Dr. Mitchell, Assistant Principal Ashley Adamo, or a member of the Local School Council.  

City election results for races on CP ballots

Nov 6 2013

See all the results at the Fulton County election results site. Here are the winners of races that appeared on CP ballots:

Mayor - Kasim Reed 84%

City Council President - Ceasar Mitchell 80%

City Council Post 1 At Large - Michael Julian Bond 98% (unopposed)

City Council Post 2 At Large - Mary Norwood 53%

City Council Post 3 At Large - Andre Dickens 53%

City Council District 2 - Kwanza Hall 97% (unopposed)

School Board District 7 At Large - Courtney English 61%

School Board District 8 At Large - Reuben McDaniel 37%, Cynthia Briscoe Brown 26% - RUNOFF ON DEC 3

School Board District 9 At Large - Jason Esteves 34%, Lori James 31% - RUNOFF ON DEC 3

School Board District 1 - Leslie Grant 57%

Voting update (and GO VOTE!)

Nov 5 2013

Hi all,

First, if you haven't voted yet, GO VOTE! Polls are open until 8 pm. 

Here is a statement that was provided by the Secretary of State's office this afternoon.

There was a human data entry error that originated in my agency that possibly resulted in a limited number of voters receiving the wrong ballot in the Epworth Church precinct that has portions of DeKalb and Fulton Counties.  When it was brought to our attention late morning, a remediation plan was sent to the counties and we are confident that everyone voting since approximately noon has cast the correct ballot.  There is no way to know how many ballots were cast in error until after this election is completed.  Our focus today is to make sure the election runs as smoothly as possible.  We will do a thorough investigation into the effect of this human error and will be very transparent in sharing what we find out.

Brian P. Kemp

Thanks to Jessica Corbitt for sending this along.


Update: electronic ballots now available for all, GO VOTE

Nov 5 2013

The report from Epworth is that everyone can now cast electronic ballots and provisional ballots should no longer be necessary.

If you live in Candler Park and normally vote at Epworth, please let the poll workers know so they can create a manual electronic ballot that will include the correct races.

If you live in Candler Park, regardless of where you normally vote, your ballot must include the district 1 school board race (Grant / Muhammad) and the district 2 city council race (Kwanza Hall). If you do not see those two races, do not vote in the wrong races; stop and speak with a poll worker immediately.

You can still get in and out of the polling location quickly. This should not discourage anyone from voting. In fact, it's even more important to vote because of the possibility that the confusion around ballots may have reduced turn-out.

Despite ballot problems at Epworth, GO VOTE

Nov 5 2013

As noted previously, there have been many reports of ballot irregularities at the Epworth Church polling location.

First and foremost, if you have not already voted, PLEASE GO TO EPWORTH TO CAST YOUR VOTE. This is even more important than it would have been otherwise because we know that many Candler Park residents were deprived of their opportunity to vote in their district school board and city council races.

If you live in Candler Park and normally vote at Epworth, you must request a provisional ballot from poll workers. Please insist on this. 

If you live in Candler Park and normally vote at Mary Lin (but are voting at Epworth for this election due to Mary Lin construction), go ahead and vote electronically.

If you live in Candler Park, regardless of where you normally vote, your ballot must include the district 1 school board race (Grant / Muhammad) and the district 2 city council race (Kwanza Hall). If you do not see those two races, do not vote in the wrong races; stop and demand a provisional ballot.

Finally, if you already voted and did not receive the correct ballot, please go back to the polling location and demand a provisional paper ballot. Fulton County will reconcile the paper ballots with the incorrect electronic ones. This is the procedure recommended by Ashley Howard of Fulton County Voting and Registration.

Voting problems at Epworth Church polling location

Nov 5 2013

Hi all,

We've had numerous reports of a problem with some ballots at the Epworth Church polling location. For Candler Park residents who typically vote at Epworth (as opposed to Mary Lin, since those folks are also voting at Epworth today), they are seeing the school board district 3 race on the ballots which is Matt Westmoreland running unopposed. They should be seeing the school board district 1 race, which is Leslie Grant and Brenda Muhammad.

We're talking with the Fulton County Elections Chief (Fulton County is conducting the elections for all of City Atlanta, both Fulton & Dekalb Counties) and expecting to hear something back soon. Will keep everyone posted.


City elections are TODAY, November 5. Vote!

Nov 5 2013
Hello Candler Park neighbors. City elections are today, and this is a very important election due to the many competitive city council and school board races. Please vote!
WHEN: Voting will take place Tuesday, November 5, and polls will be open from 7 am - 8 pm.
WHERE: All Candler Park residents will vote at Epworth Church (1561 McLendon Ave); this includes residents who typically vote at Mary Lin. The Mary Lin polling location will be closed this election due to the Mary Lin renovation project.
Registered voters will vote to fill the offices of: mayor, city council president, city council members (4 total - a district rep plus three at large reps), school board members (4 total - a district rep plus three at large reps), and municipal court judges. To verify your voting status, see the My Voter Page.
Here is a sample ballot that includes all the races for CP residents.
Per Georgia law, voters must bring photo ID when voting. If you have questions on Election Day, contact the City of Atlanta Municipal Clerk at (404) 330-6500 or
Most importantly, do not forget to vote. These city races are often won by small margins, so your vote really does count!