420 Nature Path

Mar 23 2011

After 5 work days the 420 Nature Path is now complete. It all started with 4 work days of pulling approx. 60 cubic yards of overgrowth, invasive plants and debrisso we could clearly see where to put the path. The debris included broken picnic tables, clothes, bedding, bottles, cans and every imaginable household item that was at one point fashioned into a crack pipe. The big work day was on March 18. Two hundred and forty landscape timbers were laid down to define the path. They were each secured with four hundred and eighty pieces of rebar and the path was covered with forty cubic yards of mulch. In addition, ten cubic yards of compost for the native plant garden was used at the head of the path.

This is like found in- town real-estate. One of the more practical reasons for the path is to cut down on activity that went unnoticed for many years. If we have more visibility and traffic, ne’er-do-wells will need to find another place to congregate. Please be advised that nature paths tend to be secluded. Please exercise caution when walking the path and it would still be a good idea to avoid it all together at night. Although, believe it or not there is a working street light down there. Who knew?

The path was made possible by proceeds generated from the 420 Festival arm band sales. There was money left over for EcoAddendum to plant a native plant bed at the head of the trail. It was really cool to see the park visitors start using the path before it was completed, as if it had been there for decades!

There is still work to be done. We would like to see all invasive plants removed and replaced by native plants to Georgia. This is going to take more work days and plant sales to make this happen. (See EcoAddendum’s article in this issue.)

All told, the project thus far has taken 4 workdays totaling 116 volunteers who have given 436 hours of service. Thanks to Kosher crew from Padea, Clifton Men, Westminster High school.GSU Beta Alpha Psi, EcoAddendum, Park Pride, Friends of Candler Park and most of all Sweetwater for supplying funds and volunteer hours.

Deb Milbrath's Gallery Opening on Thursday, March 24

Mar 23 2011

Please come out tomorrow night from 7-10 pm to support Candler Park's very own illustrator Deb Milbrath. Her cartoons have graced the Messenger for ages, and she's been published in all kinds of esteemed, national publications, and now her artwork is showcased in an Oakhurst gallery located in the Palate Wine Bar. Tomorrow night is the gallery opening.

If you can't make it tomorrow night, the show runs until April 24 so there is plenty of time to drop in, have a glass of wine and see the artwork.

Membership Meeting Tonight -- with Child Care!

Mar 21 2011

A quick reminder that tonight, Monday March 21, there will be a CPNO Membership meeting at the Old Stone Church (470 Candler Park Drive, across from the Candler Park golf course). Social time is at 6:30 pm and the meeting starts at 7:00 pm.

As announced in the email blast that went out last week, this will be the first meeting with child care! In order to anticipate how many children will be using the child care service, please email Randy Pimsler with the name(s) and age(s) of children you are bringing. We have room for about fifteen kids.

See you tonight!

Publix Marathon This Sunday 3/20, Goes Through Candler Park

Mar 18 2011

This is a reminder that the annual Publix Georgia Marathon is this Sunday, March 20, 2011 starting at 7:00 am from Centennial Olympic Park. 

Part of the marathon route goes through Candler Park.  Starting around mile 7 of the marathon route, runners will be heading east on North Avenue all the way to Candler Park Drive, then south on Candler Park Drive, east on McLendon Ave. and then north again on Clifton Rd.

Travelers on these roads should expect lane closures and possible delays until approximately noon on Sunday.  See the marathon web site for more information and a full course map.

And, don't forget that we will have a Candler Park cheering zone at Candler Park Drive and McLendon Ave starting at 7:30 am. Wear something green and eye-catching, and come join the fun! Bring the kids. We want to have a great showing so we can win one of the cheering zone prizes. It's a great chance to cheer on the runners and have fun mingling with your neighbors while doing it.

WeeJam Kid Music Classes in Decatur

Mar 18 2011

Parents – join us at Firehouse Guitars & Music's Decatur location for our spring session of WeeJam, a musical foundation class for 0-6 year olds!
As music education providers we are often asked what age children can start taking lessons. Experience has taught us it is not developmentally appropriate for most children under 7 to be successful with traditional one-on-one instruction. But now we offer something for 0-6 year olds that allow them to have fun AND gives them a musical foundation to build on as they get are older… WeeJam!
WeeJam gives your child the “ABCs” of the music language including the tools needed to:

  • Sing in key
  • Keep accurate rhythm
  • Develop an ear for tonal & rhythmic patterns
  • Experience a variety of different musical instruments
  • Participate in a community musical environment
  • Enjoy music for life!

Why WeeJam?
WeeJam is a great way to get young kids involved in music at an age when their brains are most receptive to this type of learning. Classes are mixed age allowing families with small children to bond over music together, without having to take kids to different classes. And, having a music store as the class setting enables us to introduce kids to a larger variety of instruments than in more traditional classes. Finally, WeeJam takes into account the adults’ needs too using “kids” music that appeals to adults and “adult” music that appeals to kids, making it fun for everyone.
Spring Schedule & Costs
Spring classes last 8 weeks and will be held at our Decatur store at 9 and 10am on Saturdays, Apr. 2-May. 21st. Classes last 45 minutes and cost $130 for an individual child, $65 for each additional sibling.
To reserve your spot simply stop into the store, call us at 404-929-0012 or visit http://bit.ly/i0QIao and sign up online using PayPal. (Note: to reserve a spot online without using PayPal you can choose “Pay by Mail” and pay in by phone or in store within the week.)
About Firehouse Guitars and Music
Firehouse Guitars and Music of Decatur is a locally owned business located at 2520 N. Decatur Rd at the intersection of Medlock and Scott Blvd.
To learn more about us and our music education programs visit www.guitarsatlanta.com.
For additional questions on WeeJam or the benefits of musical exposure at a young age email marketing@guitarsatlanta. We hope to see you this spring!

Volunteer for CPNO's SweetWater 420 Fest 5K

Mar 17 2011

More People = Less Work + More Fun

This year’s 5K is shaping up to be our biggest ever!  That means we’ll need more volunteers that ever to ensure that the event goes smoothly.  To volunteer, please e-mail treasurer@candlerpark.org.

In the subject line, just write “volunteer".  In the message, let us know what Team(s) you’d like to be a part of, your t-shirt size and your phone number.

Packet Team (Pre-Event)

When: April 7th – 2 PM to 9 PM
Where: First Existentialist Congregation – 470 Candler Park Drive
Why: We need 20 people (ages 7+) to stuff up to 2,000 packets with shirts, race numbers and special offers.  No, you don’t have to be there the whole time. 

Registration Team

Registration and all other "Day Of” Teams meet at Epworth UMC – 1561 McLendon Ave
When: April 16th – 9 AM to 11:30 AM
Why: We need 10 adults to help hand out packets to runners and register any latecomers.  Experience being calm is helpful.

Water Team

When: April 16th – 9 AM to Noon
Why: We need 16 people (ages 7+) to set up water tables along the course.  Experience pouring water into cups is a plus.

Finish Team

When: April 16th – 10 AM to Noon
Why: We need 10 adults to assist runners as they finish the race.  Remove their electronic timing chips, show them where the bananas are, etc.

Photo/Video Team

When: April 16th – 10 AM to 1 PM
Why: We need 4 people who can mingle around the event and make runners look like they’re in Chariots of Fire.

T-Shirt / Wrist Band Team

When: April 16th – 10:45 AM to 1:30 PM
Why: We need 20 adults to help distribute t-shirts, check ID’s and put wrist bands onto runner’s wrists.  The registration team is welcomed to be on this team too…after all, this is where the beer gets poured!

Why CPNO Needs a Professional Bookkeeper

Mar 17 2011

CPNO's core group of leaders and dozens of regular volunteers donate a tremendous amount of their time to manage the organization and its fundraising events.  In order to facilitate that process now and in the future, I am proposing that CPNO hire Small Business Services (SBS), a firm owned by a Candler Park resident, to handle its bookkeeping.  Simply put, this is a big job.  Last year, CPNO's activities generated inflows of over $143,000 and outflows of over $94,000 (350 separate checks and deposit items).  While this function has always been done by volunteers in the past, I think outsourcing will benefit the organization in the following ways:

1.      Checks & Balances - CPNO's treasurer would approve all expenditures.  SBS would actually issue payments and reconcile CPNO's bank statements.  Separating these two functions is a cornerstone of prudent financial management.

2.      Better Reporting - SBS is capable of producing more informative and useful reports for our organization.

3.      Continuity - CPNO's board is elected annually.  Outsourced bookkeeping would ensure that the members receive consistent information regardless of who is elected as Treasurer.  Furthermore, if no one volunteers to be Treasurer, the Board can conceivably operate in his/her absence.

4.      IRS Compliance - As CPNO has grown, so has its responsibility to comply with ever changing guidelines and reporting requirements for non-profits.

5.      Collections - CPNO currently depends on the same volunteers who sell advertising in the Messenger (or solicit Event Sponsorship funds) to collect those funds.  By working as our collections agent, SBS could help CPNO by providing collections administrative support.

6.      Free our volunteers' time - Time spent on bookkeeping and administrative duties is time not spent planning and coordinating fundraising events and selling advertising in the Messenger.

Of course, with any new endeavor, there is always a downside:

1.      Increased cost - These services will cost CPNO approximately $3,100 per year (6.27% of funds raised in 2010).

2.      Collections may not improve and volunteers may not sell more Sponsorships or Messenger advertising.

3.      A company may not perform our bookkeeping tasks as well as a dedicated volunteer (or as well as we expect).

I propose that we vote at the April General Meeting to accept Small Business Services' proposal to manage CPNO's bookkeeping for an annual cost of $3,100 ($350 for the first month; $250 for each additional month).

CPNO Meeting Monday, 7pm

Mar 17 2011

The Candler Park Neighborhood Organization monthly meeting is this Monday (March 21st). We'll start with socializing (wine, beer, and snacks) at 6:30 and move on to general business at 7pm.

BIG NEWS: We have child care available starting this month! It will be in the playroom below our meeting room. Please, no children younger than 2. We have room for about 15 kids, first come first served (so show up early and mingle!)

On the agenda this month:

  • Review an updated safety plan for the Sweetwater 420 Fest
  • Vote on funding an Easter Egg Hunt with Friends of Candler Park
  • Vote on our proposal for Atlanta's Comprehensive Development Plan (see below for more information)

Snacks this month will be provided by Front Page News! Many thanks to Front Page News for supporting the CPNO.


First Existentialist Congregation (470 Candler Park Drive) -- Across from the golf course


March 21st at 6:30pm (this Monday)

Significant Votes

We will vote on several important issues at this meeting, including three zoning variances (all of which have been recommended for approval by the zoning board):

1) 506 Sterling -- reduced setbacks
2) 534 Oakdale -- reduced setback
3) 1233 McLendon -- fence & gate height exceptions

We will vote on approving the 420 5k operating budget of $7,650 + $16.25 / runner (800 signups to break even).

We will vote on recommending the inclusion of the following policies in Atlanta's Comprehensive Development Plan. Each policy will be voted on independently, so you may support some of these but not others:

1) Preserve the single-family residential character of the Candler Park neighborhood.

2) Promote the rezoning of non-residential properties fronting on DeKalb Avenue from Moreland Avenue to Clifton to Neighborhood Commercial or a quality of life zoning district in order to encourage destination oriented and pedestrian friendly activity through mixed use development.

3) Support funding for a study of the impact of a road diet on DeKalb Avenue turning the reversible lane into a left turn lane.
4) Support greater density around the Candler Park MARTA Station

5) Maintain and improve existing green space in Candler, Iverson and Freedom Parks.

6) Support the current RG-2 zoning and low density residential land use for properties located at the intersection of Euclid Avenue and Goldsboro Road.

7) Support the continued naturalization of the creek in Candler Park.

8) Support the continued construction of walking/bike trails with emphasis on connecting Candler Park Neighborhood with the BeltLine.

9) Support the continued development of NC-1 properties that would promote pedestrian safety.

10) Support traffic calming measures that create safe bicycle lanes.

11) Support reinstatement of funding for the L5P Police mini-precinct.

12) Support funding for the rehabilitation of Atlanta Fire Station #12 on DeKalb Avenue.

13) Support funding for public art in Freedom Park.

14) Support findings and recommendations from the DeKalb Avenue Corridor Study created in 1990 and the Little 5 Points Study created in 1992.

15) Support the recommendations of the Ponce de Leon Moreland Avenue North LCI study as approved by the City.

Publix Marathon -- Come out and Cheer March 20th

Mar 17 2011

This Sunday, the Publix Georgia Marathon passes right through Candler Park, and we're going to be out in force to greet runners as they pass through our neighborhood. Join us to cheer and wave at the 8-mile mark, starting at 7am.

We’ll meet at the corner of Candler Park Drive and McClendon to set up our cheering zone. Publix has cash prizes for the neighborhood with the best spirit.This year’s prizes range from $1,500 for first place, $1,000 for second. We are judged on creativity, enthusiasm, and optimism. So bring, wear or paint yourself with something green and come out and cheer.

Igniting the Mulberry Fields Goat Headed Chicken Fire Sculpture on Friday, March 18 at 7 pm

Mar 16 2011

Submitted by Dick Bathrick:

The  Igniting of our Goat Headed Chicken Fire Sculpture for the Spring Equinox
            lets welcome spring in the garden
                             new lettuce
                                    new gardeners,                        
                                          new neighbors
                                                 new babies
        Bring a funky funny, amazing name for the sculpture ..chick a billy (thanks Frank Andre),Billy chick....or_________________(your idea goes here)
                      AND  GREEN SPACE
         Friday, March 18th  7pm meet and schmooze 8:30 ish ignite the Fire Sculpture… BYO whatever
ENTRANCE TO MULBERRY FIELDS is down the alley next to 1303 Iverson into the garden at Mulberry Fields
             Children are welcome, dogs on leashes only..