Green Your Neighborhood

Jan 24 2011

Tired of throwing money away every time your heat kicks on.  Feel like living a greener lifestyle but don't know where to start?  Check out:

This was passes along to my by Lauren Welsh so thank her for the find.

Oh, on a side note: Those of you who do not know what you are paying for gas need to find out.  A very quick and easy way to save on your gas bill is to shop around for another gas provider.  It is extremely easy and can save significant $$$.



Comprehensive Development Plan - City encourages citizen input

Jan 24 2011

The City of Atlanta is beginning the process of creating an updated 2011 Comprehensive Development Plan. This plan creates a 20-year framework and vision for development in Atlanta's neighborhoods, including Candler Park, and is guided by citizen input. The planning process takes into account things like population, land use, community facilities and natural resources.

Interested in participating? The first CDP training workshop will be held this Saturday, January 29 from 9:30 AM to 12:30 PM at Helene Mills Senior Center, 515 John Wesley Dobbs Avenue, NE. To learn more, please visit the city's website here.

Chicken Spotted Roaming Free

Jan 18 2011

A large, healthy chicken was spotted roaming in the alley between Euclid Terrace and Candler Street this morning by our Membership Secretary Lexa King. If you are missing a chicken, that is where you should start your search. Please let us know if the chicken makes a safe return to it's coop. Perhaps the owner would like to bring deviled free-range eggs to the next neighborhood meeting?

January Messenger

Jan 15 2011

Here it is!

CPNO Meeting Monday, 7pm

Jan 13 2011

The Candler Park Neighborhood Organization monthly meeting is this Monday (January 17th). We'll start with socializing (wine, beer, and snacks) at 6:30 and move on to general business at 7pm.

Some things we'll cover at the meeting this month:

  • Q&A / crime update from Atlanta Police Department senior leadership
  • Visitor from Flux (a public art collective) to talk about art in Freedom Park
  • A vote on a water sustainability project for Mullberry Fields -- putting our resources to work improving our community
  • Details about the upcoming Fall Fest kickoff party on Tuesday, Feb. 2

We were excited to see so many new faces at the planning party at Manuel's and we'd love to see all of you at the membership meeting. Come join us!



First Existentialist Congregation (470 Candler Park Drive) -- Across from the golf course


January 17th at 6:30pm (this Monday)

Trash and Recycling Collection delayed due to ice

Jan 13 2011

From the City of Atlanta -- All solid waste collections are delayed due to hazardous road conditions and limited access to our solid waste transfer stations. We will begin collection of routes as road conditions improve. We will work to ensure completion of citywide collection. Yard trimming collections are delayed
until further notice. All route collections are dependent upon weather conditions and accessibility. To report dangerous ice conditions on streets or traffic signal problems, such as outages, please contact 404.546.2615 or 404.853.3200.  Thank you for your patience as we continue to deliver City

Candler Park Sledding Mania

Jan 12 2011

See for yourself in this video clip from Mark Clement.

Snow day at the park!

Jan 10 2011

Candler Park golf course turned sledding course extraordinaire! Never have so many sledders been assembled in Candler Park, and never have so many non-sled objects been repurposed as sleds. It was a tad bit chilly, but oh what fun!

CPNO Brainstorming Party...Safety, Sidewalks and Social Events in the hood were among the most popular themes.

Jan 7 2011

Candler Park Neighborhood Organization held its first annual Brainstorming Party at Manuel's Tavern on January 6, 2011.  About 60 neighbors attended the event.  Thanks to Jay Sandhaus, CPNO's newly elected president, for organizing the evening which included a quick, fun and efficient exchange of ideas. Neighbors pontificating over wine, beer and good ole fried food.  Who could ask for more?

Great Success! Here are a couple photos.

Jan 6 2011

The  Candler Park Brainstorming Party was a huge success!  Thanks for putting it together Jay!  And thanks for all those who showed up!  Here are a couple shots to enjoy.